Sorry, Samsung won’t let you remove most apps from the Galaxy S6


  • TomsDisqusted

    ? “it may be dangerous to allow users to disable system level apps like Chrome”

    The Chromium webView is a system component that apps depend on, but I don’t think Chrome is.

    • Daniel Bader

      Changed to “Maps” which does affect how some apps function if disabled.

    • Pip

      You are correct. It is a seperate component in LP now though.

    • Ge Trolli

      This sound like IE/Wndows of some years ago.

  • Adam Reinhardt

    This iPhone is just like every other iPhone released before it, nothing new here

    • This isn’t even about the iPhone. Nice try, troll.

    • Binay Chohan

      Very poor attempt at a iPhone copy joke.

  • LeTricolore

    This has always been possible, but at least Samsung is making it more accessible for people who don’t go playing in the phone’s settings.

  • Max Fireman

    Just root the device, titanium backup. Easy peasy.

    • Pip

      Once rooted ine could even use ES File Explorer as a less costly alternative. Or even Total or Ghost Commander if you do not like to be tracked by usage statistics.

    • “Just root the device”

      Not exactly something most people will be familiar with, or will be capable of doing on their own. Not only that but rooting voids the warranty. Definitely not for everyone.

    • Max Fireman

      Yes, everyone, Brad.

    • Oh, right, they teach that in schools now.

    • Max Fireman

      I can teach you

    • This is starting to sound like grooming.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Xda developers school for gifted people

    • It’s Me

      Why not just write your own OS?

      Many/most people aren’t inclined to have do either to fix their phones. It’s a premium phone not a cheap clone. The out of the box experience shouldn’t require you to root it.

      Having said that, many/most people probably wouldn’t notice or care.

    • Max Fireman

      I can teach you and brad if you like.

    • It’s Me

      That would be great. Start with heap and stack management models for different OSes and the impact that will have on our planned OS. A compare and contrast of differences and advantages between a cooperative multitasking system and a preemptive multitasking system would be a nice start too.

    • d a

      What you seem to want to ignore is Rooting, or Jailbreaking is evidence of poorly written OS’s. You root, to FIX what Apple and Android didn’t do right in the first place. I’ve rooted my note 2 and refuse to root my note 4 until there’s root for lollipop. But why should I have to? Because tech super powers want to dictate how I use my property and try to sell me the bull that its to protect me. At the same time they allow devs to have insanely invasive permissions that I can’t block.

    • Max Fireman

      LOL. I root to make things the way I like. You should try it sometime

  • Evan Hindra

    Why am I not surprised? Preloading apps == serious pennies to be made. Maybe all 100 pennies per unit.

    • It’s Me

      Yup. PC vendors used to use paid placement bloatware to pad their profits too and people hated it back then too.

    • d a

      I’m pretty sure with pc vendors however you could uninstall all the bloat. I’ve had at least 10 pc’s over the years I can’t think of any time I couldn’t uninstall the garbage. Even though some garbage required some registry tinkering because it was written so poorly it wouldn’t uninstall properly. With smart phones they’ve gotten incredibly arrogant.

  • Matt Skoll

    Stupid question…Is the only difference between “removing” and “disabling” apps, the amount of space they take on the device? Does all the bloatware represent a significant amount of space?

    • Adam Reinhardt

      no but more of a privacy/intrusive thing.

    • LeTricolore

      Aren’t all of the pre-loaded apps Samsung/Google apps anyway? They’d already have all of your information. They just want a larger marketshare of people using their apps rather than the many alternatives out there, I would imagine.

    • Adam Reinhardt

      Skype, Microsoft OneNote, Facebook, Instagram

    • LeTricolore

      Well… at least I use two of the four. That’s pretty crappy then.

    • Matt Skoll

      Ok, thanks for the answer.
      Even though they are still on the phone, if I can’t see them, i’ll be able to trick myself into thinking they aren’t there

  • cartfan88

    The people that won’t buy it because of this already won’t buy it because of no removable battery, no microsd and not priced at $299.

    • It’s Me

      The extra bloatware might be enough to tip some that were still on the fence.

