Kolibree creates the world’s first ‘connected electric toothbrush’

While many companies are focusing on the connected home and fitness trackers, Kolibree is taking on your mouth. The shocker coming out of last years CES was the an electric vibrating fork that monitors your eating habits called Hapifork, and this year it’s the world’s first connected electric toothbrush.

Though a relatively unknown company, Kolibree has announced the “connected toothbrush” today and aims to go live on a Kickstarter campaign sometime later this year. If they find success, the company will start shipping in Q3. The larger goal of the toothbrush is to ensure you have healthier teeth by counting your brush strokes. The toothbrush connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and to get things going you’ll first have to download their app. Once your toothbrushing experience is over, Kolibree tracks and records this info and let’s you know how successful you are in a series of fancy charts.

The Kolibree toothbrush will have several models and will range in price from $100 – $200 USD. No dentists have stepped up to recommend this device.

Source: Kolibree