Rogers unveils new international data-only roaming rate of $9.99 per day


  • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

    $10 for 3MB in Africa? Seriously?!

    • someguy


    • jackjiarocks

      they can literately take this plan and shover it up their a$$

    • Richard_s1881

      Bunch of robbers they are. 3MB, jeeze I cant wait to see how little i can do with that

    • It’s Me

      They should have released these on April 1.

    • HD Z

      3MB for a third world continant..
      (joking 😉

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Hey, if I go down to Panama in central america. I can get 30 days of unlimited data for 10.00. speeds are not great but for 10$ I can’t complain with the unlimited data.

    oh and on top of that it is shareable! I know cause I share mine via wifi hotspot with my son last year. It was a good way to keep him close at all times! ;p

    • ToniCipriani

      Technically that’s not sharing but tethering.

      Sharing = individual SIMs in devices pulling from the same plan
      Tethering = One SIM in a device and split out data to other devices via WiFi, Bluetooth or cable

      Sharing definitely involves the carrier but latter doesn’t (they tried to though)

    • trickster_qc

      what Samuel said is correct. he is SHARING is data connection via hot spot as in many different connection can SHARE the same data plan.

      even if your definition of sharing/tethering is correct is doesn’t overcome the regular definition of the term sharing.

    • ToniCipriani

      But in the context of cost it’s irrelevant. Tethering doesn’t cost money, but sharing would.

    • trickster_qc

      well many US providers will charge an extra monthly fee to enable tethering of their internet service via a mobile phone so yes there could be a cost related to ” sharing your data ” via tethering.

  • djino

    LMAO!!!! That’s funny Rogers 🙂

  • o_zzy

    Rogers is drunk!

    • djino

      They be drinkin’, They be drinkin’

  • Jamma

    Uncle Rogers SMH

  • Mike R

    Who would even want to comment on these rates,,,What a rip,.Unlock your mobile device and enjoy the freedom

  • someguy

    This is absolute garbage……

  • Ken K.

    Really funny if today was April 1st. But it’s not, so this plan is really sad and pathetic.

  • Tom

    $10/day for 20 MB… or 10 GBP for 1 GB for an entire month? Hard decision!

    P.S. Rogers how about you continue charging through the roof for roaming… and in return, stop locking phones whether sold on-contract or not. I know one can just buy unlock codes, but that’s an extra inconvenience, and early adopters often have to wait a while for the codes to become available.

  • Salinger

    $10 per day for 20MB of data, no calls, no text.

    On my trip to the UK last year I bought a prepaid SIM there for £15 (about $27) and got unlimited data, calls and texts for a month.

  • Shaggyskunk

    And I wonder if Cuba is still excluded…. The “commie” threat that they are….

  • Bob Smith

    20 megs can let you visit 80 websites? Maybe if they were all text based websites with 0 images on them!! Holy hell are those some exagerrated numbers on what 20 megs can get you.

    • someguy

      yea i died laughing at that too

    • MC

      FB refresh is about 3MB. And that’s with only with one hot girlfriends selfie.

    • Me Ted

      Maybe they assume that we all use Lynx.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Or Blackberry devices on os 6 or under.

    • Rimtu Kahn

      Should bring a class action against Rogers for false advertisement.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Hell, a single uploaded image can be 3mb.

  • KrispyInTO

    3MB a day…

    That is 2 web pages.

  • Yeria

    “Our customers have also told us to lower the rates, but we have decided against it.” Said Raj Doshi, senior vice president, products, Rogers Communications. “Since there really is no options for Canadians to choose from, we can rip them off as much as we would like while sounding like we are listening to our customers.”

  • kenn

    Rogers noted that 20MB of data allows users to “send about 400 emails, share selfies on social media, or upload reports and files to work on the go; or visit 80 websites, or access 20 maps.” …yeah, if you’re on Blackberry

  • William Z. 

    I thought today is April 15, clearly it’s not. It’s April 1st, AGAIN!

  • William Z. 

    to sum up what the VP was saying, “Bite ME!”

  • Acer12345

    Probably doesn’t include the lube either.

  • Aravinda Bala

    Asia $10 -10 MB ,IN Sri Lanka i can get 12gb with 4g LTE for $10 on prepaid ..

  • joseph

    Rogers is on meth! LMFAO

  • Fight Back Fight Back

    rip off what a joke

  • abc123

    “Our customers have told us they want STUPID solutions when travelling, no matter where their travels may take them,”

    Eh hem… Raj, I corrected the statement for you.

  • Lukeiphone

    Wtf!!!! Even though I’m not with Rogers, I still feel the pain of fellow Canadians getting burned up the a$$

  • kmanvan

    It takes a special kind of PR flak to say this plan offers good value with a straight face. These rates should be illegal.

  • hoo dat

    I was just in the UK for 15 days where I bought a T-Mobile/EE SIM For £1.00 and £20 got me 1,000 minutes of voice and 3GB of data. Had a local number that friends and family could call me on and just used Skype to check my voice mail at home. Works out to be vastly cheaper than any carrier’s international roaming package and is far more flexible and simpler to use. Why people bother with such add ons is beyond me.

    And yes, I realise that I could have got a better plan, but EE has the best network coverage and their 3G data speeds were pretty impressive (20-22Kb/s constant, indoors and out).

    • Philosoraptor

      I got 1 GB for £5 last summer with Lebara UK and 1 GB with Lebara Switzerland for €10. No network issues whatsoever (I know they’re an MVNO, but I forget what network they operate on).

    • jetbeck

      The more people start buying unlocked phones (or unlocking their phones) and doing this some day they will release they need to make it a tad more attractive.

