Daniel’s Favourite Things of 2015


  • TomsDisqusted

    I take you at your word on your preference for your iPhone – I know you get a lot of heat for that (and I personally disagree) but the idea that you being paid off, or whatever they are implying, just doesn’t make sense.

    On the other hand, readers should always be wary of such influences.

    For example, we should always insist that affiliate links are properly disclosed.

    And consider the difficulty (if not impossibility) of running a site like this without good relations with Robellus.

    And wonder about strange little things – like the fact that this site has started labelling bloatware as a positive on reviews (I’m talking about the zero value, non-removable type). What is going on there?

    But I keep coming back because I believe you do your best to navigate these influences, even if your taste in phones is bewildering ;).

    • Wilhelm

      It could be said that the taste of the majority of Canadians using smartphones is ‘bewildering’ based on his taste. Nothing ‘bewildering’ at all about it. It’s a solid device that retains strong customer loyalty and satisfaction and for good reason.

    • TomsDisqusted

      The ‘majority of Canadians using smartphones’ don’t have nearly the money to buy a 6s plus outright + apple care (from the article). That’s a huge amount to spend on a smartphone.

    • Wilhelm

      Sure it is but yet you still see a large number of iPhone 6 users out there. Can’t speak for the 6S model as you can’t tell the difference really but it’s a fairly safe bet to assume most people don’t buy these phones outright anyways.
      In the day and age of being able to pay $50 to a provider to unlock and roaming abroad for a reasonable amount of money, unlocked devices just don’t mean that much anymore to pay the full cost up front.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Except again most people will go for what’s affordable.. And now I’m seeing more S6 and IP6 users seeing how at most places they are under $100 on contract which is affordable.

      I see about as much IP6S users as I do S6edge + and Blackberry Priv.

    • Wilhelm

      I’ve never seen a Priv user out there. lol Yes, affordable is what matters and people will gravitate to that which means Apple may need to rethink their strategy on pricing. I hear talk of a 6C model coming this spring which would be their attempt to carve out a market in that end. I guess we will see but $1,000 plus for any handheld is crazy.

  • Brad Fortin

    “AppleCare+, despite its high price, is an insurance policy I’m happy to pay, for the peace of mind of knowing that this extremely object I have […]”

    This extremely object?

    The bit about Android being better at memory management: I’ve heard conflicting things about it on and from multiple sides. Care to elaborate?

  • Wilhelm

    Takes a lot of gonads to admit you like anything Apple on this website and it remains a mystery to me why so many ‘haters’ exist here for the company.
    It’s understandable that many may not like Apple and although I own several products myself, I’m not above criticizing the company and its shortcomings when I feel its deserved and lately it has more often than not.

    That said, you have a lot of basement dwellers on here that are major Fandroids and Blackberry lovers and yet in the case of the former they are beholden to the same corporate arrogance and culture that they often bash Apple for. In the case of the latter…let’s get serious, Blackberry is finished and going nowhere. Makes you wonder how anyone can be a fan of that stuff today and not be majorly embarrassed at the same time.

    What remains a fact is that iPhone dominates nearly half the market share in Canada and has a significant presence in the enterprise realm so anyone like a ‘J.S. Bach’ that comes around and calls names to insult users truly demonstrates their complete lack of knowledge and indeed outright ignorance of most the topics they attempt to comment on.

    Otherwise good article. I also like the Sonos Play speaker offerings although I don’t currently own a pair.

    • hoo dat

      It takes an even bigger pair to admit you use a BlackBerry here.

    • To answer your question as to why their are ‘haters’ out there, I would offer my own opinion up. I’ll start with this: I think Apple is a good company that definitely pushed the smartphone market into the common person’s hands and also finally kicked off the tablet market that had previously stalled. They have some pretty nice designs and are/were known for making easy to navigate UIs for everyone. They consistently have a pretty sweet camera in their phones and have completely nailed/capitalized on the whole brand loyalty/conversion thing.

      The reason why I dislike them (note, not hate) is that they create proprietary technology that limits what people can do with their equipment. That is the basic deal breaker for me because I like to tinker/play and connect different products together and I don’t like limiting myself to a specific product because of some other company. I would have no problem paying/buying their products if they opened up their systems so others could tie into it a bit easier.

