Microsoft Lumia 650 press image leaks online


  • Darren

    I’ll stick my my Lumia 1020 for now. I have that plus my old 520 which I use an iPod while doing cardio in the gym. However if I break the 1020 or if it dies, this might be an option to hold me over until the Surface phone is released.

    • Marc Palumbo

      Hopefully by end of year, we will see the Surface Phone come out. I just hope it’s everything we’ve imagined and more. Not just design, but functionality wise…

    • SamRock

      It’s a shame I will have to hold on to my dying 720 till we get a decent mid-end Lumia phone. 950 s too expensive and 650 is too low end for my usage 🙁
      I am hoping the rumors of 650 being last phone is false.

    • Jeff Brassard

      Lumia is such a poisoned brand. MS will kill it just to get off the stink of failure. Mark my words Zune phone is going to be a thing 🙂