WIND subscriber base reaches 676,209, VimpleCom takes a $768 million ‘impairment charge’


  • alphs22

    Math police here: 636.8k to 649k is an increase of 12.2k subscribers, not 3.2k as reported.

    Good to see their ARPU rising though. Still low at $30/mo, but going up.

    “At the end of Q3, WIND Mobile declared its subscriber base reached 636,827, up from 620,451 from the previous quarter. Three months later, the carrier has announced a mild increase of 3,200 subs to 649,000 for the fiscal year 2013. In addition, ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) slightly increased for the year by 6% to $29.80/month.”

    • Brian Blanchard

      I always find it funny. Why are consumers excited that their ARPU rose?

    • quardron

      Because they’re thinking about the long term. Higher ARPU = more chances/money to expand and improve on service.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Maybe they want to see them stick around? The other two new entrants with low ARPU have been bought or are for sale. Videotron has a higher ARPU and is doing better.

    • hoo dat

      WIND once claimed that they could break ever or even turn a profit with an ARPU of between $30-32. How true that is I have no idea, but it does highlight the importance of ARPU as a metric.

    • Delphus

      Yeah right, if they outsource Cx serv. to India or something…

      Can’t run on those numbers with Canadian wages

      And really, who is in business to break even?!?

    • J-Ro

      Apparently Wind.

    • Sweet

      That looks feasible to me. If you take Rogers’s ARPU and profit margin from network revenue, you get an Average Cost Per User (ACPU) of $34.15. Sinec Rogers’s expenses are much higher than Wind’s, I find it quite feasible that Wind could have an ACPU of $30-$32.

    • Richard Wangly

      10% is fairly low, but since their primary service areas are so limited it’s hard to qualify.

    • alphs22

      10% is great for any other carrier. However considering they had 47% growth the year before and that Wind is far behind their subscriber targets, that number does not look good.

  • David

    Can we just merge Wind and Mobilicity with Videotron and be done with it? We all know it is going to happen so lets get it done.

    • acb87


    • alphs22

      Get a couple hundred million bucks and you can.

    • Raj Brar

      I would be suspect of Videotron. They seem like they would love to price gouge. Wind’s real plan is to expand, gain market acceptance and brand recognition, then sell out and take a huge profit.

    • juyttt7

      Videotron may be based in a sovereign and independent Quebec soon…. Paladeau is even now running as a sovereigntist.

  • acb87

    im very happy with my wind plan 30$ a month unlimited data , texting, calling i Canada and U.S wide . wind needs to expand to more cities and get the moto g

    • Bri Bru

      Wow that’s a good deal.. My whole family uses it so $5 off each $30 plan. $75 for the whole family and that’s an equal charge to one of many common customers’ plan at Robellus.

    • Andrew_notPorC

      Moto G does seem like a great device for people who aren’t necessarily on the cutting edge. It performs great–much better than competing phones at the same price point, never mind Apple. Used iPhone 4 might be available at that price, but upgraded to iOS 7 it turns into a giant turd.

    • acb87

      i just feel the price point and features of the moto g plus it not being lte would be perfect for wind . considering all the gnex i see everyday a lot of people would be happy with a moto g

    • deltatux

      The Galaxy Nexus is a great phone in its own right, not going to be an upgrade going to the Moto G tbh. Problem is that there isn’t AWS HSPA+ support on the Moto G or the Moto X so you’ll never see those on WIND unless they somehow cut a deal with Motorola in doing so.

    • Singh1699

      Yest here is, the USA gsm version has AWS the worldwide version doesnt.

      It just so happens the koddo/telus edition is the global one so people don’t poach if off them and go to WIND.

    • acb87

      just to make sure only the texting and calling is unlimited in the states not the data

  • VT

    Global Telecom, VimpelCom’s subsidiary that runs Wind has their base # at 676k subs. I believe that # is more accurate.

    From the Globe&Mail:

    “That subscriber figure, however, was inconsistent with the number reported by its Cairo-based subsidiary. Global Telecom Holding SAE, which recently changed its name from Orascom Telecom Holding SAE, reported that Wind had 676,209 subscribers in Canada during the fourth-quarter of 2013, up 14 per cent year-over-year.

    A Wind spokeswoman attributed the different subscriber counts to a reporting error by Vimpelcom.”