    • cartfan88

      Yes…it’s possible but I think there’s a group that unless it’s premium material, top & latest spec, microsd, waterproof, removable battery, $299 with free shipping and want nothing but plain vanilla Android delivered the same day released by Google with a minimum of 5 years of support.

      There just isn’t any point in trying to cater to that crew of bottom feeders. There no margin in it. Best leave it to the no name Chinese manufacturers. you can’t ever adjust prices based on changing exchange rates…the manufacturer magically is supposed to absorb it.

    • JB

      I think we’re giving the average tech dummy person too much credit for knowing what bloat is honestly .

    • It’s Me

      Probably. Same was true in the 90s with PCs and many didn’t notice for a long time. But eventually they did. Once you know it happens it’s hard to ignore.

    • JB

      Yeah true, but I think we can all agree the amount of comprehensive and real bloat on PC’s was much much worse then anything we’re seeing on any major phone in the mobile world. The PC bloat was truly insane at one point in time lol.

    • barrist

      i’ve taken a glance at some of the nice samsung hardware that have come out in recent years but always been deterred by touchwhiz and the bloatware. don’t really care about removable battery or microsd.

    • JB

      Touchwiz has always been ugly, there is no denying that.

    • barrist

      yeah reminds me of BBOS, just unpolished and unpleasant

    • JB

      Rookie attempt.

    • deltatux

      First of all, we need to start dropping the habit of quoting the subsidized contract pricing to devices because they do us a disservice by artificially creating the mentality that the phones actually costing that much when reality they don’t, you’d pretty much always pay more in the long run.

      Second of all, no removable battery and no SD slot is not a major concern for the majority of consumers. They are only a problem with the vocal few, so there will be lots of people who really don’t care if they like the Galaxy S6 for what it is. I know that there are those who care about these forgone features, but there are other devices that offer things like SD card slot like the Sony Xperia Z3. Personally, I haven’t cared about SD card slot at all. I’ve always had ample space left on my device, can’t even fill my OnePlus One. However, I do see why people clamour for them, and there are always alternatives.

    • A/A.FTW

      please, speak proper English.

  • jclowater

    delete / disable. Doesn’t make a lot of difference as long as I never see it.

    • d a

      It makes a difference when they’re taking up room on your phone and what this story FAILED to mention is there’s third party apps that can’t be disabled and startup at boot. Translation, they’re always running and probably stealing your info.

    • jclowater

      A few k extra storage space is of no concern to me.

    • d a

      What about your private info? your contacts? your text message? your pictures? etc. Who are these people behind the these third party so called companies? What are they really up to with your info? It may not concern you it should concern most people.

    • thereasoner

      Paranoid much? Samsung has far less bloat on this phone than any other before it. Did you not find that article on Forbes that I told you about?

    • d a

      Stupid much? Less means nothing. Do you have a little cold or a cold? Do you have a little herpes or herpes? I found it, what does that have change? Do I sound like an Apple fanboy? I’m talking about Samsung malware and if you don’t like being call stupid then don’t toss name calling around like it’s free, just because you don’t agree with someone.

    • thereasoner

      All phones have bloat and that doesn’t justify your paranoia, Samsung has only two of their own apps installed and saying “paranoid much” is not name calling, it’s an observation. A valid one in this case!

      Now, do yourself a favour and stay away from mobile tech because there is no company that can slay the level of paranoia that you have displayed here. Take a deep breath and re-read your own posts if you don’t believe me. You are acting like Samsung just screwed your Mom… and your girlfriend joined in for a manage, lol.

      You’d probably live an extra 20 years if you just stayed away from the Internet period. I can almost see bulging blood vessels in your forehead through the website for gawds sake. Take a pill and calm down, Samsung is not forcing anything on you! You do have a choice, believe it or not.

    • d a

      You’re just a punk coward Samsung shill, hiding behind a keyboard. I know for “fanboys” criticism of their beloved company is the worst thing you can do but I can’t help your pathetic disorder. Also, dumbdumb, NOT all company’s have bloatware. Like I’ve said before, you idiotic lemmings are all the same until you are affected directly. Now if you don’t like what I post. You can also choose to ignore it, why don’t you though. That’s right, because you’re a pathetic Samsung suck baby. Now where you come from suggesting someone is paranoid might be ok, maybe flattery but where I come from you be picking up your f-ing teeth. So why not comment without that personal attacks? Because you’re a coward and will get away with it on here.

