Rogers and Fido bringing the Sony Xperia M2 to Canadians this month


  • Tony

    damn this phone is nice…why does it have to be a mid entry phone..too bad the z series arent all white like this….just my preference

    • Susan

      It’s a mid entry phone to make the price cheaper. If Sony said it’s a high end phone, then the price won’t be around $200 or so. But I know what you mean, the specs states otherwise. Either way, it’s an excellent phone for whatever low budget price it’s set at.

    • Sanjay Kumar

      Its 540p display with 1gb ram.
      Sony’s high end devices bare 2gb+ on ram powerful quadcore processor snapdragon 800+

  • Pawv

    What about wind?

  • Bri Bru

    Only if the screen resolution was higher…

  • JT

    $200 would be a great deal because Sony’s do have good build quality on their entire line. It opens them up to people who would otherwise buy the Galaxy Ace II devices.

  • Pawv

    Geez.. 300 dollars……

  • AReid

    Should be no more than $200.

  • John W

    Any phone over $200 should be include at least 16GB……Sony is going downhill again.
    If they keep selling phone at those prices for those specs….they will disappear from mobile business soon.