  • Anaron

    Although I’m with Koodo right now, I’m glad WIND is here to stay. They offer great plans at a low price. I hope they reach 1M subscribers within the next 5 years.

    • quardron

      Nevermind in the next 5yrs, I hope they continue growing at the current pace and reach 1m by Q1 2015!

    • alphs22

      At the current rate of 10% YoY subscriber growth, they’re not going to come close to that.

    • Columbo

      I’m a fan too but I wouldn’t take for granted that “they’re here to stay”. I’m not exactly sure what this impairment charge is but it doesn’t sound like a positive investment into the company’s future.

    • hoo dat

      An impairment charge is a similar adjustment on asset value that a store makes when it liquidises inventory.

    • Andrew_notPorC

      It’s an accounting recognition that their investment (assets) has declined in value. It doesn’t mean that they are losing that money, it means that they already lost it and are now recognizing that loss.

    • Raj Brar

      Nice paper loss to get a tax break.

  • avikingdj

    Expand to Winnipeg and I have three phones that will be switching to your network.

    • Tom

      In my case, just add another tower in suburban Ottawa near my workplace!

  • Jordan

    I am disappointed with the ignorance of many Canadian consumers. Confirmed by Wind’s subscriber numbers. Still to this day I run into people talking about how great their phones and plans are with the big three. $80 a month for unlimited talk and text with limited data is NOT A GOOD DEAL!

    As a Wind subscriber for 3 years now I can attest to the fact that their network coverage has vastly improved. My wife and I both have free Samsung Galazy S3’s and for $65 a month each our plans include UNLIMITED: Talk, text, and DATA in Canada AND! The United States. THAT —> IS a GOOD deal. So read that again and let it sink in.

    Canadians out there who continue to sign up with Bell, Telus, Rogers, Virgin, Koodo, Fido. EDUCATE yourselves. Your plans are not good deals. You are being ripped off and are trusting brainwashed sales staff that you are getting a good deal. It is RIDICULOUS. If the big three prices have come down AT ALL it is SOLELY because of new companies like Wind. Stop believing the BULL that Wind is no good and checkout their phones and plans for yourself.

    Quit believing Morons who trash new entrants like Videotron and Wind. If you continue to support the Big three one day there will be no new entrants and Canadians will once again be paying more money than any other country in the world to use cell phones. Brain it up people!

    • Jordan

      Having said all of this I do understand the limitations of where Wind’s network reaches. Nobody can be expected to sign up if they live in an area with no coverage or if they often transit between home and away zones.

      What I am saying is that there are many ignorant people living and overpaying in Wind’s core operations markets!

    • Robert Day

      It’s funny how wind fan boys sound just like iSheep.
      But seriously, I understand the benefit they offer for people who rarely or never wander outside of their coverage area. If you and your entire family live and die under A Wind umbrella of service, then congratulations, you can save some money. As a family plan holder under Telus, I’m quite happy with my service. Thirty five a month per line, unlimited calling and texting Canada wide… And I pay for a block of data that’s shared. I don’t live in a wind zone, and if I did I’d be inclined to travel outside it frequently. It would not benefit me at all to go with wind. Their out of area fees are just too high.
      Trust me, everyone here has all the information we need. We KNOW that wind has a good price plan, and we’re either customers or were not. If we’re not customers of wind, you can bet the farm we have good reasons for not being there.

    • Jordan

      Right. If I follow the boundaries of Wind’s plans I can avoid overages. Likewise to you if nobody on your family plan ever goes over your data cap. Heaven forbid if you ever turn your phone on in the States. Maybe you do not travel to the States.

      I am not a fanboy of Wind. I am a fan of competition and what I am not a fan of is the three conglomerates who mainly have a trio-poly over the Canadian marketplace. If Videotron came here I would be just as likely to join them if their plans were good.

      The people am mainly referring to with my previous comments are the people who basically do no research before they buy a phone. They sign up somewhere because they want a free phone and then they go around boasting about their overpriced plans. The people who read Mobilesyrup basically do not fit this category.

      I do challenge anyone however to believe that Mobile prices will continue to fall or be reasonable if the new entrants were to disappear.

    • Yeria

      I’m inclined to disagree with you.

      I mean, you’re not even in a Wind zone, so you’re excluded already from the target audience Jordan was speaking to.

