Refuel for Recon Jet “is the first truly intelligent nutrition app”

Recon Jet

Recon Instruments released its sports-focussed Jet smart eyewear in April. The Vancouver-based company knows its product is not for the masses and developed niche technology for a select group.

Jet is targeted to hardcore sports enthusiasts who want to keep connected while training. The Jet works to your smartphone or other wearables, features a 1Ghz dual-core processor, 1GB SDRAM, and a high-contrast display that delivers “contextually relevant information instantly, just below the user’s right eye.”

In continuing with its development, Recon, in collaboration with Vega co-founder Brendan Brazier, created what they are calling the “first truly intelligent nutrition app.” Refuel is a free download in Recon’s new App Center — not sure when this launched but as they only have six apps — and will give Jet users tips to help maximize their performance with notifications of when to drink and eat during training, and also afterwards to effectively recover.

Recon notes that “all calculations are based on Brendan Brazier’s widely used sport nutrition guidelines” and notification are based on your age, gender, weight, height, activity type, and heart rate.”

recon fuel - mobilesyrup

Tyson Miller, VP of Consumer Products at Recon, said, “Brendan and I developed Refuel for Jet for two reasons. First, as athletes, we both know how easy it is to bonk or become dehydrated during activities. Athletes often don’t realize they are under-fueling and, too late to course correct, find themselves in a degraded physical state. We wanted to solve that problem. Second, we wanted to test drive Recon’s new software development kit (SDK) before its public release. Refuel was developed using that SDK, which has allowed us to tweak and improve the kit ahead of its public release later this month.”

Recon said Refuel will also be coming soon to other wearables and mobile devices.

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