    • thereasoner

      I’m not a fanboy period, blind brand loyalty is for suckers imo, I leave that stuff to iFans. Dissing me is simply a product of me putting you in your place and your hurting butt is the result.
      “pathetic Samsung suck baby”, LMAO! What are you? Part time 12 year old child, part time bloatware police?
      Everything thing you say only confirms my observations about your level of paranoia and now your maturity too. I’m sorry if you can’t handle constructive criticisms, it’s not my intention to come across as a “name caller”, I’m just blunt and to the point. Besides, where I come from we can stand up for ourselves with out resorting to violence like some people I won’t name with obvious anger management problems. I’ve been much easier on you than you are on those who can’t defend themselves at all BTW, namely the companies you choose to slander with unsubstantiated claims about “spying”.

    • d a

      You’re a coward, unfortunately the people here flagged my response so I’ll leave it at this. You’re corporate coward. The fact that you’re not violent doesn’t surprise btw, that’s why you so easily attack online. That’s what cowards do. Mothers, sisters whomever, corporate filth who read forbes are all the same. Also, I haven’t singled out Samsung, all companies that use bloatware are effectively allowing third party companies to spy on their customers. You can call it what you want but if I didn’t install the app, it can read my info, it can transmit my info back to who knows where over the net, and I can’t disable or uninstall, its no different than spyware.

    • thereasoner

      Honestly kid, my comment history is open. You can plainly see everything from what I do for a living to the fact that I switched from Samsung to HTC years ago. I confronted you NOT because I’m a fanboy of any brand but because your comments are just over the top as is your obvious anger over something Samsung actually improved on year over year. To listen to you talk you’d think Samsung got worse, lol.

      Also, my comment history will show that I’ve “read forbes” maybe 3-4 times, I just happened to come across those articles on my Google Now a couple of weeks ago and my lack of comments on that site will show that I’m not a regular. I have enough tech sites that I follow already!

      See what I mean about your paranoia though? No insult intended here but you have jumped to a bunch of different conclusions here about companies, people on here and what they are doing/who they are with NOTHING to back it up but presumptions and anger driven paranoia. You have worked yourself into a gigantic fit literally over nothing but the thoughts in your own head and when someone points out these obvious tendency of yours then you completely lose it! Can’t you see that it’s just not worth it? Or how bad this could be for your health long term?

      Take the last paragraph in the post you just left. You don’t wonder if data theft or spying is taking place by bloatware on phones, to you it is in your mind even if it isn’t. You get upset/paranoid over “what ifs” as if they are not what ifs at all but happening instead. I and most others would want to see that stuff actually taking place before getting so worked up. The way you look at things it doesn’t have to be happening at all for an over the top response and that’s a real problem whether you’re willing to admit it or not.
      Just saying.

      BTW, whatever you do don’t look into Apple’s contract with card companies that work with Apple Pay. Apple has demands written in that has these card companies are obligated to collect and share with Apple information on Apple Pay transactions covering some 36 criteria. What does Apple want with all this information /data? What are all the 36 criteria? What are they going to do with it? Who is going to see it and why? Personally, I don’t get worked up over this stuff because it’s everywhere, you are kidding yourself if you think otherwise!

      BTW, you did single out Samsung and how they, while not mentioning anyone else, should be ashamed. I know this because it’s the first one of your comments that I replied to and you were over the top on that post too.

    • d a

      Are you really too dopey to understand that calling someone a “kid” is offensive or are you expecting that I won’t call you a coward, again? That’s what shills do, take everyone elses eyes off the ball. Avoid the topic. Make it about “me” LOL So transparent. At best you’re complacent lemming living in denial unaware of what’s going on around him, at worst you’re a corporate shill. Lastly, I’ve done the same thing for years, not necessarily here and after YOU pointed out Iphone was up to the same things I believe I expressed how disappointed I was, but let me be clear, if apple is being as disrespectful as Samsung with the bloatware then Apple is just as bad as Samsung. Happy?

