Mobilicity customers begin transition to Rogers’ 3G network


  • silver_arrow

    Looks like a win-win. Mobilicity customers get increased speeds, Rogers and Wind get increased spectrum.

    • Philip

      Does it mean that WIND get Mobilicity cell towers as well or just the spectrum to use with their own network?

    • Abel

      I believe Rogers will sell some (like half?) of the towers. I know that near my house they spent almost a week working on one tower, changing the antennas and whatnot, so maybe that’s one that was transferred.

  • St. Misery

    “Mobilicity customers have reported that they began experiencing improved reception and, in some areas, higher download speeds”

    It certainly couldn’t have gotten any worse

    • Elton Bello

      From my experience, in toronto aerea, you are wrong. There is a huge improvement in signal strength and intetnet speeds.

  • Dean D. Lubaki

    The question is: will they have access to the LTE network?

    • Andrew English

      Won’t be happening until Rogers is fully LTE-Advanced.

    • danbob333

      Not giving access to LTE would be stupid. The more users use LTE, the less congested is the network, and the more rogers save.

    • Jean B.

      Im not following you on this…
      More users on LTE spectrum means more congestion on the LTE network, not less.

      To the contrary, it is in Rogers advantage to keep people on the legacy 3G network that is already payed for, instead of getting low RPU users on its brand new fast (read: expensive) network.

    • Potentially but isn’t LTE better on bandwidth from a cell tower perspective?

    • Igor Babichev

      The network topologies for pre-LTE and LTE networks are completely different. Pre-LTE (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSPDA, HSPDA+) all evolved from original GSM standard, and basically emulate data as voice streams, so all your data connection shave to travel through the network to the central hub before accessing the internet backbone. That’s the reason data roaming was so freaking expensive – you were most often connecting and funneling your data from your home carrier, and were getting your home carrier’s IP address, etc. Pre-LTE networks are voice-first. Contrary to that, LTE networks are for the most part like a set of WiFi hotspots, completely data-first, with most towers connected directly to internet via terrestrial high-speed channels. So for the carriers it is much better when people utilize data via LTE than via HSPDA. LTE is a data-first network, so technology had to solve the opposite problem – how to deliver voice to customers over LTE when phones can hop cells and potentially get different IP addresses. That’s why initially whenever you placed a voice call, you were always downgrading to HSPDA, and only now support for VoLTE (from the headsets and carriers) is slowly being rolled out.

    • Jeann

      Thank you Igor for the LTE 101 course I did not ask for.

      I was already aware that by definition LTE networks are data first contrary to HSPA which were built to accommodate both voice and data as two distinct channels. These added facts do not change my previous point. The HSPA network we are talking about in this case is already up and running on pre-determined spectrum allocations costing only minimal OPEX (HSPA network). There is no logical reason to switch low ARPU users on a high CAPEX & OPEX network (LTE network) which would also force Rogers to re-allocate more spectrum to offset the new demand generated by these supplementary clients in order to keep the speeds at what they are right now. Because at the end of the day the network as much as you would like LTE networks to be“Wi-Fi –like” they aren’t.

    • Abel

      Although you are technically right in claiming that Rogers doesn’t have to move Mobilicity users who are low ARPU into their newest network, and instead can take advantage of the whole infrastructure that they already built and paid for, Igor’s explanation makes sense in regards to the theory that using the old technology could potentially end up being more costly for the carrier.

      What I understand from all this is that, for example, if I have two cars, one from 1980 and another one from 2015, while the first one is already paid for, it may cost me more to use it (due to lower fuel efficiency, higher maintenance costs, etc) than the newer one. However, to your point, it would not make too much sense from a business point of view to put those who pay, say, $40 and who are expecting to travel in the older vehicle, along with the others who pay $100 and are in the more comfortable “plan”.

      And, Rogers being Rogers, we all know that they’ll let us travel in the older cars as much as they can, hehe. I’m already expecting them to start calling me in a few months and offer me a “free” phone if I change my plan to a crappy $70 for 1 GB of data or something like that. Er, thanks, but no thanks!

    • Jeann

      I will stand by your parallel.

    • Abel

      Thanks for the detailed explanation, which may help us understand a bit more from the technical standpoint.

    • Elton Bello

      We dont need LTE. Signal is pretty good, speeds are good for what we pay.

