App of the Week: TouchPlow


  • Mike Levin

    Great idea but Would be nice if the app actually worked. Ordered a plow last week and it never even showed up. Tried again but again nothing

    • thorsten garbe

      Well . the app works. Just the people don’t!! Lol

  • Robert Massarelli

    Those prices seem ridiculous. Our driveway cleaning, walkway to door cleaning and walkway around the side and back of our house cleaning costs $400 for the winter. What’s the point of paying $50+ per storm if you’ll probably get shoddy service anyways?

    • L Joel

      I see what your saying.. i shovel it my self.. But if the timing was right.. and it was a bad storm… i might toss 50$ to get it cleared out..

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  • Jeremy

    Signed up and requested a plow. Got a charge of $150 on my visa. Email I sent about it has bounced back. Will be reporting as fraud.

  • Jason Belec

    Yeah, crap app. Even worse, your treated like crap, only the providers are cared for. Slipt a disc in my back with half the laneway done. Tried the service. Some provider thought I would be upset if he finished it. Job cancelled. What??!!! Tried contacting support, they agreed with me. Ha! Blacklisted. Called to ask why, sorry can’t help. Will forward the issue. Strange texts appear, no solution, just chastisement. Then an email saying the same and that I should have been grateful the company owner was trying to help. I am, I am, grateful to never use this service and warn others.