Mobilicity customers begin transition to Rogers’ 3G network

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Late last week, Rogers began the slow transition of Mobilicity customers over to its 3G network, after giving its new clients sufficient time to purchase cellphones compatible with the Rogers network, which operates on different frequencies than Mobilicity’s AWS-based network.

Mobilicity customers, many of whom have put up with slow data speeds and poor reception, are reporting significant improvements in bandwidth and call quality, as the devices connect to Rogers’ 3G network in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary, the former new entrants’ five home “zones.”

We reported back in August that Rogers would uphold the tenets of Mobilicity’s various unlimited plans, keeping them to within the five aforementioned zones despite having access to Rogers’ national 3G network. It appears that Mobilicity will continue to operate independently until at least the end of the year, at which time Rogers will transition the carrier to a Chatr-like model. According to a Mobilicity representative we spoke to, the company will be upholding its various plans, including a recently-launched $40 holiday plan that includes unlimited talk, text and 6GB of full-speed data, until the end of 2015.

Mobilicity customers have reported that they began experiencing improved reception and, in some areas, higher download speeds, starting on Friday, when Rogers initiated the transition. Mobilicity customers who have not upgraded their devices to support the Rogers 3G network (850/1900Mhz) will continue to have coverage going forward. Rogers agreed to offload some of Mobilicity’s AWS spectrum to Wind Mobile as part of the purchase agreement, in order to satisfy Industry Canada’s requirements to avoid undue spectrum concentration.

A Rogers representative noted to us, “We’re officially rolling out the red carpet to welcome Mobilicity customers to the Rogers family! The transition from Mobilicity to the Rogers network started on Friday and will continue throughout this week.

Once complete, Mobilicity customers may have an improved experience as a result of more towers providing better wireless coverage and faster data speeds.”

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