    • thereasoner

      Again, I use the word kid as an observation not name calling but name calling is the way you want to go apparently. But honestly, why would I care what you call me? I mean who the f&*k are you that I should care? And why would you care what I “call” you. Who gives a f*#ng really? It’s not like we are somebody important in each others lives!

      That’s not even the point actually, it’s not about being a “lemming”, shill or paranoid, none of that matters. The point is the potential for data collection is everywhere. Some companies may have more bloat than others and others may have found different ways to gather information or it may not even be happening at all but the possibility is everywhere! Be it on devices, apps or the Internet.

      Getting all worked up over it is just not worth it imo but if I were to be as upset about the prospect of that sort of thing, to the point that you obviously are, then I would seriously consider leaving tech and the Internet behind because that’s the only way you’re ever going to be free of the ‘what ifs’.

    • d a

      You use the word “kid” in a condescending manner to show some sort of idiotic superiority. Why? because you’re safely behind your keyboard. Who I am is the guy that has made you into a mental patient. You felt compelled to respond and even though you’re dismissive of all my points can’t stop replying. You’re dopey in short. Again, “Getting all worked up over it is just not worth it imo” That’s the way you roll. That’s fine, some people like you want to be exposes like that unitl they get bit. That doesn’t mean people like me have to roll that way or keep quiet about. Some of the biggest tech names out there have expressed the same opinions I have, they should get out of tech also? You’re comical.

    • thereasoner

      Expressing an opinion and losing it are 2 different things. You know which one you do.

    • Peter

      It’s really pointless to continue your battle with da. He/She clearly doesn’t understand, and simply ignoring him will provide the best “revenge.”

      Okay, that’s my one and only comment for today.


    • iPwn8599

      he got trolled

    • d a

      LOL, yes, “revenge”……LOL

    • d a

      I’m curious, what would make you think I’m angry and ANYTHING other than an anonymous cowardly lemming name calling behind the safety of his keyboard? Trust me, you’re not that brilliant. Then tries to call it something else, making him a bigger coward than I thought in the first. Suggesting someone is paranoid is name calling. Or are you a psychiatrist? Now am I doing the same thing? Absolutely, in response.

    • thereasoner

      They were observations based on post you made before my initial response to one of them and those observations stand as far as I’m concerned. I’m sorry that you don’t like how I veiw you or that I expressed those views. Like you once said, if it quacks like a duck …

    • Yeria

      If you only disable an app though, it could still be running in the background without you knowing. If it’s a system app that’s vital to your phone, this makes sense, but if you don’t use OneNote, do you really want to let it run in the background and potentially using/wasting your CPU/battery?

      Having said that, these circumstances are rare for non-system app, but it’s more of a feeling you get I suppose for losing control of your device over something you don’t use.

    • jclowater

      If I disable it it will not be running. Otherwise what is the point of disable? i would certainly verify that it was not running.

      If you want complete control , I guess a Nexus may be the best option. Even then I think there are some apps that you cannot uninstall. On my Nexus 5 I do not see any way to uninstall Google Maps. ( Not that I would want to )

    • Yeria

      Actually, it does. For example, when the app is called directly from a 3rd party, or another service app, it will still run and do things it’s asked to do.

      I can’t tell you what the point is because I wasn’t the one who built it, but I guess it’s to remove the app from app drawer to stop users from running the app explicitly. For example, if you disable Google Maps, you won’t see it from your app drawer and won’t be able to run it yourself, but if you open a 3rd party app that uses Google Maps API, the app will run. To satisfy this condition, disable option kind of makes sense, but I’m not too sure what else it’s used for.

    • jclowater

      If i disable Google Maps ( if I could ) it will not continue to run. The Google maps API will still be available for apps to call. They are different things.

      Any app using the Google maps api will still need to be granted relevant permissions.

      In that respect Google maps api is no different than any other Google supplied api.