      The second reason is that while their stuff is pretty darn good, they are no longer top of the heap from a technology perspective. I love technology and have always enjoyed the bleeding edge. Headaches and long nights are just part of having the latest/greatest tech gadget. When Jobs was at the helm of the company, they were in a great position and they were doing some great things. He then went a bit nuts over his war with Android and they have lost sight of what made them so great. I’m amazed at how many fronts they are working on to counter Google. I wish they would drop that holy war idea and just go back to making great tech. As it is, they simply refine (extremely well I might add) what others have done. For me, if you are looking for the latest in tech, Apple is rarely the place to go for first to market products.

      These 2 reasons are why I don’t buy their stuff anymore. I would have no problem going back to them and paying the ‘Apple Tax’ if those two things were addressed.

    • Roy Trenneman

      I could not have said that any better, that covered most if not all the reasons I have for disliking Apple.

  • J.S.Bach

    “tech journalism”
    – ha ha, good one

    • Wilhelm

      Yeah. Just like none of your comments have any bearing nor do they exemplify ANY knowledge about technology period. You’re just here to bash Apple, steal aliases and generally act like the douche you are. Typical basement dweller trash.

  • marshallpower

    No “hate” here or anger as you call it…how about we are challenging this website because of all that disrespect towards our intelligence in the first place? When the only way to make money is to provoke to get more clicks, in what kind of world are we living again?

    But I stopped reading because……we feel more love for your iPhone than for your wife in this article! that’s how stupid tech has become on this website! It’s like the Montreal Canadiens, they’re so popular but so hated because of all the media around it to make them better than they really are..just to make more money….Oh well, for some people, tech is more important than their own life. Happy new year…let’s make a better world for our children where their brains are owned by Apple, ,because Apple is so GOOD!

    • Wilhelm

      That’s a valid point. Technology should never displace real relationships and to experience life to the fullest, which did exist in all its glory long before the advent of smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles. It may be even fair to say that a lot of that stuff has helped to worsen our lives in many ways, at least for the stuff that matters.

      Otherwise excellent post.

    • J.S.Bach

      You have to understand how tech writers work, they’re not “journalists” and there’s no editorial oversight so what motivates them. The truth is money does, so if apple gives them invites to launches, free products to review etc. they obviously aren’t going to poop where they eat so they write glowing reviews for them. Other reviewers have written critical reviews of apple products and the first thing that happens is the pipeline of goodies gets cut off. The key is never to confuse tech writers with Journalists/Reporters, it’s a totally different game.

    • marshallpower

      yeah I heard about all that…I had to help an older friend last week with her iPad 2….what a bad device…to be polite…I wouldn’t even want one even if you gave it to me for free.

    • J.S.Bach

      My wife switched from her iPad, which was so slow she had to stop typing to let it catch up, to a Nexus. It was a hard sell because she, like many who only hear the hype, thought android was inferior somehow but she loves it. Now she wants the Nexus 6P. People who don’t know much about tech default to apple but those who are informed always go for android.

    • Wilhelm

      ROTLF! You? Married? It must be quite interesting to live inside your head given all your fantasies and general douchebaggery. That you feel the need to make up the existence of a ‘wife’ when few could stand your persona online for more than 60 seconds is just hilarious.

    • DeadPool

      … You just called him a douche but I read all the comments out here and the only ahole is you. What a way to answer people. Why? Because he doesn’t share your opinion? And then you wonder why people say apple fans are i****s? Really?

    • Wilhelm

      No. Because he steals aliases and acts like a douche by insulting Apple users every chance he gets. You don’t see it because he hides his history and yet I get called out for the same by people like you. Truly hilarious

    • DeadPool

      You mean he’s the dude who used to say: “WHERE ARE THE ANDROID FANBOIS NOW?” ?

    • Wilhelm

      That’s bullshjt and you full well know it. There are plenty of tech sites out there that write objectively about technology. You’re just too ‘stupid’ to find them.

    • DeadPool

      Again. You are a douche. Really.

    • Wilhelm

      So are you

    • DeadPool

      I love you

    • Wilhelm

      Haha… Love you too pal.

    • Mo Dabbas

      I love the Habs. I’m mad at them now though coz their poor performance in December.

  • jellmoo

    Honestly, the level of toxicity that floats around tech reporting is kind of terrible. There is this weird subset of Android lovers that froth at the mouth and starts screaming the second somebody shows any sort of appreciation towards an Apple product. The sheer desire to prove that “Apple sucks” is too much to withstand, and they must scream about perceived bias all the time. Every single aspect of the iPhone must be seen as terrible, and to state anything remotely to the contrary makes you an “Apple fanboy”.