      I’ve been with Wind for 3+ years now, and I actually turned almost 10 friends into Wind customer in the last year alone. Mind you, I’m not a Wind fanboi and I’ve never mentioned a thing about switching to Wind. All I did was to keep on using my phone with Wind and averaging 9-10GB of data every month.

      I can tell you a lot of people living in the core Wind zone who don’t travel outside of the zone often don’t switch to Wind just because they’re scared of the – supposedly – crappy Wind network. A lot of them don’t know where they can buy cheap but great phones (like Nexus 5) and they only know how to get phones from Robellus stores through contracts. They weren’t even aware of Nexus 5 being sold directly from Google at a much lower price point than those being sold from Robellus stores. Also, they don’t like to learn which phones work on which network and so on. (band compatibility)

      So no.. I don’t think everyone has all the information they need and knows what value Wind can really bring..

    • Croc Ography

      Unlike iSheep, Wind customers usually came from one of the big three. And we are all just so damn happy we did because we are no longer getting ripped off. We are not following the brand like iSheep do instead we are actually commenting on how good the value is.

    • Robert Day

      I’m hard pressed to accept that what most people post is merely a comment on the value. The vast majority of the time, it’s more of a bragging fit, and a mocking session where anyone who is still with the big three is wasting their money supporting the evil conglomerate. I’m all for saving a few bucks but reality is, wind just has not got the national coverage that many of us need. Given the family’s usual data consumption, we do fine on our data under Telus, and the four phones we have don’t come in all that much more expensive than wind would be.

      Also, as far as American roaming goes, There are acceptable plans available through Telus, or by going with something like roam mobility. Again, wind doesn’t give me any benefits whatsoever over my current plan.

      I’m not going to tell anyone who has wind as an option to switch to Telus – it’s not a financially prudent move, but at the same time, a blanket statement that wind is better is completely wrong because for many people, it would cost more to switch to wind than it costs to stay with our evil conglomerate plan.

      And yes, I have done the math and compared apples to apples in order to make this statement – I’m not just going on faith or taking advertised rates at face value.

    • alphs22

      Or maybe, instead of making sweeping generalizations and acting all high and mighty, you can realize that their limited coverage zones doesn’t work for everyone.

    • Jordan

      Read below comment.

    • alphs22

      Well, I was a Wind customer for over a year and a half (up until last year). After a year and a half of dropped calls, poor reception, and poor data speeds in Toronto, I switched to Fido for a similarly priced plan with limited data and minutes.

      Considering I didn’t use much data to begin with (less than 500MB usually) I gladly traded in the unlimited data part for superior coverage and reception. According to your post though, I’m some uneducated fool who knows nothing about a good deal, even though all I wanted was to make phone calls without getting dropped.

      Some people prioritize different things. You may want to use 5 gigs of data a month and make hundreds of calls to the States, while I may want better reception when I’m making local phone calls. Maybe you’d see that if your view of the world wasn’t so narrow.

    • Jordan

      What did you pay with Wind and what are you paying with Fido? What are the details of both plans?

      I was with Fido for two years before switching to Wind. There was no shortage of dropped calls and delayed text messages. Fido also thought nothing of changing my texting to the States from free to 10 cents a text. So one month my bill was $40 and the next month it was $65. No warning. Customer service also did nothing.

      People do have different experiences with different companies. I was with Virgin Mobile for a time and I had few complaints with them. Nothing they had/have even comes close to matching what I have with Wind though.

    • alphs22

      Wind: $40 Holiday Miracle Plan, Unlimited Talk to Canada/US, unlimited international text, unlimited data.
      Fido: $39 Smart Plan, 400 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited nights/weekends, unlimited international text, 600MB data.

      On paper, Wind’s plan is superior. But factor in that I use half a gig of data each month and most of my minutes are at night, Fido’s plan worked just as well and I get better service.

      With Wind I got dropped calls driving down the DVP and going inside large buildings. With Fido I can get into most elevators without dropping calls. I value that reception and the coverage.

    • Jordan

      Your new plan sounds good. I will point out the fact that your plan with Fido likely exists because of the increased competition. They used to have the “City Fido” plan back when, many years ago. They suddenly decided to bring it back in the form of what you have recently.

      At least you do your research and at least you gave Wind the time of day. Something more people need to do to see if it could work for them.