    • Yeria

      But the app is the API though. It looks like the latest Maps doesn’t let you disable the app itself but it was on older versions. It’s not “running” in the traditional sense where you can see in task switcher and stuff, but it’s still running nonetheless. The only way to stop that from happening is to completely remove it and that’s the difference between disable and uninstall.

    • jclowater

      No the app is not the api. The api is a code library that can is used by the map app and also can be used by my app. If I create an app that uses location services , I will need to get permission for such during install.

    • Yeria

      Mmm.. I’m pretty sure the API is part of the Maps app package. You don’t have Maps app, and then another app being used for API exclusively.

    • jclowater

      Conceptually and for all practical purposes they are different. I would expect and hope that Google keeps the maps functionality separated from the UI but I have not looked at the code so cannot say for sure.

      In practice it makes no difference as long as any other app using services provided such as location etc need to ask permission to do so.

    • Yeria

      I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say by “functionality separated from the UI” but this is the easiest way I could explain: a 3rd party app using Google Maps API to say.. display its own store listings.. will use Google Maps to render the maps and use Google’s service to find location information through Maps. You don’t have another app just to do that in your phone. Also, you have already granted the app the permission to use the information when you installed it.

    • jclowater

      But have not given the 3rd party app permission and it would need such permission? You are assuming that it could piggyback on Maps permissions even after it was disabled.

    • jclowater

      I just took a quick look at the Google docs. looks like you need to specify permissions even with the Maps app completely enabled.

    • Yeria

      If that’s the case, then it’s good for Google. You can’t assume all apps are going to act that way when disabled though, which was our initial point of discussion how disabling is the same as uninstalling completely.

    • jclowater

      I think we can assume so absent evidence to the contrary. Google provides the permissions not any individual app.

      Anyway, good to have a conversation about substance on here.

  • himmaway


  • And the bloatware monster strikes Samsung again.

  • Something something “open”.

  • JB

    This phone must really be awesome if iphone fanboy “tech” writers are writing FUD like this….

    • It’s Me

      Yeah, that’s why. No one likes bloat ware, especially paid placement bloat. Don’t get butt hurt because it gets pointed out.

      Sometimes you should try thinking before posting. Head up a*s disease is worse than foot in mouth syndrome.

    • JB

      We all know whats happening her chief. Samsung has a traditional issue with bloat(everyone agrees with this), they made a killer new phone, now tech media who are balls deep in apple are pushing samsung bloat fear news……this ain’t my first rodeo buds.

      Secondly, grow up with your name calling and childish behaviour. I’m extremely disappointed in you.

    • It’s Me

      It’s a good phone. Likely the best ever from Samsung. That doesn’t mean hiding the warts. I’d expect an activist for “hard hitting” over sensationalism would approve.

    • JB

      “It’s a good phone. Likely the best ever from Samsung”

      LOL gimmie a break, its a jaw dropper and everyone knows it. Quo the american tech media and toronto wannabe brooklyn hipsters spinning their wheels to try and find dirt, and fear….they lost their screen too big/phone too big angle, then their build quality angle, now it will be all in on the bloat angle….. Its extremely transparent. As a non user of a samsung and neutral observer its quite sad really. Protectionism at its finest.

    • It’s Me

      One of the most alarmingly paranoid post you’ve made. Well done.

    • JB

      It’s always the name game with you bud. It’s very underwhelming, predictable, and disappointing….

    • It’s Me

      You understand that a criticism of your post isn’t a criticism of you, right? You do understand that, don’t you? And neither, in this case, is anywhere close to calling you names…

      Wow. One of those days, eh bud?

    • JB

      I think you’re style of arguing your point is always leading to the name calling route. I think it’s childish, and unprofessional.

      I won’t partake in it.

    • It’s Me

      Now you’re catching on, though really, it’s a posting style that you often use (just not always very well).

      Your newest schtick of the over the top fawning of Samsung is cute. The “enemy of my enemy is my friend” routine was a little predictable but I guess you have to use the tools you have left.

    • JB

      Now who’s paranoid? Lol

    • It’s Me

      Still you?

    • barrist

      Yeah… you’re neutral. lol.