  • Jason

    This company is seriously delusional to think people will pay $10 for such ridiculous amounts of data, but then again when you hold a gun to peoples heads just like these companies are doing customers don’t really have a choice.

  • Jason

    Unlock your phones people!

  • FlageJan1


  • canuck07

    Rogers shouldn’t bother. Nobody will subscribe to these ridiculous packages

    • icyhotonmynuts

      People who aren’t tech savvy or who use money as TP because they have so much will.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Rather pay $10 locally to.get a local SIM and at least 10 times more data in addition to some talk and text to use locally for upto 30 days.

  • Joseph

    Rogers your drunk, go home!

  • realitycheck

    is this a freaking joke? about half a month too late for april fools

  • legend618

    what tha F%$# Rogers what did Africa do to you?

  • Wufai

    You guys can joke all you want. But I just saw on the news a British customer went to africa and download an music Album, ends up with a 2400pounds bill. Its shows there are still a lot of people not knowing the benefits of local sim cards. At least the Rogers plan will reduce the overage charge to hundreds instead of thousands. The the initiated, please get a local sim card when travelling. BTW the british customer is a maths teacher.

    • Fight Back Fight Back

      where talking about Rogers where they pay nothing for there roaming on other networks and then shaft Canadians with roaming fees. Take a look at t mobile 200 country free Data. Talk20 cents a minute look at wind And there roaming fees who’s shafting who up The shaft.

  • Lion5

    This is pathetic. In Asia we can get unlimited wibro for $8 per day for 1st 10 days then $4 each additional day. Unlimited, high speed. What can one do with 10MB per day while traveling? Maps alone will eat that.

  • Chris Stoochnoff

    How f%$@ing generous of them.

  • Philosoraptor

    I don’t know how Raj Doshi can say this @#$% with a straight face.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Can’t stress it enough, when you travel overseas, UNLOCK YOUR DEVICE and get a local SIM. It’s always cheaper, always!

  • Collin dubya

    What a joke!! 10.00 for 250-300mb would be much less offensive

  • Dave

    Rogers = Ridiculous

  • Dave

    Wind Mobile offers unlimited us roaming for $15 /month.

  • Pisidan

    This is Rogers attempt to be funny right? I’ll stick with WIND us unlimited n in Europe grab a local Sim what a joke this is.. So glad I’m gone from Robbers n the other 2!!!

  • rat

    unbelievable this company must be on some kind of cheap drugs.will take your money and give you nothing LoL

  • jay

    20 GB a day is not enough? Don’t even use that in a month

    • Mike R

      20 mg bro

    • jay

      Just made a joke because that’s so bad 20MB is like nothing

  • Henry Huynh

    Rogers can go pound sand for $10/day. I swear as soon as they jack up my mother’s plan I’m moving her to wind, so much BS with Rogers.

  • paul

    Very funny and laughable. I personally think that the CEO incompetent cheap bastards

  • j1978

    I am in Paris right now where I have paid 30 euro for a 30 day 4GB 4G data plan including unlimited calling and text in the EU. Why does Rogers think this is at all enticing for us? 20Mb? Just having an Android phone on would chew through all that data, I’m sure their plan is to get us to turn our phones on the charge us crazy amounts as soon as we go over.

    I remember a few years ago when I was in Paris for work with my BB and used BBM one morning. Rogers charged by the 10kb so with bbm I thought I was somewhat safe. No because rogers takes each communication separately then rounds up to 10kb so in fact the message “hi” in bbm was considered 10kb. What followed was a bill for almost $800 for extremely minimal data use.

    Rogers can go stick their roaming plan until they figure out we need more for less.

  • jetbeck

    I’m waiting for the day I read one of these posts about Roger/Telus/Bell and don’t already begin to laugh before I find out the details.

  • Thomas Yok

    Great, $10 a day for next to nothing in data. Cool. Wait, darn I’m with Wind, so I won’t be able to pay these rates. I’ll have to be sure to get a two year contract, before I travel. I wonder if cell phone plan mortgages will be offered also.

  • Ben Burger

    So 300$ a month for 90MB? WHAT A STEAL GUISE!

  • disqusmy

    Rogers isnt so bad this time. Rogers didnt put in “unlimited use” phase next their plan name. !!

  • HatInTheRing

    “send about 400 emails, share selfies on social media, or upload reports and files to work on the go; or visit 80 websites, or access 20 maps.”

    FALSE Rogers. Phones have so much goin on in the background that 50mb means zero use and people who RECEIVE all kinds of messages and media. I turned my phone on in Vegas, stuff started flowing in, and no more than 90 seconds later I got the text that says “you have exceeded you 50mb limit and data has been disabled”.

    Good luck sending a single email on this plan unless there is a mode on your phone that lets you select-enable just a few apps of your choosing that I haven’t discovered.

    This is a great plan for crappy phones in 2006. Give me something 2014 – a person with a fast phone, 100 apps and large pictures. I have a 6gb plan. Charge me more and let me use that 6gb when and where I choose.

  • HatInTheRing

    This is their way of saying you can’t take real pictures using your camera that have actual size to them, you can only use the 2mp front facing camera.

    Thanks Rogers, you’re too good to us, you really are…

  • jeff

    Roam mobility

  • Richard_s1881

    “or visit 80 websites” so I can visit Youtube 80 times on 20MB Rogers? What a load of crap.

  • mason

    It must be a typo! People cannot be that stupid??

  • arahman21

    $10=800BDT/day. You can get 1GB 3G (512Kbps) for BDT300/month Or 2GB @ 1Mbps for BDT700/month from Grameenphone (leading wireless provider in Bangladesh). Yeah, so much for first-world prices.