LG G4 receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in Canada


  • cartfan88

    Apparently it’s available on LG bridge for those that don’t want to do the OTA route.

    • Stephen White

      Hopefully this is the case for both Rogers and Telus. Downloading and installing now….

    • GQDRU

      How do I update via LG Bridge?

  • Techguru86

    Shouldn’t the G3 already got the update or is this another LG track record ?

    • Tim3Tripp3r

      Telus lists the LG G3 as getting the MM update coming on March 14th FWIW

    • GQDRU

      If you are on Telus, the G3 update is supposed to land on March 14th.

  • Poodz

    I bought my phone from Wind, although I’m using it on the Telus network. The update is currently downloading through LG Bridge.

    • David

      That’s good to know!

  • wongkm81

    Downloaded for Fido via the Bridge!

  • Thorsten Garbe

    Yup. Rogers phone has the update via lg brigde only.
    Version h81220e

  • Brendan S

    Come on bell. We want the update!!

    • 905jay

      it’s out. downloading now

    • GQDRU

      Download LG Bridge software on your PC or Mac . Connect your phone via USB and hit start software update. Your phone has to be over 40% battery for the software to install.

  • Leif Shantz

    Hopefully LG really releases Marshmallow for the G3, not abandon it after one update. If LG releases M update, they got a loyal customer forever and they will get good recommendations for my friends.

  • David

    I have an unlocked G4 from Wind, any word when I will get the update?

    • O’Neill Adam

      It’s not available over the air, but if you connect your phone to LG Bridge software on your computer, you’ll be able up update to 6.0 🙂

  • Brad Fortin

    Oh, I’m sure Bell has an update schedule. It’s just closely-guarded like some sort of trade secret.

    • cartfan88

      They will tell you if you upgrade your plan. #Letstalk(about that upgrade)

  • Jonah Emery

    Honestly surprising. LG has/had the worst Canadian update record.

    • TP

      Kind of understandable, G4 is their current generation flagship. We will see how it goes with G3.

  • Will Maitner

    Bell is so stone aged, they can’t tell you what device a sim card is in, i.e. they can’t ping a device and pull the IMEI number for it. Idiots. AT&T did that all the time to tell them what device was on their network.

  • Slim Jim

    OMG!!!!! Bell has the Marshmallow update!! Just checked using LG Bridge : )) Had to join to spread the news!

    • James Arsenault

      what is the website for LB bridge ??

    • Slim Jim

      Hi just type in LG Bridge in Google and install

  • Slim Jim

    Installing now 😛 1.53 gb

  • marshallpower

    I’m still on Kitkat and I don’t cry at night waiting for the next update. I can still live my life with my 2 arms and one brain even with KitKat!

    • cartfan88

      If u own a G2 Cdn version that’s all you are gonna get unfortunately.

    • marshallpower

      Nope, Note 2 for me, the screen is still gorgeous. I don’t need anything more. The only reason I need to upgrade is to get on a better network in some areas.

  • Aline G.

    Just got the update for Bell as well. Using bridge =)

  • Phil – it – up

    Bridge told me there is an update but won’t let me complete the process. Wonder if it’s because I’m using a Mac?

    • GQDRU

      did you install the LG Bridge (PC Suite) software for MAC? Google: How to Install LG Bridge

    • Phil – it – up

      I installed the app, and even got as far as downloading the update but it wouldn’t load it onto the phone

    • Vadim Apple

      I’m also having trouble updating my LG G4 with LG Bridge for the mac. I can download the update but as soon as that’s done, LG Bridge looses its connection with my phone. I’ve restarted the phone, plugged/unplugged the cable, restarted my mac. Must just be a mac issue…

    • Phil – it – up

      It probably won’t work. I tried a few times but as soon as I used my wife’s Win 10 laptop, it worked perfectly.

  • jay

    I don’t have a LG phone but think that make me think about getting lg G5 when it is out.

  • Hamid

    How big is the update? I only have 10 GB/month internet at home and I’m not sure if I wanna go through the trouble (bandwidth) of downloading it.

  • Brendan S

    The update is out for bell. It was 1.53gb file. Need to use lg bridge in order to update it

  • Orage42

    I’m going to have to check the LG Bridge when I get home tonight! Good stuff.

    Has anyone installed it yet? Thoughts?

  • Everett W. Chen

    Just upgraded mine via LG Bridge.

  • Mitch Allan

    Greeeat.. Now to await my G4 to return from warranty work after getting the dumb bootloop error…. Blah

  • Swerve Brussee

    Marshmallow available for Lg G4 on Rogers with LG Bridge

  • Scott Gregor

    I’m on Bell. Im downloading the update via LG Bridge right now. Going through phone did nothing. I’ll edit this when installed.

  • Spencer Jones

    I’m with Bell and I got the update through the LG Bridge. Can’t wait to check it out.

  • A. Ricardo Marques

    Update just popped up on my LG G4 (Wind Mobile)… 🙂

    • David

      Me too! 🙂

  • stone fox

    I’m on virgin . it says it’s. 932 mb. Downloading now. We’ll see

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  • 905jay

    Bell LG G4 H812 (un-rooted /stock ROM) has Android 6.0 downloading as we speak. LG has proven to be absolutely awesome with their updates!

    • cartfan88

      In this case and only with the G4. They abandoned the G2 after 14 months in Canada. If the G3 gets 6.0 we can say they made progress.

      But having an update for their current flagship is not awesome. It should be considered bare minimum.

    • 905jay

      My G3 D855 also got Marshmallow
      LG was one of the, if not the first to release Lollipop for their handset…so yeah,…it is awesome. What they SHOULD be doing and what they ARE doing are two different things. HTC & Samsung both have much worse track records for pushing updates to what they consider EOL devices.

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  • danny wood

    Android 6 update waiting in my notification tray now. 956.14mb
    LG G4 Rogers, stock.

  • Just got my Virgin Update Notification this morning! Downloading now.

  • Dylan

    Just got it! Finally!! 🙂

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  • JustinDuval

    Got it from Fido this morning

  • Rayrayj

    I just downloaded 6.0 via lg bridge for bell and wow my phone runs smooth now..

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  • Malcolm Graham

    Downloaded and currently installing OTA update from Bell on my unlocked LG G4

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  • Any word on whether this includes adoptable storage?

  • David

    After the update to 6.0, the thumbnail previews to select an image to attach it to a text message doesn’t show up. Anyone else experiencing the same problem or know how to fix this?

  • Chris

    I updated my rogers, lg g4 and did not get improvement on battery, before it took 2.5 days to drain battery, now, 5 hours 6 tops and its dead or warning alert. Can someone please help me out with fixing this issue ?

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