      “toronto wannabe brooklyn hipsters”… what are you even talking about? you sound like a whining child.

      step away from the keyboard, it’s just a blog. you don’t have to cry at every article you don’t agree with or think the “tech writer” illuminati is conspiring against you.

    • JB

      Love getting your goat….its always welcome haha

    • barrist

      yep here comes the “pretending not to care, laugh it off act” to cover up the fact that you are emotionally invested in the content of this blog to a creepy degree.

    • JB

      OMG haha. Awesome

    • d a

      Jaw dropper, not even close. Have you tried it? Also, if there’s dirt, there’s dirt and I’m grateful when it’s found and pointed out. Samsung is showing a complete lack of respect for it’s customers and they deserve the heat and criticism.

    • JB

      You’re missing the point. But hey man thanks for commenting. Have a great day.

    • thereasoner

      I’ve tried them yesterday at the Rogers store in the mall and they are both fantastic. The edge version looks even better in person, the camera launches just as quickly as advertised. They are slick, fast and smooth. Easily the best devices Samsung has ever made and display mate is correct, they do have the best screens ever put on a phone..
      So tell me, how is Samsung cutting back on bloat by 30% over the S5 showing a lack of respect?

    • d a

      I heard today someone saying it’s not much better than the s5, I don’t know as I haven’t tried it. So because theoretically instead of giving me 10 malware/spyware/bloatware created by third parties that are doing who knows what with my info, I should be grateful because you’re only giving me 7? The number should be ZERO % bloatware/malware. What don’t you get. It should be criminal to put anything from third parties that a: can’t be removed and b: has nothing do do with the features, like pulse software or ir remote etc. Regardless, I should be able to uninstall and at minimum disable. Which you can’t do with all Samsung bloatware.

    • thereasoner

      See, that’s your problem. You are acting like Samsung is putting apps on your phone without your consent when its quite clear that Samsung is not targeting customers like you.
      Get over yourself, everyone in the world doesn’t have to make products to your standards. Go buy something else and lay off articles that discuss Samsung if you are so offened then, neither Samsung or their customers have any use for your kind anyway.

    • d a

      Where was my consent? Where was it on the box also? Where is it advertised? I had to disable 20+ apps, and I would have done more but you can’t disable garbage like evernote. They don’t have to make products to my standards but they should expect criticisms when they don’t. I see, you don’t complain about anything. My kind LOL, you think I’m alone? Wake up, I’ll alone on this mickey mouse blog but most tech knowledgeable people completely agree with me, especially consumer advocates. You know, your enemy. Being as you’re no doubt in the corporate world.
      M7? I don’t even know what your point is. WTF do I care.

    • thereasoner

      You gave your consent when you plunked your money down. No one forced you to buy anything and information about the product is your responsibility to gather BEFORE purchasing.
      Sure I complain, a lot lol. It’s just that I complain about what has happened instead of what could, which are two very different things BTW and what sets you and I apart.
      I’m an Auto worker, LMAO! Corporate world? Lol. I didn’t even finish high school for gawds sake! Still jumping to conclusions I see and living up to the paranoia I’ve spotted in you no less.
      My M7? I brought it up because you dissed IR blasters as bloat, you forgot that already?
      BTW, everything I say about myself can be backed up by years of open comment history that anyone is free to browse. I know tech because I’m a tech junkie not because I work in the industry.

    • d a

      “Backed up” it could all be bull to throw everyone off. Who cares. If it walks like a duck….. I didn’t dis the ir blasters, I was making the point that apps to run the hardware for unique things like pulse takers and ir blasters were on the phone that was fine but should STILL be removable. Like with the one that came with my note 4, it was on my phone, made sense, but it turned out to be lousy so I bought a better one. Why shouldn’t I be able to remove the pre installed/bloatware version.

    • d a

      That would be fair if you were willing to also do that for Iphones and Apple. Apple has been taking a lot of heat from various news sources online, I know I know, you want proof. Look it up. Anyway, I can’t recall you ever doing anything but defending Apple.