    • abc123

      BTW, your $39 smart plan is with 400 min and 600MB data is no longer available. I just checked.

      What is available now is: $45 for 400min and 400MB data with incoming daytime minutes coming out of your allotment of 400min. Yeah, so much for competition. I bet you they changed it right after Mobilicity declared bankruptcy.

      I pay about $40 and get unlimited everything. Sure, I get coverage issues every now and then, but my phone is not my life.

    • alphs22

      Well to be fair neither is the Wind plan I had, which is now $50.

      I’m not arguing that Wind’s plans aren’t a great deal. They are. I was just pointing out that some people will value reception and coverage more than unlimited use.

    • Dave

      Also, you comparing history to Current Events.

      Wind quality has been improve a lot since they offer the HMP (Holiday Miracle Plan), not to mention that they also offer a very attractive deals such as the Unlimited Everything when roaming in the U.S for $15/month (you can dream about it with Fido)

    • alphs22

      Okay. Well I stuck with them from Christmas 2011 to summer 2013, which to me is a reasonable time frame to evaluate whether or not it works for me. I couldn’t see into the future to see if they plan on improving coverage for the places I frequent, so after I had enough dropped calls I quit.

      Again, if Wind works for you, that’s great. It’s a great value if it serves your need. Was just pointing out that not everyone may share the same needs out of their wireless service.

    • Dave

      I absolutely agree with you.
      Wind Mobile/Videotron/and all the rest of the small new players are not good for everyone, however, we need to appreciate two things:

      1- Without the new players the current prices with the Big 3 would be a lot higher, therefore, I feel good by supporting competition in Canada.

      2- The fact that we HAVE choices in Canada (most, to be accurate), in 2007 it wasn’t like that, and if I needed 3gb and unlimited a month I would have to pay arm and leg.

    • Tom

      same here. I could live with occasional drops. But absolutely zero signal when at work? Thanks but no thanks – get a tower nearby and I’ll switch in a heartbeat.

    • deltatux

      Never had a dropped call going down the 404 or DVP (same highway really). Though large concrete buildings yes, that’s an unfortunate reality with AWS frequency. Thing here is that there’s a bit more choice for us Canadians because of WIND. If WIND doesn’t work out for you, that’s fine, that’s how competition should work. If it doesn’t work for you, better choose a provider that can get you the most money for YOUR value. Personally, WIND gives me exactly what I want and need in a plan, yes there are some trade-offs but I can definitely live with those to save money and back a carrier who I can trust. No need to bash other people of their carrier choices.

    • alphs22

      Thanks for agreeing.

    • thedesmodes

      When were you on Wind? I joined a year ago and have never had a dropped call or any bad reception nor have I had bad data speeds. Also I was with Fido before I went to Wind and it wasn’t really worth it price wise.

    • MER1978

      By similarly priced plan you mean a 30% increase aka $15 more per month?

    • barrist

      I did educate myself and have a 6 gig (LTE) plan with all the fixings (unlimited canada wide, etc etc) with Virgin for $45/month.

      Thanks though

    • Jordan

      Please show me where you got this plan, since it is not visible anywhere on their website. Hard to believe when their data add on is $25 a month for 2 GB. Employee discounts do not count as part of this discussion.

    • quardron

      Neither do desperate retention plans, or 6 month promos, which people seem to keep dragging into discussion.

    • barrist

      Well if the argument is that anyone that’s not on Wind is an uneducated dope, then my point stands. Some people on the Big 3 have pretty good plans and don’t need to go to Wind, whether its through corporate plans, retention plans, or whatever. Some people don’t need unlimited data (er.. 5 gig and then speed throttled) and would rather have coast to coast coverage, or are comfortable with their current company.

    • Stephen_81

      Why does my skill at negotiating not matter? So it doesn’t matter if I can buy a Car cheaper, I should say because everyone can’t get that car cheaper my price doesn’t matter.

      Because I CAN be educated and AM educated in plan availability, because I’ve used the service and have a history and because I control enough lines I shouldn’t beable to justify why WIND isn’t valuable?

      I have clients who pay on Rogers $27/mo(inclusive) per device new devices every 18 months at Zero cost, they have a pooled data and voice plan that increases with each additional line and rarely if ever see fees ontop of their plan. WIND would result in a significant price increase and major reduction in service levels. Why is it not valid?

