CraveTV goes live for all Canadians with $7.99 monthly fee after one-month trial


  • southerndinner

    $4 per month maybe, $8? no thanks, especially when it doesn’t work while traveling outside Canada like Netflix does.

    I’ll stick to Usenet + Plex 🙂

    • craig0r

      Yep, me too, can’t be bothered with it after using it a couple times. Also I noticed that when you scroll down a bit, click on a show to take a look at it, then go back to the previous page, it puts you back at the top, so you’ve completely lost where you were scrolling. Real annoying.

    • josh

      Just use a VPN when you’re outside of Canada.

    • The Chadwick

      What is Plex exactly? I checked out their website. Does it have its own shows and movies or is it a media server that lets me access content I already subscribe to (like Netflix or CraveTV) anywhere.

    • southerndinner

      Plex is just a content deliverer. You need the media locally for it to be served to your devices. You can use their plugins too but its main (and sole, imo) purpose is to transcode media from a source (generally your PC or a NAS) to an array of different media sources. You can do it locally or remotely.

  • Karl Dagenais

    If they get on AndroidTV I’ll sign up. Kind of tired of dealing with Plex, and I think we’ve reached a point of diminishing returns, as Netflix (and probably Crave) offer good enough bitrates for quality streaming.

    Also, paying for storage + VPN + usenet (for those that use it) isn’t better than paying for streaming provider. I’ll keep Plex for stuff I don’t want to see disappear from my catalog, like my kids’ favorites movies, but otherwise..

    • mola2alex

      The app supports casting, doesn’t that work with Android TV?

    • Karl Dagenais

      Yes, but my 3 years old manages a TV UI and remote much more easily.

  • If they can get current shows to air, I would like that. If not, they don’t really offer much. Netflix doesn’t have much in Canada but they at least have exclusive content.

    • Eric M.

      They do not have much you say. I would invite you to check their catalog and you will see that they have tons of shows, documentaries etc… On the movie part however I admit that they are lacking but they more than make for it for the other contents. And also they are compatible with 99% of the devices so it makes it so much easier to watch your stuff 🙂

    • They have the edge over netflix on tv already it looks like.

    • mola2alex

      Except for the original content that netflix is doing. Dare Devil was one of the best shows I have watched in a while…

    • Yes, that and Jessica Jones and the first 2 season of Orange is the new black, house of cards.

      Their content is good, which I wonder if Crave will try to rival.

    • Joseph Smith

      Only because they took took a bunch of shows that Netflix HAD streaming and made exclusive deals with the production companies, leaving Netflix unable to broadcast them in Canada. Many of the shows on Crave are available on Netflix US and were available in Canada prior to Crave.

  • Mark Small

    I’ll probably wait until they support the Roku. Then I’ll give it a try. My Shomi trial was not a success because Chromecasting from my phone was too annoying.

    • Theo

      Ironically, I found that of you download the “Shomi for tablet” app on your phone, casting works no problem

  • craig0r

    Anyone successfully able to sign up yet? It’s rejecting my payment info for some unknown reason, says try later. It’s the same info I used to sign up for Shomi with no problem.

    • Roma Shah

      Yea, shomi rocks!!

    • craig0r

      I wouldn’t go as far as to say “credit card payment system works properly” is adequate criteria for “rocking.”

    • BR

      Apparently they don’t support Visa Debit in case your trying to sign up with that type of card.

    • craig0r

      Ugh. Come on Bell, aka one of Canada’s largest companies, update your sh*t.

  • Brad Fortin

    So Bell has exclusive rights to HBO programming and CraveTV doesn’t even have Game Of Thrones? Let’s hope they fix that before April.

  • Eluder

    Content is far better than Shomi, and they’re a bit cheaper, so I think Shomi is going to have to really step up its game (always thought Shomi is junk).
    Can anyone confirm if you can share accounts with Crave TV easily? Netflix has no problems with sharing accounts, hoping Crave TV is the same.

    • Andrew Jelly

      I have had CraveTV with Vmedia for a few months. Started off as $4 a month, great value, and now its $6 for me.
      I can confirm it is NOT like Netflix. Netflix does not require you to register devices, it instead says you can have a certain maximum streams at one particular time, say 2. CraveTV says you can have up to 5 registered devices linked to your account. i.e. Phone, Tablet, AppleTv and say 2 computers. In addition you can still only have 2 active streams at one time. Meaning if you have multiple devices at home that you want to register it creates a problem for sharing with family or friends.

    • Eluder

      Thanks for the info, guess this poses an issue if you plan on sharing with more than one person at a time as the likelihood of the other person needed to have two streams going at the same time while you have another stream going is pretty small.

    • MassDeduction

      How is the content far better than with Shomi? Between Outlander, Battlestar Galactica, Vikings, Caprica, and Sons of Anarchy, as well as at least one movie I wanted to see that I couldn’t find on Netflix, I’ve found Shomi’s content to be generally excellent.

      Are you looking at some objective measure (how much content is available), or are you just saying there’s little there you want to see therefore it’s far worse? Is this fact or is this opinion, in other words? 🙂

  • Tony B.

    how is CraveTV competing with Netflix???? Netflix has movies, tv shows, kids stuff… Crave is just old TV (granted I enjoy the Wire and a bunch of other shows they have).

    • Eluder

      Uhh, you’re thinking of the old TV channel Crave, not the streaming service from Bell.

    • Tony B.

      Uhhh…. NO! How about you read before having unnecessary opinions?

    • RoboBonobo

      For me it depends what I want to watch. I signed up for netflix for a couple months to watch the past seasons of Walking Dead and all of Breaking Bad… but once I watched those I didn’t find anything else on there to keep me paying for it. Same with CraveTV. They have a few shows I’d like to watch from the beginning, but once I’ve seen those I can’t imagine it being something I pay a regular monthly fee for the long term.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    what is ‘raisinbg’? ..

  • MassDeduction

    “Netflix and Shomi charge $8.99 for their most popular streaming tiers.”

    Netflix is now $9.99 for it’s most popular tier. ($7.99 for SD and one stream, $9.99 for HD and two streams, and $11.99 for 4K and four streams.) Any other price is a grandparented one.

    “Since all VPN/DNS service users are still paying a monthly subscription fee,”

    Not necessarily. Surf Easy appears to offer a free tier, and options to expand the monthly bandwidth of the free tier through behaviour (recommending other people, etc.). Someone who was mostly on Canadian Netflix, and hopped onto a foreign Netflix for only occasional stuff, could potentially live within the restrictions of the free tier. Never done it myself as I’m a big believer in respecting IP rights, but I saw it done once with the free tier of Surf Easy and Hulu.

  • Joe

    $7.99 +tax, Nope. Not even going to try it as the want your credit card and address information for a free trial AND they want you to submit it over an UNSECURED connection! No Chance!

  • danny wood

    I probably give it shot in the future sometime.

  • RambleMan

    CraveTV has a wopping 256 titles, including such gems as “Amazing Animal Ads”, music albums (music counts in the 256?), and “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

    I will admit that there is a market for current TV series airing ‘live’ (as in available to choose as soon as the episode is being broadcast), and $8/month for Bell’s TV current lineup to stream/cast I’d consider. $8 for low-end old content is a pass. Plus, Bell is already getting enough of my money to BE online, and have a mobile without any competition to choose from where I live.

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