J.D. Power report says Canadian telcos have to work much harder to please customers


  • jm123

    My phone works alright for all the provider i’ve been on… the only problem is the cost and they they are all bad.

    We had better prices 2 years ago.
    aren’t we supposed to improve or something

    • Ragnar Dragonfyre

      We live in a world where our economy is based around the idea of infinite growth and inflation has consistently driven prices of all services upwards. I’m not sure where people got the idea that prices were going to go down.

      Honestly, the only way we’re going to see a reduction in prices is if carriers get out of the hardware game or if the CRTC mandates better BYOD pricing. The amount of overhead required to subsidize millions of phones is significant.

    • blzd

      Not nearly as significant as the profits they generate from it.

      People tend to think they’re getting a good deal by subsidizing their phone because they’re paying for expensive service anyways. In reality they’re paying well over the phone’s worth and over paying for service at the same time.

    • Ragnar Dragonfyre

      Providers don’t make any money off of hardware. They make money off of subscription. The hardware is just a way to keep you from going to another provider.

    • Jakob

      Thankyou. I have first-hand experience in this matter. Carriers don’t make money on phones, they simply front the cash for you and make it back on the subscription.

    • blzd

      I meant that they generate profits from their contracts, which they can justify their exuberant prices because of $400 hardware subisides which trick people into thinking they’re saving money. But they’re not because they’re overpaying for the service in the first place.

    • Jakob

      Well yeah, it’s a phone mortgage without the interest.

    • blzd

      The hardware is the way to keep you paying 3-4x as much for your service than it’s really worth. Any phone can be easily unlocked these days, and carriers are required to do so after only 3 months of a contract.

      Carriers would still make a profit if we paid them $5 a month. The rest is pure profits which they can justify because they subsidized $400 off a phone. Too bad you will end up paying $800+ for that phone after 2 years by over paying for the service.

    • iPlunks

      So you would pay $700+ for a phone every year and a half?

    • blzd

      I would pay $500 or less every 2 or 3 years for my device, personally. Phones don’t need to be replaced that often, and I value the ability to switch carriers or devices whenever I may need to.

      $800 for a phone is ridiculous. I can buy a laptop, a phone, and have money left over for service on such a budget.

      As people move away from contracts they will start to objectively determine what they’re willing to pay for a phone. As of now most people think every phone is either $0, $100, or $200 (on a contract of course).

    • Carmen Leung

      amen, You can always save the cashback you earn while purchasing groceries for a new phone. 🙂 That’s what I did lol.

    • “I’m not sure where people got the idea that prices were going to go down.”

      Finally a clever comment on this website. The day devices will be financed aside the service, people will realize that their high valued devices are no longer “freebies”.

    • iPlunks

      People are not willing to do BYOD.

      If they complain over a $50 on a 2-3yr term, how are they going to pay Apple and Samsung their $700+ phones?

    • Jakob

      Wind started with the bring/buy your own device strategy if people remember. It also failed miserably and they moved to the tab concept very quickly.

    • Ragnar Dragonfyre

      Simple. You buy what you can afford.

      Our debt based economy isn’t sustainable.

      Regardless, some of us do BYOD. I did with my iPhone 6 Plus to keep my current plan.

    • iPlunks

      I do BYOD also.

      All I am saying is that people use to buying iPhones and Samsungs are not going to buy these in numbers without it be discounted.

      they will shift to complaining to these companies also

    • Peter

      When the option for BYOD is a non-starter, then it’s really not worth entertaining the idea.

    • David Brideau

      “Lower prices” do not equal “better customer service” but I do agree with your complaint about prices.

    • MassDeduction

      Most people are paying more than two years ago. There are a lucky few who are paying less (and I’m not even talking about MB/SK plans).

    • iPlunks

      Have you compared Canada market with the rest of the world?

    • MassDeduction

      I read HoFo on a regular basis, all the forums (rather than just the Canadian ones), so yes I definitely do.

      I also have a good memory. I still remember Fido’s $26.95/month for 100 minutes (no SMS, no data) being an industry-leading plan in 1998. So there’s that. 🙂

      I don’t buy the BS from the wireless companies about how they had to raise plan prices when 3 year contracts were done away with. They didn’t have to, they could have simply reduced subsidies on handsets and maintained prices, or could have eliminated subsidies on handsets and reduced prices. That’s what I want from them, I’m on a BYOD plan with my carrier.

      That said, Canada’s a terribly difficult country to cover. We are the second largest country on Earth in square kilometres, but we have a tiny population. The U.S. is a terrible comparison to us, and Europe is even worse. That said, Australia is a closer comparison geographically and population-wise, and their plans aren’t as good as the U.S. and Europe.

    • iPlunks

      Well ee cant complain when there is wprst out there

    • Mel

      But Aussies still get better mobile plans than Canadians, especially with MVNO’s like Amaysim’s unlimited call/sms with 5GB of data for $45 per month (on the Optus network) or even Optus’ own unlimited call/sms and 8GB data for $60 a month (both BYOD, and taxes included). If Canada has similar geography and population as Australia, why do Aussies get better deals?

  • Tim M

    JD Power didn’t need a report to tell us that.

    • AW Sudo

      Actually, they do. Although it is common knowledge that the telecos need better customer service, JD Power cannot simply make such statements without some form of empirical evidence.

      Otherwise, you will get people crying foul or the spin doctors slinging mud at JD’s credibility.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    I find it odd that Koodo/FIDO beat their respective parent company Telus /Rogers. You would think that the parent company brand being premium that they would put more effort into the client relationship. Guess its like Kevin Oleary sez “it’s all about the money”.