      WIND can be good for some, but if your livelyhood relies on your device you don’t want a second tier carrier.

    • quardron

      Because we’re talking about general consumers. NOT business clients, not retention plans not readily available to all, not promo plans only available in 3 areas.

      THAT is key. We’re speaking generally about consumers and you (and barrist) are bringing anecdotes to a discussion about large populations of people.

    • Stephen_81

      But the argument is I’m a fool, and all of my clients, and other business people, all of the people at my marina are all fools because we don’t use WIND.

      There are LOTS of reasons to not use WIND

    • Guest

      Having friends in Thunder Bay has its perks

    • barrist

      It’s available to anyone living in Thunder Bay

    • bobby destroy-her

      or in ontario if you know how to do it. hofo has details. I am swtching!

    • cayaguy

      Telus $55 a month. 5gb, unlimited canada wide calling, international texting, visual voicemail. I’ll stick with my plan as my phone works everywhere not just 6 cities. Until Wind expands they’re doomed!

    • bobby destroy-her

      jordan you are a fool. wind is cheap. I know it you know it. if it snows I lose signal and I am ok with that the ice storm 6 days no signal but I am ok with that too no lte no hope.. I am ok with that as well I am a pay troll and I love it

    • Jordan

      Bobby, clearly your mother is a fool for not aborting you. In the ice storm several carriers experienced outages. What kind of thing is that to talk about in this discussion. That is like being in Thailand and saying your carrier sucks because your cell phone did not work after the Tsunami hit. What idiocy.

      I live in Brampton and the cell signal is great. I have also been in several other home zones where the signal is also great. The main area where they need to continue to improve is in the core of Downtown Toronto where the density of buildings is problematic for all communications.

      I would not be with Wind if they were total crap and neither would you. All I am saying is people need to open their eyes, do their research, and realize there is more to wireless than the big three and being ripped off. Where were all the good deals before the new players came along? People forget so quickly.

    • bobby destroy-her

      jordie 6 days no signal my friends on other networks were up in less an 1 hour. so how do you explain that. or maybe on day 2? how about day 3? wait you can’t explain that . Is it not in the paid troll manual how to answer these questions? hit the hofo and read it for yourself. wind is for sale, they are not making any headway to become profitable and LTE is not on the horizon for them. Seems to me that your mom made a little mistake with whatever sailor she met on that street corner. but enough of your loose mom. Wind is in need of too many things. How is it that the owner put it up for sale and your ankle grabbing friend tony says it is noting to worry about? you need to get out of the shadows and learn that wind is cheap and is just going to fizzle away. do get a life

    • Stephen_81

      Wind would be great if Canadians who didn’t live in major cities could use it. I’ve considered it many times but their coverage map is nothing. They don’t get priority access to roaming towers so in busy events the top tier providers win.
      Go to Port Dover on a Friday the 13th. Those of us with Corporate phones are actually connecting to towers semi consistently.

      WIND is great for the consumer who doesn’t travel around Canada, doesn’t own a cottage, nor a boat, and doesn’t need reliability of voice. I have no particular love for any of the carriers and don’t wish to see WIND disappear but people who get all up on their high horse thinking WIND is the answer need to open their eyes to the reality of many Canadians. an extra $50 bucks a month to spend summers working on a dock, heck you could double that and it would still be worth it!.

    • Andy

      I’ve converted a couple people to wind because they traveled out of the wind zones a couple times a year, thought it was cheaper to stay with a company that had coverage there and never did the math. They save 40×12 dollars a year which easily covered the roaming charges for those two to three trips a year. Ignorance is winds enemy.

    • Henry Huynh

      I very much agree to this statement, but there are people who scored sweet deals with the big 3 or other circumstances that makes their big 3 plans better than going with wind or other small entrants.

      Myself I am on the wind $30 plan, can’t complain other than from them cancelling my free byop credit from switching between prepaid to postpaid (yeah, crappy deal). My mother is with Rogers, she managed to hookup a 1000 minutes Canada wide, unlimited messaging, 150MB data for about $37. But she calls out of province sometimes so it’s more of a convenience to pay that $7 for her.

