TELUS Upgrade Promise (T-UP!) now live, expands to all iPhones and coming to ‘additional devices in the near future’


  • jroc

    Apple Care+ is $99 now.

    • DravenInc

      I was JUST about to comment the same thing…the confusion may have resulted that the service charge for replacement under Apple Care+ is now $79, but used to be lower.

    • grantdude

      So $99 for Apple Care, $108 in fees, $200 (total guess) lost from not being able to sell your old one, $230 for the new phone, plus you have to sign a new contract.
      I don’t know man, you might as well just buy the new phone unlocked directly from Apple.

    • jroc

      Yes, so basically that upgrade will cost you close to $500 with taxes when it’s all said and done.

      If you’re gonna buy from Apple and add Apple Care+ you’d be looking at $925 with tax (16GB). As long as you can sell your old iPhone for more than $425 you’re better off buying from Apple, selling, then using that money to offset the new one from Apple.

    • J-Ro

      “… provided that they have met eligibility requirements, their device balance will be forgiven.”

      The question is, what is considered and isn’t eligible? Broken shouldn’t matter if you have Apple care+, it would be an easy fix.

    • jroc

      I think you need to have one out of the two warranty replacements left on Apple Care+. Then they can replace the phone and sell it as a refurb for $450.

    • J-Ro

      I would rather use the Apple care to get a new phone and sell it full price. Than buy one full price. I would break even and have no new contract.

    • GrimConch

      When they first brought the promo out they said you’d have to make your applecare claim as normal, then I guess trade in the refurb. So I guess anything short of the phone being ineligible for AppleCare – ie in pieces, 3rd party front screens, etc – would be okay, you just have to get the replacement first.

    • Matt Z10

      lets not forget that you save that $20 by staying Month to Month on these newer plans. so buying direct from Apple seems like the best way to go for sure!

    • Mikie

      It’s pay now or pay later with the new plans.. 490$ device balance or just ay the extra 490 up front and go MTM AND have leverage with TELUS when new plans come out

    • anti robellus

      Lol can’t believe people fall for this “promo”.. not a promo from any angle.. has “stupid” written all over it :/… outright purchases are just so much better in most cases..

    • J-Ro

      Motorola is now financing phones on their website in the US. Lol I don’t think anyone wants to pay full price up front anymore.

    • ScooterinAB

      80% agreed. There seem to be far too many conditions and opportunities for Telus to block your replacement. If you’re paying for a replacement option, you should be able to use it.

  • Collin dubya

    Why not offer this to all their phones, not just the fruity ones.

    • Mischa Price

      Because they don’t want broken phones after 1 year and if you have to have apple care they know you have replacement warranty

  • Jehovah Witness


    • Gabriel

      Since they don’t force you to use this service I can’t see why you say that… Even if I agree that this is terribad they just add another solution for a few customers who will benefit from it. Not everyone like to take the trouble to sell their phones so for these few customers this is, NOT money wise, a good option. I don’t see in what it makes them garbage…

  • Columbo

    Sounds like a scam

  • Jacque Cousteau

    Not a total scam. Assuming you take advantage of the program after 12 months, you will have paid $108 (the $9) and $99 for applecare, a total of 207 plus tax. If you were to try and upgrade on an Iphone 5S after 12 months, your device balance would be $245 for a 5S, $235 for the 5C, and $225 for the 8GB 4S. That being said, I wouldn’t take part in this specifically because I think Telus would refurb your phone and try and resell it which i think it ridiculous. Also, you should take into account the $99 that you are paying to Apple for 2 years of coverage but you know ahead of time that you are only getting 1 year out of. So if you take into account the fact that you literally just threw away $50 it does not make it worth it.

    • gommer strike

      OK, but why does it matter to us, what Telus does with the old phone? Let’s say they just threw it away. Would that make it better, if they did that? Yes they sell refurb’ed handsets, but why does that matter to us? We only really care that we get an easy upgrade path, and saves us the trouble of dealing with craigslist.

      I’m not sure this is near-highway robbery like what EBgames does with used games, and resells those only maybe 5 bucks cheaper than new.

  • Generalissimo_S

    That’s… actually not bad.

    • Gabriel

      You’re right, it’s terribad

    • Generalissimo_S

      Then don’t use it.

    • Gabriel

      I won’t?

    • wayne t

      However it does make sense to get this if you say got the iphone 5 64gig which now is $129 on a 2 yr then your device balance after one year is $385.5.

  • Steve Mishov

    It’s my least favourite thing about working in this business. Painting a bad deal like it’s a good one. They’re not saving you money, they’re encouraging you to spend more of it.

  • Tommy Crosby

    So basically, by buying a 3 years extended warranty and paying extra fee, you can give back your phone after only a year and get a new one for the cheap price…?

    • Comrade Yeti

      AppleCare+ is a 2 year warranty, not 3

    • Tommy Crosby

      Yes, and the iPhone have already a one year warranty to which AppleCare+ add two years to this but it also make the first year somewhat better covered.

    • Comrade Yeti

      AC+ extends the warranty to two years. It doesn’t stack on top of the original warranty. Check out the Apple pages if you don’t believe me.

    • Tommy Crosby

      Oh crap, I really miss read the site…
      Thanks for pointing my obvious mistake.

  • D Kup

    Why not consider this? Buy the iPhone outright unlocked from Apple and pay the full price upfront. Use it for 12 months, then sell it on Kijiji. At the same time, enjoy the 10% BYOD from the big three or $20 off for the sare plans. Keep in mind that unlocked iPhone has a higher resell value than locked ones.

    For example:
    iPhone 5 32GB is $902.87 from Apple
    Resale value of unlocked iPhone 5 is about $425.
    10% monthly savings for 12 months (Assuming you have $60) is $72 or BYOD discount for 12 months is $240.

    So, $902 – $425 – $240 = $237. $237 is all you pay for using the iPhone 5 for 12 months using the sahred plans or $902 – $425 – $72 = $405.
    In the shared plan example, you can paying about $20 for using your iPhone 5 a month or $33.75 for being on the BYOD discount plan.
    You save ($902 – $237) = $665 for using the shared plan or ($302 – $405) = $497 for the 10% BYOD. You can very well using these savings to buy a new phone every year and go without a contract. Remember the phone is unlocked and you can jump on any plans you like.

  • rd0t

    This is great for lazy, uninformed consumers. A complete scam for anyone with half a brain though.

  • RoboBonobo

    Considering I’d have to upgrade my plan by $700 per year and I can’t sell the old phone…
    I’d come out hundreds of dollars ahead each year, just by shopping at the Apple Store, paying full price unlocked/unsubsidized and selling the old phone.

  • Mikie

    I can sell an iphone on Kijiji a year after I get it for easy 400$ .. I would be ahead of the game