    • Hamid

      Chatr customers didn’t get LTE at least when I worked there two years ago so I don’t see why they’d give it to Mobilicity. But two years is a long time for things to change.

    • Elton Bello

      Not so far.

    • I’d prefer they got rid of the zones.

  • hoo dat

    The only mention of increased speeds I’ve seen has been from 2-3Mb/s to 7-8Mb/s. But I guess if you’ve been dealing with such slow speeds for a while that must feel fast.

    • Elton Bello

      Correct. They increased the upload to 1.2 so that to Mobi Customers feels like a ferrari.

    • Kody

      I’m getting 2.36DL, 2.34UL and 148ms ping in Vancouver

  • David

    …the company will be upholding its various plans, including a recently-launched $40 holiday plan that includes unlimited talk, text and 6GB of full-speed data, until the end of 2015…so what happens on Jan 1st 2016? Will Rogers grandfather all existing accounts?

    • Elton Bello

      Customers will keep their plans. Rogers has said it many times, even MS wrote about it. Prob you were not here.

  • awhite2600

    “According to a Mobilicity representative we spoke to…”

    Mobilicity representatives still exist?

    • Elton Bello

      Yes, I spoke to them on saturday

  • Dan Tauro

    Will plans change in this switch over? Will data be capped? So on and so forth?

  • Jackie DeSousa

    I’m with Mobilicity, I just did a speed check and I’m cruising at 25 kbps…using my Nexus 6P

    • Elton Bello

      Mine have been 2.3 – 1.2

    • Kody

      Sure you’re not connected to a wifi router? I’m getting 1.8-2.3DL and 2.2-2.4UL.

    • haya

      I have you beat, I have 5 kbps, also to the other people that replied, she said kbps not mbps

    • Elton Bello

      Mine in toronto are 2.3 Mbps down – 1.2 Mbps upload.

    • Abel

      I was getting 4-5 *k*bps earlier. Then it went up to >1 Mbps.

      In short, I was getting better speed before 🙁

    • PT

      It’s nice to have a dream … LOL!

  • Elton Bello

    I did sent it in. Since the first day, Saturday! Signal is pretty good, speeds 2.3 – 1.2! UMTS signal, at least on my phone. Pretty happy!

  • Tiffany Anita Siu

    I’m on mobilicity on iPhone 6s. The data is crap. I haven’t been downtown yet so not sure if it’ll be improved from poor data connection eg. not working. Because I’m on the iPhone, i can’t send or receive MMS. I try to send images by whatsapp but the data connection is so weak downtown that even sending an image through whatsapp fails. If this doesn’t improve, I’m going to Fido. I’m on the unlimited everything for 30$/month. Sometimes I can’t load a webpage..but when I’m in other parts of Toronto, it sometimes works.

    • Elton Bello

      Dunno what you talking about. Now you are on rogers 3G so dunno what ya talking about. Rogers has signal everywhere

  • Abel

    Well, my speed has actually gone down, but I’m going to attribute it to the fact that with any migration, a lot of things need to be fine-tuned. Hopefully I will not end up with a poorer service now that I am (again, and to my displeasure) part of the large Rogers family. I can’t help but to laugh at the irony, though: I left Fido 4 years ago fed up with them, and now I am somewhat back. Even worse, although I bought my old Nokia Lumia 920 from a reseller, it was a Rogers phone and in the Summer of 2014 it stopped working with Mobilicity when the OS was updated from WP8 to WP8.1 (apparently, Rogers disabled the AWS bands and the phone would not recognise the network). Well, now it works on it again!

    But going back to the transition: I noticed that for the time being it seems to be intermittent, though, as the network continuously alternates from H or H+ (former way) to 3G. Even the name of the network changed from Mobilicity to Mobilicity 3G.

    Incidentally, they just launched a holiday promotion ($20 & $40 plans), and the T&C say they’ll be active till Jan 03, 2016.

    • Elton Bello

      Either you are a joker or Telus employee haha. It says offer is valid till January 3. After that, new plans will probably change.
      It is really ironic about being under Rogers but what can we do; we cant affort paying 120$ and we are not in the coporate plans club. So, this is the best we can get.

    • Abel

      Are you freaking serious???