    • DeadPool

      While I agree that some are very android oriented, the same can be said for Apple fans. Extremists exist in both camp.

      The issue, on this particular website with this particular author, is when even facts don’t stop him from saying apple is the best. For example (and I’m not saying he said it, just giving an example) he would be the type to agree that “retina” is better than 1080p even if the resolution is clearly lower. He would ignore facts to push his preference. Which is fine because, like others said, he’s not a journalist. Facts don’t really matter.

    • jellmoo

      I completely agree that extremists exist in both camps, but for last while, it seems that on the tech blogs I follow to be Android enthusiasts that are the more toxic in their vitriol. And I say this as an Android user.

      I’m all for honest discussions on these things. If Daniel had said something along the lines of “The iPhone 6S Plus is hands down the best smartphone of 2015”, it would raise some pretty big red flags. But when he lists it as his preferred handset of 2015, I think that’s fine.

      I don’t know why journalistic integrity is being raised though. I don’t see any reason to question the journalistic integrity of anyone that contributes here. It really is no different than the journalists at other online publications. This is what it is these days, for better or worse.

    • DeadPool

      I think that’s fair. This is an article about his preferences. I feel like he’s been so bias in reviews and other articles that every time he says anything about an apple product, people freak out.

      Also, I think the tables have turned a bit when it comes to android fans. I feel like Apple products were the leading products in terms of innovation which created a bunch of annoying fan boys in comments sections. Maybe android now being the revolution leader create the same in the other camp?

    • jellmoo

      I think the approach is also important. IF there’s a perceived bias, and approach like “Damn Daniel, that doesn’t seem very objective. What about these facts?” works better than “APPLE FANBOY! iSHEEP! BAHHHH!”

      And you’re absolutely right. Back in the day it was the Apple fanatics pulling it en masse. Everything that wasn’t an iPhone was crap. I think the tables have turned to a degree, with tech enthusiasts gravitating more towards Android. And since tech enthusiasts are the ones reading blogs like this, well…

    • DeadPool

      You and I are about to break the internet because I agree with you.

    • A quite reasonable post. Huzzah!

      While I may not agree with Daniel’s view, he is free to have it and he expresses it as his opinion (like you stated).

      As for communities, If you want an example of a one sided Apple community, you have to read the comments at Apple Insider. Pretty humorous. I haven’t been in some time but it’s as bad as the extreme Android sites.

      Personally, I think the phone wars are pretty much done. Nothing big has come from either camps in recent times and both OSes simply swap features with each release. Pretty standard as the marketplace stabilizes. The wearable market is meh for me and the next big thing is VR. I just need to train myself not get motion sickness (hoping the consumer OccRift is butter smooth and will help with that).

    • thereasoner

      I see the same about Apple lovers on sites like this one and especially BGR , talk about a toxic comment section, that has to be the worst of them all and I frequent a lot of sites regularly. It’s mostly the same people constantly going at each other day after day as well but in my view most of the Android users only get that way when faced with manipulative and dishonest statements about Android.

      That said, there are those on both sides that do their worst just for shlts and giggles it appears.

  • Patrick Williams

    Having watched most of tech bloggers end of year reviews on YouTube, it seems you are the only one who thinks the iPhone 6 Plus is better than the Galaxy Note 5. They seem to all concur that the Note 5 had a bigger better screen (but yet a more compact phone), better camera, wireless and fast charging, stylus and software to make use of big screen and at least as good build quality. So if their assessment is anywhere close then I will have to take your future reviews with a grain of salt.

    • jellmoo

      To be fair, this is a list of his favourite devices, not a list of what is “best”. It’s entirely possible to like one device because it better suits your needs despite another device being technically “better”.

    • Raidan Michaels

      I sometimes feel (I used to be like this) that people associate airheads/ditsy/”sheeple” with iPhones or Apple products in general. It really is a bad stigma. Everyone purchases what they want/need, reasons vary. I personally would not own an iPhone, and I have my reasons for it. But hey, we are all entitled to our opinions, and for some people, they should not wake up in the morning. 😛

    • jellmoo

      Honestly, whatever people like should be their own business. My wife has an iPhone 6. She likes it. She tried an Android device before (HTC One M7) and while there were things she enjoyed, the iPhone suits her needs better. More power to her.

      The iPhone isn’t quite my cup of tea, but I can appreciate that it’s a well made device, and what it does it tends to do really well. My biggest gripe against it remains the facts that they still insist on having 16GB be their entry level model, and the overall cost of the device. No matter how good it is, it just doesn’t warrant a two to three hundred dollar premium over competing Android devices.

