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OneClip from Microsoft aims to unify your clipboards on Android, iOS and Windows

There have been a number of companies in the online era that have aimed to keep track of all your saved text, links and images across multiple devices. From Evernote to Google Keep, many big companies have explored a number of ways to keep digital clutter organized for you.

An upcoming cross-platform app from Microsoft, called OneClip, hopes to sort, tag and track all your digital scraps across Windows 10, Android and iOS. You can store everything from screenshots, snippets of text, links, anything you can copy to your clipboard, and it will show up on everywhere you want near instantaneously.

Though the app is not yet released, Neowin got hold of a beta version of the application, and it seems to deliver on the promises from Windows, including powerful sorting features and privacy considerations, like excluding copying or screenshots from specific apps.


When the app is released, we’ll be sure to give it a try, but if it lives up to its description, it will be very useful indeed.