OnePlus releases its latest CyanogenMOD update, and it’s not Lollipop

Android 4.4.4 is still a good OS, right? That’s the message OnePlus owners are receiving today as the latest OTA update, version 05Q, is set to roll out.

While there are features aplenty in the new version, it begs that question many are asking Cyanogen Inc: how long does it take to customize Android? As we hear increasingly that Cyanogen is moving as far away from a reliance on Google as possible — far enough away to remove all traces of the company within five years — it’s interesting to note that what was once thought of as a near-stock version of Android has now taken on a considerably expansive life of its own.

The new CyanogenMOD 11S update brings SwiftKey to the OnePlus One, in addition to MaxxAudio by Waves, an audio processing technology that purports to improve the sound emitted from the device. There are also improvements to codec support, better NFC reliability, and overall heightened security.

Though based on Android 4.4.4, Cyanogen has once again worked within the limitations of the OnePlus One’s 13MP rear camera and added two additional focus options: continuous and infinity. The latter makes it easier to switch between near and foreground objects on the fly, while the latter improves autofocus consistency when capturing things at a distance.

The full list of changes is below:


  • Fixed dab with Linux 3.10
  • Improved ADB Sideload
  • Improved wipe confirmation screen layout
  • Improved progress bar


  • Fixed wrong emergency call property
  • Improved audio policy flexibility
  • Increased void volume
  • Improved light controls
  • Updated WCNSS configuration
  • Upgraded ADCB Files
  • Powered HAL improvements
  • Upgraded SQLite to version 3.8.6
  • Reduced volume increment/decrement step per click
  • Added support for Query SIM SMS capacity
  • Upgraded TP firmware to 14001220
  • Fixed headset insert/remove crash
  • Fixed ability to hang up a call from a wired audio headset

Set Up:

  • SetupWizard: Allow turning on mobile data if off by default


  • Fixed force close when sharing multiple files over Bluetooth


  • Displays download size as a decimal prefix
  • Enabled scrolling on the system update screen
  • Added Download clicked notification
  • Shows download size on UI
  • Updated Icons
  • Added progress bar


  • Added letterbox view for to show actual capture in preview
  • Added toast information to aid in first time use of Continuous shot


  • Additional supported video types


  • Blacklist, strip extension from number
  • Fixed screen rotation behavior during call


  • Call events can be handled on alarm
  • Fixed city and time zone entries

To download the update, head to Settings/About/Software update or download and flash the OTA update.

Cyanogen recently confirmed that its work on Android 5.0 Lollipop was nearing completion, but didn’t give an indication as to when it would be released.