Mobilicity bets the farm, comes out with a $30/month all-in holiday plan


  • Humberto Giambrone

    Unless one of the big 3 (who are destined to buy Mobilicity) are obligated by law to grandfather such a plan in, which I don’t see any reason why they would be, there is 0 chance that you will ever get this plan onto their networks at this point.

    • Super_Deluxe

      The Big 3 do offer this plan…in a parallel universe ;P

    • beyond

      no they don’t, the Big 3 are so bad that they suck in every universe

    • Super_Deluxe

      Haha agreed 100%

    • disqusmy

      You are wrong. They are good outside of existence.

    • hardy83

      The possibility of alternate universes is infinite. There is a universe where every option, chance, scenario, action, and choice exists.

      That is not one of them. lol

    • sid32

      If they take in the sub base they should have to honour the contracts the users signed.

  • Sluma

    last ditch effort to grab money before it goes boom

    • FunkyMonkey

      you mean have less owing? LOL

  • Dany Desjardins

    This is probably a way to get more subscribers to their network so they can ask for more money when they sell…

    • xOptix78

      Bingo. A larger subscriber base = a larger asking price, assuming someone wants to pick up that part of the company.

    • Stephen_81

      @danydesjardins:disqus & @xOptix78:disqus I don’t think it is so they can ask for more money I think it is just so they can show any value at all to a buyer.
      It’s not like they have people lined up (who are allowed to buy them)
      They need to show business growth and hopefully a revenue stream that can make 1 person kick the tires.

    • hoo dat

      How many subs do you think they’re going to draw in with this sale? At one point Mobilicity was bragging about having 275K subs, that sank to 250K even before their troubles were made public. Then down to 225K, 200K, 195K and some are suggesting their sub count has dipped to new low of 150K! It’s absolutely impossible for them to regain enough subs between now and December 12th to make even the smallest impact on their value. Subs are the least valuable part of the deal, it’s all about the spectrum, the subs are migrating to greener pastures.

  • John

    More like ‘betting the broken down stable’

  • Danny De Dios

    It takes one to know one.

  • Tech Guru

    Mobilicity is so poverty lol

    • egsfgfgdg

      country style is much better than coffee time

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Problem with Mobilicity’ is there Limited Coverage Wind has better Coverage it why I’ve stuck with them

    • Thomas C. Riddell

      There not in the hamilton Burlington area at all

  • the rock

    looks like mobilicity pulling a stunt similar to what fido did when they were heading to bankruptcy. grab as many customers before they get auctioned or bought over.

    wonder if wind will match.

    • hoo dat

      I seem to remember, though, that Fido had a pretty decent sub base to start with, Mobilicity’s has shrunk to unsustainable levels, assuming that they could have survived on 275K subs, their biggest tally to date, in the first place. Fido had a reasonable network, OK sub numbers and some very unique marketing and promotional ideas, (remember the original City Fido anyone? They also had some great long distance packages, unheard of at the time). Mobilicity has none of that, all they can do is give away their product and hope people don’t see through the veneer.
      It’s doubtful that WIND needs to match for a couple of reasons. Firstly, VimpelCom seems to have accepted the fact a buyer is a long way off in the future and have, since the summer, picked up advertising and network improvements, expansion is still stalled but they really have worked hard at refining their network. They seem content to stand by WIND for the time being and their sub numbers are rising steadily without “betting the farm”. Secondly, and again with the subs, WIND’s recent growth seems to have inversely mirrored Mobilicity’s demise. It seems that the majority of ex-Mobilicity subs are heading to WIND with very little encouragement, WIND’s recent growth is partly due to subs leaving Mobilicity. Why would WIND “pay” to encourage subs over when they seem to be going over for free?
      I don’t wish Mobilicity ill but I just can’t see how it can be saved at this point.

    • KiwiBri

      Robbers screwed FiDO. Made it a “budget” brand. Killed “City Fido” and other nice things. FiDO was the first GSM network here… back in 2001 you couldnt even txt msg overseas on Robbers.

    • Tom Drummond

      I posted on the Wind FB page asking if they would match it and they got back to me immediatey……NO!

    • Sweet

      Not surprising. Once Mobilicity ceases operations, Wind will be the cheapest option, so I don’t see any reason why they would want to (or should) lower their rates any more.

  • sokee

    Did you get this idea from Rogers TV commercial?

  • sid32

    Just in time for my Nexus 5.

  • sid32

    Why? Real details, not just insults.

    • sid32

      My neuxs 5 is coming. No contracts. Not attached to a phone number. Plans has 30 minutes of roaming minute. If they get bought, the plan could be brought forward. Nothing you said is a major point, other then the bankruptcy.

    • Fire Man

      Nobody would grandfather a $30 all you can eat plan.Nobody

    • bbrysucks

      Why not? My personal phone has been on a $10 (actually 11.25) all you can eat plan for the past 3 years piggybacking off robbers. Don’t say its impossible. If your resourceful and not stupid, you too can get these type of deals.

