Rogers, Telus, Bell, Fido, Virgin and Koodo gifting 1GB of data to all new and upgrading customers for Black Friday

Canadian carriers are typically parsimonious with their data allotments, which is why it’s nice to see Rogers offering an extra gigabyte of data for every customer upgrading or signing up for one of its Share Everything plans between November 26th and 30th.

Available to those signing up on a Share Everything plan with Canada-wide or local calling, unlimited messaging and 1GB, 2.5GB of 5GB of data, the allotment continues in perpetuity, or until the company “ceases to maintain eligibility,” according to the fine print.

The move is only one of many Black Friday deals we’re accumulating in our constantly-updating post.

Update: It looks like the same deal is happening at Bell, TelusFido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo. The benefit is only available to those activating particular plans, and is only valid until November 30th. The upgrade is reportedly available for both new and existing subscribers on all carriers.