      First, I am not a joker. And second, I don’t work for any telco (if I did, I’m pretty sure I’d get a plan with them, not with a competitor!). I’ve been with Mobilicity 4 1/2 years.

      Everything I said up there was accurate, from the speeds I am getting (which I even said I attributed to the migration period, that obviously requires a lot of fine-tuning), to the promotion they launched for the holiday period, available from now till Jan 03, 2016.

      Not sure what made you think I was joking or trashing, but I was not.

    • Elton Bello

      I dont know where you reside but in Toronto the speed and reliability is up. Compared to those people who get LTE this speeds seem ridic but I’d rather pay 40$ and have this plan than 120$. You were saying like the promo they have will expire after the new year, and it doesnt. The promo will not be anymore but the plans will continue for those who sign up. From your post seems like they will discontinue them after Jan 3, when they will not. These made me think you were a joker.

    • Abel

      Then perhaps you should make an effort and read thoroughly rather than jump to the first conclusion that comes to your mind, or infer things that are not said and assume what you want to believe is true.

      To begin with, I live in NW Toronto, and work in Mississauga, and these crappy speeds I had today were consistent in both areas and it was not only me, but also my brother who has a different phone (his is a Nexus 5, mine is a Lumia 1020). There are also at least 2 posters before me who had the same situation. The fact that your speed improved does not necessarily mean that it did for everyone else (although, technically, it should, and hopefully not in the too distant future).

      Second, I never said the plans would be changed or be discontinued after 03-Jan. I simply said that the promotions would be active (or, available, ready to be activated) until that date. Of course they won’t change! (at least, not until Rogers realises they’re Rogers and screws us all over). Heck, I’ve been in one of these “promotional” (non-standard) plans since I started my service with them 4 1/2 years ago!

      Neither of these makes me a joker nor a Telus employee.

    • Elton Bello

      “T&C say they’ll be active till Jan 03, 2016”
      How is anyone suppose to understand that? Lol

    • Abel

      Easily: promotions will be active until they no longer are, at which time you will not be able to get it.

      A promotion can run for a day, a week, a month… Same as when you see a discount from a retailer or a website, after which time, it will no longer be in effect. That doesn’t mean you have to return the product you purchased!

    • Elton Bello

      Maybe thats what you wanted to say! It is not what you wrote on the original post.

  • Andrew L

    What’s going to happen with the people on the “Premium Data add-on” it’s supposed to be 4G.

    • Abel

      That’s a good question. I don’t think there are many of those, to be honest, but I still don’t see Rogers giving 20GB of LTE just like that, at least not for 20 bucks!

      It’d be interesting to see if they keep the add-on or they discontinue/modifiy it.

    • Eric

      I was just trying to figure this out myself…. Ive been using a BLU win jr LTE $119 -10% SPC, from microsoft store in the eaton center. I switched back from winds 6 month free offer to mobilicity customers when the promo was over and have now been using the basic unlimited talk and text $20 plus the $20 for 20gb premium data add on. Figuring that when we switched I would have exactly as you described $40 unlimited (Rogers towers) talk and text plus 20gb of “Premium data”

      so far I haven’t been impressed with the last 2 months of premium data and today I had no mobile data working at all anywhere I went in the city but at the EC in the food court i was 3-4 bars reception which was shocking considering 2 months ago on the same phone with wind i had zero bars.

      I just picked up an s4 locked to rogers for $100 and already bought an ebay unlock code, which I’ve never done before, for $12. Just trying to maximize my $40 plan with a better but still cheap phone…… BLU only has 512 ram and I figure that couldn’t be helping my cause.

    • Mobilicity is wrongly stating that HSPA+ is 4G.

    • Elton Bello

      I dont think they have full H-H+ speed. Even that is capped, even under rogers.

    • Correct. It’s capped at around 2mbps

  • Mr Bojangles

    3G is an outdated technology for wireless data. It was fast about 4-5 years ago but today compared to LTE it’s just painfully slow to watch on devices like iPhones and top end Samsungs that are designed to run on high speed networks for the best user experience.
    Mobilicity and Wind are nothing more than poor man’s options for wireless service for those using cheap, older devices and who may only want the most basic of services centred around talk/text only. Its easy to offer up $40 plans for 6GB of crappy data speeds with no functionality outside of major metropolitan centres and call it a bargain. Its anything but.