    • It’s Me

      Apple gets lots of attention, good and bad. They always have. Easiest way to get clicks is to post negative Apple stories. Not like that isn’t common knowledge. (I.e there are multiple “x-gate” Apple stories in any given year, full of hyperbole and hype). JB always says he wants just such stories, demands them even (hard hitting in his words) but only for Apple.

      MS posts good and bad about both Apple and Samsung but they don’t go over the top with either for either. That’s seems to have JB upset.

    • JB

      MS never critiques Apple the same way they do with literally all other phones….and we all know why. It is what it is.

      This isn’t anything new and has completely alienated majority of this sites readers.

    • It’s Me

      Nah, MS runs many of the same stories about Apple that every other tech site does, pointing out flaws as though they were catastrophes…you know, the same minor things you jump all over (and the same type you are whining about here). You don’t see it, but that’s expected. You’re quite blind in your rage that MS doesn’t join your crusade to crucify Apple. And that’s ok. You are who you are.

      As for the “majority” of readers that have been alienated by MS and their unwillingness to jump on your agenda, I’d say you’re pretty off in your exaggeration. They’ve grown to be one of the, if not the, largest tech sites in Canada. They are one of the few Canadian tech sites cited elsewhere in the world. The only ones that have been alienated are the hardcore haters and juvenile trolls. Thankfully they aren’t the majority though they do make lots of noise.

    • JB

      LMFAO….you’re such a iphone fanboy it’s comical.

      Dan is a MASSIVE iphone fanboy, its very obvious and many people agree on here, its no secret. From overlooking obvious flaws that he would touch on, on any other flagship, to telling people on podcast (people dont want or use memory anymore) when the talk of 8gb 5c inadequate capacity debate came up. To the ludicrous embarrassing iphone watch slurp fest that was resoundingly panned by listeners 2 podcasts ago.

      I’m sure Dan is a great guy, and solid person. But the guy is incapable of being neutral on apple products, he is proven it time and time again. Its ridiculous. He shouldn’t be reviewing apple products. End of story.

      No one is saying the iphone is junk or crap, its a great phone(i used to owned em) but the fact is the product has many many flaws. Dan rarely ever touches on it. It is what it is.

    • It’s Me

      Seems like I’ve hit a nerve.

      Guess Dan has alienated you so much that you’re here every day, reading all the stories and rushing to comment. If he alienated everyone as much as you, he’s going to be HUGE.

      LOL. Now that’s comical.

    • JB

      No nerves hit. It just is what it is.

  • Hail Eff

    So…just like most other phones with most of their bloatware apps? This is no different from other companies, really. Especially iOS devices.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Key point is 30% less bloatware than the S5, which had 5.3GB of bloatware (10.7 GB usable), so there is 3.7 GB bloatware on the S6 (or 12.3 GB usable).

    • thereasoner

      Agreed. A writer on Forbes the other day counted 20 non-removable apps on the iPhone 6, including 2 new ones(one hidden) for the Apple watch that act as nothing but advertising at the moment. He went on to say that Samsung, with the Galaxy S6, could possibly provide “a cleaner software experience” than Apple!
      How times have changed!

    • d a

      What you neglected to mention is that with the apple apps, he included things like calculator and other apps that one wouldn’t necessarily consider bloatware even if they aren’t removable. If you did the same with Samsung the number for Samsung would no doubt be a lot bigger also. I’m pretty sure nobody considers the built apps for calculator and text messaging etc to be bloatware.

    • thereasoner

      I agree, I counted only 13 apps that I would possibly get rid of for alternatives or all together, the others seemed essential but the point that the writer was trying to make was how many apps can’t be un-installed vs how many Samsung has. Samsung has 2 of there own and 5 3rd party apps that include 3 contributions from Microsoft. It should be interesting to count the others. I understand what you are saying about what the definition of what bloatware is but it seems that this writer is including any app that can’t be un-installed as bloat right or wrong.

      The next time I’m in the Rogers store, possibly one day after work but most likely this coming weekend, I’m going to count Samsungs non-removable apps on the S6 including those fundamental to the operation of the phone. I bet that the totals for both phones are very close now that most of Samsungs apps need to be downloaded from their app store now.

  • Aja Aja

    As long as the disabled apps are not running in the background, taking up processor/RAM power, then I don’t care if they’re taking up some disk storage space.