    • Raidan Michaels

      I agree with you. SD cards for me is a big one. I was given an iPad 2 for free, I thought to myself this should be cool. It mostly sits and collects dust. Knowing that now after having it for 2 months, I realize 100% I would not spend too much money on a tablet or even a phone. I acquired a Lumia 1520 and it’s running Win10. Works great, few hiccups here and there, but overall it does what I need it to. And it cost practically nothing.

      So to reiterate, I agree, we all get what fits our budget/needs/desires. Some people don’t need certain things, but they get it anyway. To each their own 🙂

    • Vigilantee

      you should take any review with a grain of salt. A lot of it comes down to preference for attribute x, as opposed to another devices attribute y and your perceived value of said attribute given your connected-devices environment. Just because you slightly disagree with him based on what some other reviewer(s) tell you shouldn’t automatically discredit the author. But that’s your opinion I suppose.

      I agree though, the note 5 is a wicked device. I liked the 5 when I had it, and i very much miss the wireless charging. Working with a nexus 6p now. Looking forward to trying the 7/s7 when they release.

    • Mr Dog

      Tell you what, go over every single year end review on blogs, youtube and forums. Put together a final tally and then tell us which one is better. /s

      FFS there is no best smartphone, there is best smartphone for you.

  • Kyle Burton

    Apple and Android both have their weak and strong points, I would never use a Windows Machine as its unreliable sluggish and always needs update(Use Windows for Work) and Apple at home. Apple definitely missed the mark on the Iwatch and the Apple TV (Apple TV such a waste jsut get a PS4 or Xbox One). As for phone wise, I keep trying the Samsung, but since I’m not overly Techny I enjoy the simplicity of the Iphone 6. Switched from the S6 to the Iphone. The best part of Android is Iphone copies their best attributes and places them on their phone. Apple is great for taking an already existing idea and making it better.

    • Wilhelm

      I don’t know. Windows 10 has been great for me and regularly updates so unless you’re talking about mobile strictly I enjoy the SP4.

  • Techguru86

    It’s well known Bader is pro Apple, they were the top devices 2 years ago but Android has taken off from the G3, M8 days, Note 4/5 are just as good as any Iphone 6+ or 6s+ with much more options for the price, 6P, Moto X play and Priv for stock Android , performance and battery power/display, Live Photo’s is nowhere near as good as HTC Zoe and you’re paying much more.

    • Wilhelm

      It’s also known you’re a huge Blackberry shill. Since you realize no one cares about that company you’re now jumping on the Fandroid bandwagon.
      Android is disjointed, fragmented mess and just because you can use the phone like some jailbroken piece that it is doesn’t make it better.

      We all have our own preferences without a doubt but this guy is simply stating that he likes the iPhone for what it does for him and the same can be said for over 45% of the Canadian market who agree with him in their use of iPhone. You can holler all you want from the rooftops but a lot of the Android handsets out there are junk, outside of the Note or Nexus lineup I wouldn’t touch crap from HTC or Motorola if they were last smartphones left on the planet.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      You seem to be prime instigator here which really isn’t helping some of the comments at all.

      You already bashed 3 or 4 manufacturers all which make excellent devices.

      Not sure what else you have to point out here!

      And yes I knew going into Daniels top Favs 2015 he was still going Apple all the way.. Im just surprised he never gave a wearable preference.

    • Wilhelm

      The instigators here are the ones who start in on bashing Apple, calling its users dumb or “fanboys” while touting Android and how great it is. They are the biggest trolls by a long shot but can’t see past their own BS

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Some points are valid however It’s bound to happen, we all know this … But Nobody likes a hypocrite either!

    • Mr_Smoosh

      “just because you can use the phone like some jailbroken piece that it is doesn’t make it better.”

      Assuming you’re talking about rooting, that’s precisely why Android is better for many. Some prefer the ‘just works’ walled garden, some see the garden as a prison, removing choice, and the ability to tinker under the hood.

  • danny wood

    Pilot coffee..YES! Zojirushi coffee thermos..YES! (Mine is marine blue) Grimes…Yes! Sonos..cool but expensive IMO. .iPhone…no comment. Nexus 6p IS the best Nexus thus far, and for me the best phone this year ( I wish it had my G4 camera and it’s stock app tho) . Good list DB thanks, and thumbs up to you and the crew! Now…can you guys PLEASE send me newsletter updates? I’ve signed up half a dozen times over the years…never get it.