      On the other hand I have some horribly stupid friends who only stays in my city, uses public transit, no Internet at home, jobless, constantly on Facebook, etc. That have like $80 6GB plans and to boot somehow rack up $100 extra charges in data. But then again we are talking about people who can’t manage their money wisely…

    • Tom

      I really want to join Wind. But where I work, there is 0 reception. Nada. Maybe 1 bar in the parking lot, that’s it. We have a few interns here who use Wind, and they have to resort to using the wifi when indoors, and absolutely no one can call them by phone (actually, that’s not such a bad thing at times, haha).

      The day Wind builds a tower nearby is the day I switch. It’s not like I’m in the middle of nowhere – reception is great just 10 km away!

    • Laer

      I don’t think Jordan’s comments are high and mighty; they are true. Many people have no idea, but many of those people wind’s services wouldn’t work well for either.

      Myself I am stuck with telus. The wife who doesn’t travel much in Canada uses wind. Do I wish I could pay wind prices for full service? Hell yeah! Just not a reality.

      We travel out of country a few times a year. I’ve gone to somewhat extraordinary lengths to achieve cellular service elsewhere. And, I wish I was with wind on their new roaming deal. At least I have that option now with the wife.

      Currently I’m in Mexico on a Telcel sim, using data only with my local Edmonton VoIP number sitting on top of that. Modern cellular services are sit way behind the times, even in Alberta this is how I roll now. Only way it is affordable, practical, and gives me the functionality of VoIP services that should have been available to cellular customers years ago.

    • Anonymooser

      I’ll switch to Wind when they stop considering voice-mail an “add-on”.

  • coxon

    “WIND Mobile operates in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver” and Kingston and Waterloo and London and Windsor and Peterborough, and Niagara etc.

    • bobby destroy-her

      wind operates? hahhahaha ahuh yeah!

    • Orange Lada

      I like it, and I get unlimited EVERYTHING for $35 a month.

      Operates very well for me, thank you.

    • Anonymooser

      …and at the casino in Gatineau-Hull, and even in Whistler.

  • D Kup

    This is good! Subscribers increase by 40K from 636K to 676K… Although the ARPU is still a bit too low… They really need to get over this $30 mark at the very least.

    Since moving to Wind, I have saved over $45 a month for the last 2 years… This is $1080 in total… Good enough to buy myself even the most expensive iPhone 5S 64GB, unlocked and still contract free!

    Yes… I know Wind is not for everyone but it works great for me. Keep telling people that I don’t need LTE to send messages, email and look at facebook and maps.

    • Andrew_notPorC

      Hilarious that people make a big deal out of LTE but can’t use their service because of comically low data caps. HSPA+ can be plenty fast (faster than most people’s home DSL connection).

    • Scott Palmer

      HSPA+ speeds on Wind are seldom fast in the area I live.. Vancouver lower mainland.

      Wind has a tower like a block away from where I work and they can’t be bothered to get the license to kick in the antennas on it. I guess they see the commercial/industrial area as too new (not populated enough) and not worth it.


  • Rich

    I’m an overall supporter of Wind, but the whole auction situation was concerning in terms of future prospects.

    • Jordan

      Ya it was upsetting to see. What I was happy about was seeing all of the spectrum Videotron bought in parts of Canada other than Quebec. Could be promising one day.

  • fruvous

    I’m suspicious about these numbers. Probably the growth is from Public and Mobi users jumping ship.

    Any idea how many people left during the same time?

    • hoo dat

      Growth is growth.

    • Jamehz

      My wife, for one, is one that left because of the lack of in-building reception, along with the snafus that prevented us from using our phones overseas or during any cell-saturated event (i.e. Taste of the Danforth). She’s now with Rogers on my agency’s corporate plan, happy with an iPhone 5s.. only $50 plus tax, 5GB, Unlimited Text, and 350 mins and she can walk into buildings and get service. It’s her first month and she’s barely past 1GB, so she’s in no danger of going over even if she starts using Songza at work again.
      I’ve just ordered a Nexus 5 from Google to hedge my bets.. I want to stay with Wind for at least another 12 months to clear our tab, and then see where Wind is going now that they opted out of the 700mhz auction.. if things look bad, over to Rogers I go, but I want to give Wind as much of a chance as possible. I’ve always been happy with reception, even driving along the gardiner/427/401 every day phone calls are rarely dropped, and I get pretty consistent (if not the fastest) data streaming. I really want them to succeed.
      I loved getting a combined bill of $72 ($29 + $40 plans), while the in-laws with 3 phones with Rogers are paying 200+..

