Say hello to Android Wear, Google’s wearable operating system (video)


  • RJay Mirosovsky

    This is the smart watch tech I have been waiting for. Excited for this!

  • Threecube

    Love that UI. Simple yet flashy.

  • Curtis K Louis

    I need this bad boy in my life…RIGHT NOW!

  • Jv


  • KiwiBri

    woooooo! this is interesting. Glad I didnt get a galaxy Gear.. this seems like it will become more “open” to multiple Android handset manufacturers rather than be locked to one brand or line of devices.

  • georgejia

    shut up and take my money!

    • FlamesFan89

      I was about to say the same.

  • KiwiBri

    WOah! Moto 360 just announced!!! wow! see moto360 motorola com

    • TonyC

      That is a really nice design. Hopefully it will be available directly from Moto to more than just the USA when it launches.

  • spammenotdisqus

    SO happy I didn’t buy the $99 gear yesterday

  • TP

    waterproof & 1 week battery with no charge?

  • Hilman in Edmonton

    Gorgeous, can’t wait to get a Moto360.

  • Keith

    Now let’s just hope that it’s not as overpriced as Gear was.

  • TrainAss

    2 questions. How much, and give it to me!

  • jndvrk

    I don’t think I’m hipster enough for this watch. 🙂

    Just wish Google Now was more useful to me, so far I just see how badly the Leafs & Canucks are loosing.

  • Francois Roy

    80% of the services unavailable in Canada at launch

  • framewerk

    I don’t get it, are these the deleted scenes from “Her”?

  • Hail Eff

    This seems more helpful compared to other wearable devices so far (as far as I’ve seen and remember). I could see myself buying something like this if I wanted a smart watch.

    However, I just don’t like how much information you’d have to give and share between everything to have all of the features shown in the first video like that. Moreover, that all requires wifi/data connection (of course) which I cannot afford much of…which is kind of a drag, since without it, this watch would seem just about useless.


    LOVE IT……When can I grab one of these bad boys?

  • HD Z

    Zombie, all zombies everywhere.