    • Abel

      It’s precisely due to a lot of people having a mentality like yours that Canada has one of the most expensive cell phone services (and I would add, Internet) in the world. The reality is that highest speeds are not needed 90% of the time. Yes, it sounds shiny and fancy to offer/have 50 Mbps, but the the truth of the matter is that if we were to watch a 3-min video on Youtube or wherever, it takes you 3 minutes to watch it on your LTE, just as it takes me 3 mins to watch it on my 3G. Higher speeds are arguably only beneficial for downloading large files in a short amount of time, but then again, this is phone use we are talking about, not computer use.

      You keep paying the big bucks to the incumbents in the comfort that you are paying for something that you just can’t live without. I’ll keep paying my $30 a month for unlimited everything (NA calling and MMS, Global texting, VM, Call Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Conference, and the not-any-faster-than-needed data). A comparable plan on any of the big 3 would cost me at least 3-4 times as much. In 4 1/2 years, I have saved minimum $4000, which might not be a lot of money to you, but to me (and to lots of Canadians, it most definitely is!)

      But, then again, what can we expect from people who still pay Bell or Rogers or Shaw or whichever +$30 a month for a home phone they don’t use (that would be another $1600 I’ve saved in that timeframe, by the way).

    • Mr Bojangles

      It’s painfully obvious you have a very limited understanding of just how fast LTE is compared to 3G. Your comments are specious at best. Facetious is more like it.

    • Abel

      My understanding of LTE vs 3G is most definitely higher than yours of what you want vs what you need. It is exactly the same situation of my DLS at home: I used to have 6Mbps and now have 50 (only because the price difference is negligible). Haven’t seen a significant difference, other than when I download a huge file that used to take me 10 mins and now it may take me just a couple. But that’s not what I do all the time or even every day.

      I know LTE is several times faster than 3G. That doesn’t mean I need it for 90% of my everyday use (nor does mostly anyone else, for that matter).

      Leave me with my understanding, and you keep being brainwashed by the big telcos and wasting your money on fancy things you don’t need or really use.

      For clarity to everyone else: I’m not saying LTE is not faster or better than 3G. All I’m saying is that its alleged superiority is way overrated, and especially overpriced.

      P.S. You can shove your fancy words wherever best they might fit you. I could use 10 times more if I wanted to (but wisely choose not to).

    • Elton Bello

      Dont waste your energy! Just so you know, if you havent noticed, many on this site are management so they dont give a f about you or me, since they have their discounted corporate plans who piggiback on regular customers fees who pay 100$+. So, dont bother with those corporate b*****s

    • Eric

      I get what you’re saying…. My GF couldn’t take WIND’s slow data on her iphone 5s so she switched from free for 5 months more on WIND but switched, went and bought a 6 on a virgin tab and now gets dinged for over $100/month and asks me to use my phone because she has no more data bandwidth left halfway through the month.

      I love her but that’s not using your head or your money wisely.

    • Elton Bello

      Corporate B***h

    • Kris

      It’s not bullshjt. Your just too cheap to pay more for a plan that offers clear benefits. I have a friend who uses Mobilicity on an iPhone 6 and the load times absolutely suck a*s compared to my load time on an LTE network using the same phone. Especially in loading maps and other graphics demanding content. If your’e just sending an email or browsing basic websites then I guess it doesn’t matter to clowns like you.

    • Abel

      Blame it on Apple and its overpriced yet underperforming hardware then. Maps load just fine on my Lumia 1020 (which is +2 years old, by the way). As does mostly everything else.

      Again, of course things will load faster on LTE. Does that warrant an extra $70-$80, or even more, a month? Definitely not for most people; not everyone is lucky enough to have a six-figure salary like you seem to have. That’s not being cheap, that’s being fiscally responsible and know where to spend one’s money.