    • Delphus

      All depends on certain accounting rules as there is no national standard, especially for prepaid. Would like to see postpaid / prepaid split

  • jlouren

    Been with WIND now for 4 years never regretted the switch,I pay $40 a month holiday miracle plan.Saved a ton of money,travelled in the States all the time without issues.There is a rumour that cell plans with ROBELUS are going up on or around March 12 2014 LOL

    • bobby destroy-her

      pay troll.. welcome! come to my facebook page!

  • Delphus

    Like Jim Morrison said “This is the end, my only friend the end…”

    “It is business as usual at Wind and this accounting decision has no impact on our operations,” Wind Mobile CEO Anthony Lacavera said…. yeah Titanic’s captain said the same thing about the huge gash in the hull…

  • Sweet

    Given that Wind’s expenses are much lower than Rogers’s expenses, and Rogers’s Average Cost Per User (ACPU, calculated using the ARPU and profit margin from network revenue) is $34.15/month, it looks to me like Wind is close to breaking even.

    • bobby destroy-her

      sweet just 1 thing you are forgetting.. winds debt. number crunchers pointed out that wind is not making the interest payments. 2.5 billion is what they have spent so far.. ooops.. yeah you are right.. time to find a better carrier

    • Sweet

      I didn’t forget Wind’s debt, I just didn’t have any info about it.

    • bobby destroy-her

      you do now. it is in the press release. Its on the hofo as well. scary numbers.

    • Stephen_81

      I use the same math for Rogers Break even number.
      But I would suspect that WIND’s cost per user is very close if not even more so than Rogers, because While Rogers has more to maintain it is divided across a 5 times as many people and their size allows for negotiations with 3rd party maintenance that WIND does not have the same leverage for.

      I’m glad to see WIND getting their ARPU’s up If they can just get them to $40ish and start expanding their network

    • Sweet

      ”…While Rogers has more to maintain it is divided across a 5 times as many people and their size allows for negotiations with 3rd party maintenance that WIND does not have the same leverage for.”

      True. But Wind also doesn’t service the rural areas, which have a higher ACPU than the urban areas that Wind services. So I guess the question is whether Rogers’s savings from those deals offset the higher cost of servicing the rural population.

      And of course, there’s the issue of servicing their debt. I can’t find any info on Wind’s debt.

  • AlphaEdge

    With Wind now for over three years. Excellent service, and don’t mind paying a few roaming charges for voice, if I go outside the zone now or then. I’m on $40 holiday miracle plan. I think I’ve saved over $1200 now, if I compare with the big three.

    • bobby destroy-her

      of course you have saved. But what has it cost you. When rogers buys wind how much saving will you do then? not much kiddo! not much at all!

    • HeyYoWL

      I’m confused, will Rogers buying out Wind somehow negate the money already saved? If they get got out it’s not any difference than a new a Rogers Customer currently, you’ll still pay the same fee.

    • JKane9999

      What are you even talking about? How has it cost him anything to be with Wind? He’s saved $1200? Wind getting bought out by Rogers will not ‘cost’ him anything other than losing out on an extra savings…

      I am saving approximately $400/yr by choosing Wind over Rogers. What will it cost me if Rogers buys Wind next year?

  • ding dong

    the next big thing is here. 2 bad fanboys of big 3 suuuukin on 3 diiiiiiiiiikz 3 times a day cant see the benefit of such a corporation. wind is another business looking to make a buck but still a threat and balancer in this tough economy

  • Rob C

    I “support” Wind. I tried to join but they where not getting the Phone I
    wanted (the One) so I went with V. I guess that was a much better idea since I
    pay $32 / month (and it has a B3 backer).

  • ChameleonX

    I think Wind definitely needs access to a 4G network before they even entertain the thought of increasing rates. Even something as simple as using “4G” as a buzzword in their advertising, coupled with their low rates, will draw customers to their service. I’m on their $30 plan right now, but will not pay more unless they offer 4G.

  • bobby destroy-her

    now now homoboy677 relax no one is gonna take your blow up tony jabroni doll

  • Brian Collinge

    Wind is the best! I am tired of all the fake posters from the big 3 perfect signal and no lies!