Bell increases cost of Mobile TV add-on to $8 per month


  • Techguru86

    Mobile TV number has more than likely declined dramatically since they had to stop letting customers stream and not use there data plans

  • Mike

    Bell seems to be a trendsetter when it comes to raising prices. Congrats on being the absolute worst, Bell! 😉

    • CheeseAvatar

      They take quite a lot of pride in that thank you

    • El Capitan Morgan

      Best in raising prices and worst customer service! I am sure they pride themselves as the number 1 in both categories.

  • TechGuru

    Who cares about watching TV on your phone. Things are bad enough with people glued to the devices Facebooking it to death or WhatsApping themselves silly. The idea that you need to carry the *diot box around with you now is patently absurd. Bell can shove this straight up their backsides.

    • mola2alex

      You don’t watch any video on your phone? I respect the fact you don’t need it but many people do use video and TV services.

  • Brad Fortin

    “our pricing remains competitive” … when our hand is forced by regional competition, not when colluding with Telus and Rogers.

  • HelloCDN

    With all the cord cutting tendencies, does anybody still need MobileTV ??

    • MassDeduction

      Unless they’ve switched to wireless or satellite home internet, they’re not cord-cutters. In most cases they’re using the same cord as before to get their home internet to get their TV shows. 😛

      Now, MobileTV is true cord cutting.

  • cartfan88

    As I said on the other thread…even if you like Shomi or Crave better, it’s worth going with Netflix to keep as much revenue out of Bell and Rogers hands as possible.

    Without competition outside of those 2 this junk would be $20/mth.

  • abc123

    “..Bell invests more in networks and new product development than any Canadian carrier, our pricing remains competitive.”

    OMG Bell. F*ck you!

    That’s about as polite as I can put it.