Samsung reportedly working on ‘3D Touch’-like features for new Galaxy smartphones


  • Jakob

    Brace yourself. The comments section will be erupting.

    • LeTricolore

      Yep! Samsung copies Apple, and Apple fans make fun. Apple copies Samsung and Samsung fans make fun.

    • Jesse

      Oh the vicious circle!

    • Omis

      It’s the circle of life.

    • Ulysses Grant

      These people are called Loopers. LOL

    • Saywhat

      Yeah …. “It’s an obvious evolutionary feature”

    • Brad Fortin

      Popcorn at the ready!

    • Quag

      LOL SWINEDUNG copying – what else is new?

    • LeTricolore

      That’s a new one.

  • marshallpower

    This explains it better….. According to the company, ClearForce “enables OEMs to differentiate
    smartphones by providing customers with new dimensions in user
    interfaces such as speed scrolling, zoom, gaming, and text or photo
    editing by applying variable force with a finger or stylus.” The press
    release then goes on to mention that “Synaptics has been working closely
    with leading global OEMs and LCMs to deliver this new dimension in
    touch with force-enabled smartphones expected to ship in early 2016.”

  • Brad Fortin

    Optimistically, this could be a big deal for the smartphone industry as a whole. I like the idea of pressure being used for shortcuts. For example, in a list of emails, pressing a little bit to get a preview, then swiping on the preview to delete/archive/etc. Much faster than a sequence of taps and/or long-presses.

    Pessimistically, I hope OEMs don’t take as long to get this right as it did for fingerprint sensors. Synaptics has good hardware, but the software needs to be just as good.

  • gommer strike

    Well it isn’t any surprise that Samsung will quickly follow suit. But the question remains though – will Android developers code in extra features in their apps to work with Samsung’s 3D Touch? Or is it only going to work with Samsung-specific apps?

    The difference here is – when Apple incorporates these new features, it’s hardware and software working together in tandem, and thus it gives developers great incentive to upgrade their apps in kind. Samsung is just another fork of Android so to speak.

    • Denis Okoye

      This isnt a new feature or innovation by apple. The feature has long been existed on touch screen technology. Samsung has similar technology for quite a number of years now called Samsung Airview

    • gommer strike

      Well not entirely. 3D(or rather Force Touch) from Apple relied upon the screen being able to sense how much force was being applied to the screen. Apple’s implementation of Force Touch gave them the ability to introduce essentially a right-click command to supported apps(which are increasing by the day).

      While you are correct with respect to Airview, how many app developers have embraced Samsung’s Airview for their apps? None who I can think of. Currently Airview only works for Samsung’s apps. And that’s not what we want.

      We want Airview to be supported by everyone. See this is the difference. When Apple rolls out new functionality, app developers can be assured that anyone and everyone who buys the new phone, can use the new functionality. But Android developers cannot be certain that the buyer won’t choose something else besides a Samsung phone. And so it’s not worth the time investment and cost.

    • Andrew_notPorC

      I’m not sure how this is different than most iOS devices not having Force Touch. Developers will need to design around this, likely be replacing pressure-based inputs with duration-based ones (long press for right click). I think the much ballyhoo’ed gaming applications will turn out to be limited, as the market for these games is much smaller than the whole ecosystem, unless there is a decent alternate input system than doesn’t rely on pressure.

  • AndroidEqualsMalware

    Malware. Malware never changes.

  • Denis Okoye

    Force touch is almost the same as Samsung Airview whereby a preview of for instance email is revealed by hovering your finger or stylus over it,

    • Ryan

      Then why not just keep AirView and forget all about Force Touch?

  • GPman

    This tech is going the wrong way. You don’t want more touch but less. The future is gesture capturing when your hand is floating above your phone. Just swipe and move over your screen and not even touch it. That WILL be the future and believe it’s why Sony really purchased the gesture sensors, for their phones not VR. Years before that tech is viable but it is going to be the future.