    • sid32

      It should be part of the deal for taking in the sub. base.

  • Bret Jarvis

    good luck and hope wind can change anything…

  • Accophox

    Anybody that thinks that such a plan would get grandfathered is insane… pretty much all that needs to be said. Wind is still the most ideal company to pick up the subscribers during the auction, due to the spectrum support, should it occur, but I doubt they want a bunch of customers with low ARPU’s.

    • Carmen Leung

      why would wind pay for subs they are getting for free right now?

  • canucks4life

    Are you allowed to signup MTM?

    • Sweet

      Mobilicity only offers month-to-month.

    • canucks4life

      Meh seemed like a good deal until I checked coverage…I’d be roaming most of the time

    • Delphus

      Which is the main reason they are dead in the water…

  • Sweet

    If you sign up with Mobilicity and they go bankrupt or are sold to a carrier you don’t like, then you simply change carriers. What’s the problem ?

    • Delphus

      Not if they go bankrupt, you change to dead air….

    • Sweet

      First of all, how does that prevent you from changing to another carrier ? Secondly, they will announce ahead of time that they’ll be shutting down operations. Guaranteed.

  • Mikie

    The thing that boggles my mind is the fact that a company is CAPABLE of offering such a plan at a ridiculously low rate.. and still turn a profit?

    • tyresmoke

      Losing $30M/month is turning a profit?

    • HelloCDN

      Lol, search the news, who says anything about profit?:)
      They know they are a half-step away from extinction, so they just go all-in to get as many subscribers as they can.

  • Sweet

    If you sign up for Mobilicity now and they go bankrupt or get sold, then you simply change carriers. What’s the problem ? Are really that stuck in the “We’re locked into the carrier” mindset that you fail to see that you can sign up with another carrier later on ? Jeez.

  • Wild

    To be honest I have been with them for two years and presently pay $25 and change for their unlimited plan
    and it has worked out fine except for slow data. If they offer me a
    $30.00 plan I may just hold on unless wind offers something equal with
    voicemail included.

    • sid32

      Here is hoping Wind matches

    • Columbo

      If WIND matches they’ll be the next to go bankrupt haha. They lose enough money as it is. I’d love a WIND $30 plan for unlimited local talk, text and data (which is their current offer) but also throw in voicemail. I think that’s a reasonable promo.

    • sid32

      8 bucks a month is a lot for voicemail. 5 is fair. That being said, with the nexus 5 bring your own device and a 100 dollar credit doled out at 5 bucks a month, 3 dollars is still too much for voicemail.

    • Carmen Leung

      you can voice mail for free on the wind 30 plan for the 1st twenty months as part of the byop offer.

  • jamaal rashid

    Google should buy them good way to get into the carrier market. Imagine that’ll be crazy. Plus this whole big three stuff is nonsence they all suck big three or small three lol

    • Wild

      Sure what else would google buy with their pocket change anyways. I would also like to see their gigabit internet here as well.

  • Nachotech

    If I was actually in Mobilicity’s coverage area, I’d switch to this plan in a heartbeat. Firstly, if Robelus started bleeding customers because of this deal, it might force them to lower their prices (I know, a longshot). Secondly, even if Moblicity does go bankrupt or get bought out, you’d likely still get this deal for at least 6 months to a year, which could easily save someone $300+.
    The fact that they can even offer this deal puts the big three to shame.

  • Guest

    How is this news? They didn’t launch anything, all they did was rename an existing promotion. It’s been $30 for all-in for the longest time.

    • Steve

      This is the cheapest price Mobilicity has EVER offered for the all-in plan. Sign up as soon as possible before Mobilicity decides to change their mind. It’s a Limited Time offer.

  • Peeu

    Nobody has mentioned the $40 admin fee they charge if you want to switch to this plan from your existing plan. I don’t think it’s worth saving an extra 2.66 per month for the same plan and fork over $40 up front to a company that may cut you off without a moments notice.

    • Steve

      IF Mobilicity ever shuts down, they will surely announce a couple of months ahead of time that they’ll be shutting down operations, which should give everyone plenty of time to port out their existing number. Anyways, If Moblicity does go bankrupt or get bought out, we’ll likely still get this deal for at least 6 months to a year, which could easily save us $300+.

    • Guest

      This is NOT true. There is no admin fee. Although it says that this is available to new activations only however, it is also offered for FREE to current subscribers who have an existing plan that is lower than the $45 plan which most people have anyways. I know because this is how I got this awesome plan.

    • Guest

      This is NOT true. There is no admin fee. Although it says that this is available to new activations only however, it is also offered for FREE to current subscribers who have an existing plan that is lower than the $45 plan which most people have anyways. I know because this is how I got this awesome plan.

  • 4u2nvinmtl

    If only they had this in Montreal…