Lollipop reported to receive Android 5.1 Maintenance Release in March

Android lollipop

Android Lollipop has already seen two minor updates with Android 5.0.2 hitting in mid-December. Though Lollipop accounts for a miniscule number of Android users, those that are running Android 5.0 are looking forward to the release of Android 5.1.

Google hasn’t talked about when or what we can expect from Android 5.1, but a tweet from HTC’s Mo Versi seems to suggest the update could be just around the corner. In response to one user asking about a fix for a bug that cropped up when his Google Play Edition HTC One M7 received Lollipop, Versi responded that the fix would come with Google’s next MR (maintenance release), which was coming in March.

Though we have no way of knowing if this MR will be Android 5.1, previous rumours had pegged 5.1 for a Q1 release. In December, there was talk of the return of silent mode as well as improved memory management, and general improvements to notifications, OK Google, and system stability.

A couple of weeks ago, Android 5.1 was spotted on Android One devices in Indonesia. According to one user, Android 5.1 brings the ability to change WiFi and Bluetooth connections from with the notification shade.