Top Canadian mobile stories from the past week

Every week we bring you the latest in Canadian mobile news. Listed below is a quick overview of the top stories from the past seven days.

– Spotify is no longer just a music streaming service [Read here]
– Federal appeals court denies carriers’ Wireless Code challenge [Read here]
– Netflix’s fight for eyeballs is all about the data [Read here]
– Google I/O 2015 Extended events in Canada [Read here]
– iOS 9 will reportedly be light on new features, stability [Read here]
– Pebble Time begins shipping on May 27th [Read here]
– Smartwatch critical [Read here]
– Shomi adds Chromecast support to iOS and Android apps [Read here]
– Asus ZenFone 2 shines spotlight on burgeoning unlocked market [Read here]
– Dual-screen YotaPhone 2 available for pre-order [Read here]
– Distracted driving is “the most dangerous thing a person can do” [Read more]
– Narrative Clip 2 launching in September [Read more]
– Six great mobile puzzle games [Read more]