This Note 5 is a modder’s dream phone

Remember when you used to replace the standard aluminum side of your custom Antec desktop tower case with a clear slab of plastic so you could see the internals whirring like a well-oiled, well, machine? No, just me? Well, OK then.

But if you were, you’ll probably get the same thrill from seeing this guy’s awesome Note 5, which didn’t take as much work as it looks. According to Reddit user, Skarface08, the Note 5’s back covered on the inside by a decal that, with a bit of time and a sharp knife, can be peeled off to reveal the nerdy innards beneath.


While the mod isn’t for the faint of heart — it involves melting the glue holding the Note 5’s back to the chassis — if performed correctly it can yield some pretty awesome results. Keep in mind that it will also almost certainly void your warranty.