LG partnering with Google for ‘G Watch’, Android Wear’s first consumer smartwatch


  • Brad Meredith

    Great! If it’s waterproof and the battery lasts longer than 16 hours, it’ll be a real competitor for Pebble.

  • Bri Bru

    Is this a leaked photo? It looks nice and simple. I personally never use the “Ok Google” voice feature, especially when there are people around me. It’s somewhat awkward and not fond of people listening to what I do on my device.. and it’s not so accurate all the time so not sure whether this is going to work out ok for me. I’m still quite excited about the smartwatch though.

    • Zee

      I think that photo is just some concept picture not an actual leak

    • Bri Bru


  • grantdude

    So you’ll be talking to your watch? Awesome! “KITT, come get me!”

  • rgl168

    $299 will be a tough sell; I hope that it will be priced less than that (maybe $149).

    • t.virus

      true that! when the gear came out as $329.99 on Rogers nobody wanted to buy it now it’s on for $150 the price needs to justify itself because some people don’t even wear watches anymore!

  • MXM4K

    Darn, just as I was debating picking up a Pebble… decisions decisions…

    • Bri Bru

      You should definitely wait!

  • TrainAss

    2 words. Dick Tracy!

  • thedesmodes

    I would rather get the motorola watch just based on the looks.

    Edit: I like the round screen and the round body more than the square body and square screen.