UGO adds peer-to-peer pay to mobile digital wallet service


  • JD

    Still a POS since it doesn’t support HCE.

    • FlamesFan89

      Still a POS because you have to have the right combination of device, carrier, and bank in order to actually use it. Until someone makes a solution that allows you to just use the device you have (provided it has NFC), on any carrier, with any credit or bank card, it will remain a fringe market, utilized by few.

      The banks are all too busy trying to have a 100% cut of zero transactions, rather than a smaller cut of a large number of transactions to actually make a usable product though.

    • levoila

      RBC is the only Canadian bank that supports HCE right now, Mobilesyrup reported recently that UGO will support it o the next update but haven’t heard/seen anything so far

    • rgl168

      The article from NFCWorld re: Ugo HCE: “expect to bring it to market by early summer 2016”.

  • Lazy Ghost

    Works fine for me. Been using it daily and for a while. Sucks to be you and the amount of butt hurt you are suffering from.