Samsung Tizen OS smartphones to be announced at MWC

Big Tizen OS news for those tracking the development of the open source, Linux-based OS. The OS, which relies heavily on HTML 5 standards, was supposed to launch earlier this year with the backing of multiple Samsung handsets, but was delayed until 2014. Invitations have now been sent out from multiple Tizen backers, including Samsung and Intel, for a “an exclusive sneak preview of the newest Tizen devices as well as an opportunity to learn about the major milestones that the Tizen project has hit” at next year’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain.

Piggybacking the invitation is a series of ‘leaked’ screenshots making their way across the net of an earlier version of the Tizen OS (v2.1). The screenshots were mistakenly thought to be an update to the current Tizen OS version (v2.2.1). What’s notable is that these screenshots were pulled from the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service database, meaning that Samsung has at least applied for if not secured patent rights for a very TouchWiz looking Tizen UI. You can see the full batch of screenshots at the source link below.

Are you interested in a Samsung Tizen OS smartphone? If so, why?