Paper gets iOS 7 redesign with new tools

Paper – the popular creation app for iPad, not Facebook’s recent mobile creation – has been late in producing an iOS 7 app version, but it appears as though the wait was worth it. Paper v1.6 is essentially a soup to nuts redesign, extending beyond what app maker FiftyThree says is a “complete visual refresh.” Paper’s new lighter colour scheme and custom typefaces are paired with simplified controls and new menu options, making an app that was already beautiful more so while also improving the user experience.

Paper’s iOS 7 update also features new tool additions and improvements. Digital artists can now use the Draw and Erase tools to create dots, the size of which are matched to press length. Brush strokes are now finer when using the Erase, Color, and Blend tools, and are matched to zoom level to enable precision work.

Paper operates similar to Docs To Go offering a free version with the basics and in-app purchases so artists can pay for only the tools they need. If you’re a serious artist looking for a portable solution, or just someone who enjoys making whimsical doodles on the train, Paper might be worth a look.