    • MassDeduction

      When Rogers bought Fido, they retained Fido’s independence. Rogers Wireless does not own Fido. Rogers Communications owns both Rogers Wireless and Fido. The difference is significant. Fido retained their own MNC, their own corporate headquarters (in Montreal, not in Toronto like Rogers), their own customer service people, etc. So it does surprise me that Koodo beat Telus, but it doesn’t surprise me that Fido beat Rogers.

  • Peter

    Telus seems to be on a good run lately, as for bell and rogers, nothing changes.

  • Wow… Even Wind Mobile is beating Bell and Rogers.

    I am a Wind customer and I am OK with their customer service because my bill is literally a third of what it used to be. But for Rogers and Bell, these two are charging sky high fees and yet treating their customers like rubbish…. They need a serious kick in the axx.

    • iPlunks

      Customers are you to not having dropped calls, the latest phones and extra thrills.

      If Bell, Telus and Rogers had the same coverage and “weakness” as wind, they would not be charging their current amount

    • Art Broomes

      Customers are you to not having dropped calls,what is that ? I am on Wind, have dropped a few calls, did the same when i was on Rogers and Bell and paid a lot more for the privilege .

    • iPlunks

      The drop calls Ive experience were in the early 2000’s and in areas line tunnels or basements in some cases.

      Besides I am more so referencing coverage area more then anything

  • norsem4n

    The cost and data packages are HORRIBLE. Rogers made me lose 4GB of my data plan. I expressed that I used more data than voice and their new plans weren’t for me, they told me I could purchase my phone outright and bendover. Horrible. 🙁

    • Peter

      it’s true, if everyone bought their phone outright we wouldn’t have to meet any conditions, but as soon as the company is subsiding $500 for each device every 2 years what else would you expect?

    • Raidan Michaels

      Data flex plan + fongo might be the way to go? I’ve read a lot of comments on this site and others regarding that route and everyone is happy with it. I am considering it myself.

    • iPlunks

      I have 200mins and 6GB of data and I would NEVER change that at the moment. But MORE data is not needed. The operations for data on a cell phone is NEVER needed in the real world (huge amounts of data)

    • joshuaauger

      You aren’t everyone. I can easily go over 5GB by watching youtube and streaming music… please don’t think you speak for everyone.

    • iPlunks

      I am not everyone correct.

      My statement says “(A) cell phone” is never going to need large amounts of data. Video/Music Streaming is not a “need”. It is not something to complain that you need more from your provider in order to carry out those task.

      Because you want it on the go you feel entitled to get more and pay less (not saying you yourself). It is a luxury to use content as such.

      I do not see how this much effort is used for cell phones when you are paying higher in insurance rates when they increase in cost not to any of your doing.

    • Art Broomes

      You don’t use your phone much.

    • iPlunks

      I use my phone alot.. I use 4-5GB of data and have a MY10.

      I use it because I have it and can effort it. at my $60 a month.

      I waiting for the day until I can go back to a flip phone and not be tied to social media

    • Peter

      Yes, and you are at $60 a month. Have you seen the new prices? Let’s be realistic, times are changing and the telecoms need to keep up and stop being so greedy. I definitely think there should be more freedom in using your phone. Stop drinking the kook-aide

    • iPlunks

      The only company in the world that is better priced is the aussies. I pay $60×$14.99. Dont act like canadians are owed. Our services are top 3 in the world.
      Kool aid taste great

  • Avgvstvs

    Realistically, I just want to know the name of the girl that’s the fifth from the left. The one in the yellow top with the peace sign.

  • Matt

    If the Canadian government wasn’t consistently telling the public how much they are being taken advantage of by Telco’s to increase their votes I wonder how these scores would actually look?

    • Peter

      Matt, well said, no other industry gets as much negative attention by the government, despite contributing billions in investments and providing many well paid jobs.

    • iPlunks

      I would like them to go after the Insurance companies. Yet people are concern that they cant use 2GB on their weekend trip to the U.S.

  • Avgvstvs

    I’m not saying it’s not a problem – don’t get me wrong..But seriously 60~$ per month + tax when compared to 160~$ per month on car insurance or worse 1600~ per month on mortgage – if the government is trying to rally supporters in voters – tackle the big fish – once ans for all.

  • Jim D

    What they need to do is stop making these pointless reports and do something positive about it. Ensure that the call centre reps can speak, articulate and explain things in fluent and concise English. And ensure that when we call in, we’re not waiting more than 15 minutes tops and the rep that is supposed to help us is the only one that needs to but also gets our concerns or problems solved in much less time than what exists now. We also need to either reduce prices for plans or at the very least significantly increase data allotments without an increase in price. Data is what majority uses more than ever… This under 500mb nonsense for whatever price it’s staked at is ludicrous at best.

    • iPlunks

      Rude, but agreeable

      But would “proper spoken” people be will to drive a taxi?

    • SV650

      It would be great if the callers also can speak, articulate and explain things in fluent and concise English. It would make the rep’s job much more straight forward.

  • disqus_WT

    Rogers is rock bottom. I assume that there isn`t a snowballs chance in H that someone will get fired over this. Rather, I`m sure the ceo will blame the whole thing on the crtc

  • RG

    In other news water is wet and sky is blue.
    Also, this needs a Captain Obvious image instead of the one used above.

  • PT

    Robellus easily win “The most hated companies in canada”

  • Fireeast

    See the customer service is fine, the problem is companies are charging to much and reps can’t do anything about.

  • Peter

    Well, it doesn’t surprise me that Koodo beats Telus. Koodo has the advantage of lower prices + customer service. Also, unlike Fido/Telus, Koodo does not discriminate with there plans. They actually don’t have a loyalty team, you essentially get what you pay for.