      But it’s not your fault or Mr Bojangles’ that the Big 3 have brainwashed most of the people all this time with ridiculous claims. Gotta give it to them, though: their marketing efforts definitely have paid off! This is kind of the same situation faced by Windows Phone, with a widely generalised claim that the lack of apps is huge, when in fact, the so-called app gap has shrunk so much in the past couple of years that you can find most apps in the Windows Store or an equivalent (and this is before Universal Apps with Windows 10), save, of course, Snapchat which is at war with the OS, presumably influenced by either Apple or Google, or both. They went so far to even have a beautiful 3rd party app removed from the store and the accounts that were using it blocked. But I digress…

    • Elton Bello

      Clear benefits? For the price of one arm and one leg? Tell us, how much are you paying, 120$ a month or are you one of those corporate b****h planes who pay half price lol. I can wait for your reply when you are not high as a kite anymore.

    • Eric

      Bluejays couldn’t have afforded all the new players if Rogers didn’t have so many customers willing to throw money at a problem they didn’t know they had until the commercials told them so

    • Elton Bello

      True that

    • Mr Bojangles

      Home phones have certain uses that mobile phones may not for people, whether it’s through Rogers, Bell or Telus. Either way I fail to see what concern it is of yours who or why people pay $30 for a home phone.

    • Elton Bello

      I am happy to pay 40$ for my 3G. I want to see you pay 120$ for your plan…ohhhhh wait, forgot, you must be on a corporate b***h plan!

    • Mr Bojangles

      Jealous? You’re just a cheap SOB and that’s all there is to it. Skinflint to the core.

    • Elton Bello

      Haha wish I was, wish I was…why dont you tell us what is your plan? Are you paying 120$ or 65$? Please enlighten us Mr. MoneyPenny

  • Igor Babichev

    “Mobilicity customers who have not upgraded their devices to support the Rogers 3G network (850/1900Mhz) will continue to have coverage going forward. Rogers agreed to offload some of Mobilicity’s AWS spectrum to Wind Mobile as part of the purchase agreement, in order to satisfy Industry Canada’s requirements to avoid undue spectrum concentration.” Is that true? I was under the impression ALL of Mobilicity’s AWS spectrum is going to WIND, and after new year, legacy AWS-only Mobilicity devices will only work on 2G.

  • Karel

    Did anyone notice a change in coverage, increase or decrease?

    I also noticed a small speed increase on web browsing. With Speedtest: 2Mbps Dn / 1.3Mbps Up. However I may get network errors when trying to update apps from Google play.

    When I signed up with Mobiliticy back in September 2011 my speed was 3.5Mbps Dn / 2 Mbps Up. For 25$/month it was a good deal, but it kept going down since… I was around 1 Mbps Dn / 0.5 Mbps Up prior to the Rogers conversion.

    • Tracy She

      Just as the poster from Calgary mentioned my experience In the Edmonton area recently is the same. 2 years ago data speeds were great, I could surf, tether or watch netflix no problem. I’ve since left but a couple weeks ago I decided to buy a 20$ plan with 20gb data ($40 total). I can’t even use the data during the day sometimes its less then 1mbps! In the wee hours of the morning sometimes I get 3-5 mbps. Hope it will change soon or it’ll be a write-off for me.

  • TuX.iNDiGo

    In Calgary area, reception has improved, but Data speeds are worse than that of Mobilicity. Speedtest apps give good enough speed score, but in actual usage, I believe Rogers is highly throttling certain types of connections, making is unusable for consumers to browse internet or stream videos. When signals were available for mobilicity data connection worked well, but with rogers, that’s not the case.

  • James Lan

    My speed and signal is much better now.

    • Ann Taylor

      Where are you located? Am thinking of signing up with MOBI by the end of the month. Currently with WIND and there’s no signal when i enter our office building in Surrey, BC.

  • Shawn

    Speeds are not increased they are decreased. Was paying for mobilicity 4G 20gb plan and would get on average 3-5 mb/s download speed. Now I get an average of 1mb/s download speed which is worthless in comparison. The best part about the 4G 20gb plan was the increased speed, now I’m just paying for more data at the same speed as basic but my bill has not decreased. If you don’t need more than 6gb then cancel your 4G plan and go to basic. We are being ripped off and told things are better than before when they are not. I am referencing the vancouver lower mainland speeds.

  • Alex Ugljesic

    I just wanted confirm what other users in Calgary area already wrote here. When I joined Mobilicity in November I was getting decent speeds of up to 2.5 mb/s down and 1.5 mb/s up. Now the average speed is half of that and in peak times is often so low so it makes browsing impossible. Also coverage is nothing better compared to Wind which I used before switching to Mobilicity.

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