    • d a

      Not sure about the s6 but note 4 has apps that can’t be disabled, like evernote. So it starts at boot and then, you’ll be happy to know it has access to find out the app has these permissions.

      This app has access to:

      In-app purchases


      •add or remove accounts
      •find accounts on the device


      •read calendar events plus confidential information


      •read your contacts


      •approximate location (network-based)
      •precise location (GPS and network-based)


      •read call log


      •read the contents of your USB storage
      •modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


      •take pictures and videos


      •record audio

      Wi-Fi connection information

      •view Wi-Fi connections

      Device ID & call information

      •read phone status and identity

      •read sync statistics
      •receive data from Internet
      •view network connections
      •full network access
      •toggle sync on and off
      •control vibration
      •install shortcuts
      •create accounts and set passwords
      •run at startup
      •read sync settings
      •prevent device from sleeping
      •draw over other apps
      •use accounts on the device

    • thereasoner

      Curious, have you tried any of those apps that allow you to forbid auto start ups? Not sure if they work but that may be your solution to these non-removable apps booting up every time you start your phone.

    • d a

      They only work on rooted phones. There’s also apps for removing permissions that only work on non system apps and obviously bloatware is viewed as a system app as for as the permission remover is conserned.

    • thomas nguyen

      autostart? that means my phone gets turned off at some point… once its booted the first time, it rarely ever gets turned off. autostart problem solved.

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  • Andrew English

    Sorry is this new? No. On every Samsung device there are apps they install that you can’t remove, just like on every Blackberry device, and I am sure every Apple device well maybe not them as Apple believes their GOD. 😉

  • jclowater

    Interesting comment on this on Forbes that references this article and says

    “Countering that a Samsung spokesperson has confirmed to me that all
    published Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge reviews have been done so before the
    official embargo expires and do not use devices sanctioned by Samsung or
    final TouchWiz software. Note that doesn’t add up to an endorsement or
    denial. “

  • northstar17

    Disabling can save some space, as any app updates that are in the volatile storage can be deleted and then you are only keeping the ROM version on device.

  • Pingback: Samsung Galaxy S6 to let you hide preinstalled apps |

  • That’s disappointing. Samsung is becoming more and more like Apple. It is nice that you can at least disable to “hide” it, but it’s still taking up precious storage and that is more important than ever now sans the SD card slot.

    • d a

      You can’t disable all bloatware so you’re left to wonder what info is going to a third party that you have no dealings with. That to me is a problem.

  • Pingback: Samsung Galaxy S6 to let you hide preinstalled apps | Hacker Magazine()

  • Pico

    Try to guess why I went away from iPhone couple years ago ? My Galaxy S5 will be on sale soon……I really don’t like compagnies who tell me what that I can do and what I can’t……If the next OnePlus model offer cat6 LTE they’ll have a new customer !

    • sggodsell

      You know that you can root the S6 and install custom ROMs on it, if you really want to.

  • Just ask anyone with a Galaxy S4 mini about Samsung ChatON

  • Ali F.

    So I pay $600 for a phone and I am not allowed to use it the way I want. It is just like buying a sedan and having its back seats out of reach, like locked, and if I build my own key, warranty is void.

    • sggodsell

      You can’t get rid of certain apps on some other OS’s as well, like iOS. However, you can root the S6 and install a custom ROM. You make it look like you can’t change anything on the device at all, especially when that clearly is not the case.

  • William Worlde

    That’s what rooting is for, isn’t it?

    5 more days to go for me to unlock, root and start removing all those “spam” apps from my G3!

  • Jay Fitz


  • RF

    I’d rather have 300 MB more free space on my device than Hancom Office, Lookout, OneNote, and Onedrive. I don’t use any of them.

  • Not able to remove Microsoft SPAM from my Android device is way beyond reasonable or ethical. Where is CRTC looking?! There is no other industry where such crap would be allowed. I bought the device, I own it, not Bell and not Samsung and I alone should be able to decide which applications I want on it and which ones I don’t.

  • Ronald

    Buy a Nexus..problem solved

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