Motorola offers Moto G and Moto X users a new Gallery app

Moto G (and, soon, Moto X) users can look forward to a new Gallery app, available on Google Play starting today.

Motorola has released a standalone Gallery app in the the vein as its Camera, Migrate and Assist apps, which make it easier to push improvements more quickly. The main draw is a nice redesign, which appears quite similar to the newly-released CyanogenMOD GalleryNext app.

The app, which requires Android 4.4 KitKat to run, supports Immersive Mode, so photos can be seen without distraction by eliminating the top and bottom status and navigation bars. Users can also edit photos by cropping or filtering them and change thumbnail size to fit more on the screen at once.

Motorola and TELUS/Koodo released the KitKat update for the Moto G last week, and maintains that the Moto X update is coming soon. January is closing quickly, so let’s hope they get it out soon.

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