Mobilicity unveils its holiday promo plans, but they’re more expensive than a year ago [Update]

The one-time struggling carrier Mobilicity, now a sub-brand of Rogers, is still in business and vying to gain market share with its latest holiday promotion.

Similar to previous years, but now with “better wireless coverage and faster data speeds,” the company is offering two new seasonal plans: a $20 per month and a $40 per month plan.

The $20/month plan offers unlimited province-wide talk, North American text and picture messaging, voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting & Forwarding, and 3-Way calling.

The $40/month plan is nothing new, offering the usual add-ons along with unlimited data, Canada-Wide talk, unlimited text, North American Long Distance, and 30 minutes of North American voice roaming.

Of course, there is fine print, which states, “Offer ends January 3, 2016 and is subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply on combining offers with other offers or promotions and only applicable to new activations. Offer valid only while customer is on automatic monthly payments (preauthorized credit/ debit payment).”

Unfortunately, these holiday season monthly plans are $10 more expensive than last year. Happy holidays!

Update: Mobilicity has teased a new/modified rate plan in the works. The company stated on Twitter, “Psst… We’re planning a CRAZY surprise!” The image is below and all the details will be unveiled tomorrow.


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