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Unofficial CyanogenMod 11 Now Available for Nexus 5

Cyanogen Mod

The fine folks behind open source Android distribution ‘CyanogenMod’ earlier this month revealed that they had started to push CM 11 branches and code to GitHub. While it might be a bit longer before we see an official CM 11 release, Android Community writes that an unofficial version is already available for the Nexus 5 via XDA Developers. It’s likely got some bugs, but if you’re desperate for an early peek at what the CM team is working on for CM 11, then you can hit up the XDA Developers forums and flash an early version of the software.

The CyanogenMod community has been working on CM11 since the KitKat source code was released on October 31. There’s currently no list of devices that will get CM 11, but CyanogenMod is hoping to bring all devices on CM 10.2 up to CM 11. if you’d rather hold off on the unofficial versions already available, CM 11 nightlies are expected by the end of the month.

While CM brings with it a host of nifty little features not present on stock Android, the biggest advantage of installing CyanogenMod is being able to run the latest version of Android even if your device doesn’t officially support it (like the Galaxy Nexus).

Source: XDA Developers
Via: Android Community