Rogers announces new international roaming packages, gives a bit more data


  • sicsicpuppy

    Rogers is so generous ………Am sure 15MB per month is plenty when you roam in Asia.Oh wait , a bonus 5MB …woohoo !

    • nathanlee350

      Which is why I got an unlimited data plan in Hong Kong (Asia) for roughly $10 CAD a month. Rogers offered me those deals to compete but their prices are as shown.

  • Alan Grace

    Wow.. just.. Wow

  • loconet

    Typical Rogers Scamming the Uninformed Consumer. Tip: If you travel, never buy locked phones ($299 for a nexus 4 unlocked from Google). When at your destination, pop in a local sim in your unlocked phone, get a local number and gigs for data for surely less than what rogers wants to rob..err charge you for (eg. In AUS you have a plethora of options with several GBs of data for less than $40).

    • StMisery

      You’re so right, but most people here in Canada everyone seems to be too important to be troubled with stopping in at a local carrier for 15 minutes to get set up. They’d rather rack up a $3000 bill and scream at their carrier and make a giant sob story on the evening news about it.

    • loconet

      Yup and the unbelievable thing is that most international airports are littered with local carriers ready to set you up. It literally takes 15 minutes to get a local sim. Unfortunately it has a lot to with ignorance and Rogers preys on that 🙁

    • Manbo

      But but but, like OMG, I like, totally can’t have like, a different numberrrr? How are like, all my friends like, gonna text me while I’m on like, vacay?
      I’ll like, have to like, you know, give them a whole new number, and like, that’s totally too harRRrrrd… *stamps feet like a two year old*

      Annnnnnnnd scene.

    • Tom

      Whatsapp uses your phone number as a username. As long as you remain signed into that account, you can use a different SIM with a different number and people who only know that first number can still text you.

      BBM, iMessage, and Hangouts are also independent of phone numbers.

    • Manbo




      You must be a blast at parties.

    • James Janzen

      Rogers provides unlocking services now. I agree that the roaming rates are extreme but I wouldn’t say that it’s entirely Rogers fault for uninformed customers. I’m a rep in Calgary and I’ve always told customers data roaming rates aren’t worth it. I always recommend getting the phone unlocked and purchasing either a local sim or a world roaming sim online. It’s bad reps not doing their job. Always insist on getting your plan and agreement fully explained. Or just come see me 😉

  • Justin Crowley

    wow do people pay these prices?

    Unlock your phone and go on pay as you go or pay by the day.

    When i am in the states for a week or less i jump on T-Mobile, $3 a day,unlimited talk text and web

    Or if I am there longer
    $30 bucks get me unlimited web and text and 100 minutes

    • Guillaume T Beaumont

      Because business users can’t reasonably be expected to tell everyone they interact with to send calls to a random international number or to deal with clumsy call forwarding hacks. They want seamless service and since these packages are usually expensed, they don’t mind the cost.

      It’s wasteful and the telcos are definitely abusing their captive audience, but there is demand for this. Until people start shopping their carrier based on these peripheral services, carriers have no incentive not to.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Poor clueless Canadian wireless customers getting a$$ raped by the Big 3 with retarded roaming plans like this. I use more than 15MB in an hour so how would you expect me to use this throughout the whole month Rogers? This is straight up gouging and we need to stand up to these crooks in disguise with our wallets, honestly.

  • Jamma

    What a joke Robbers…unlocked phone buy local sim problem solved.

  • bigshynepo

    I know there are tariffs and surcharges on Rogers for routing its customers through another foreign carrier’s infrastructure but how has the amount of available data barely increased in the last 6 years on these packages?

    $225 to stream a netflix episode or some equivalent is outrageous.

    • Peter

      The mark-up is easily over a 1000%. Rogers makes HUGE bucks on this, using Canadians’ ignorance to their own advantage.

  • Peter

    $225 for 100MB. Guys, really, looks at it again – $225 effin’ dollars for 100MB!! And they expect this to last you a MONTH!!

    Wind user here, with an unlocked phone. Thank God I have escaped Robelus several years ago. With Mobilicity prepping to be sold, I am starting to worry again. I would never want to fall into the greedy grip of an oligopoly again. This is not 1995!!


    • Manbo

      ROBELUS: “You thought you could escape usssssssssss? No no no, poor Peter, you are misssssssssstaken. You will alwayssssss join ussssssss. You cannot esssssscape! *Diabolical laughter*”


    • sicsicpuppy

      Actually it’s 125MB , Rogers gifts you this wonderful 25MB bonus , sing up nowwwwwwwwwww before this super offer ends !

    • Brigitte Laskowski

      Wind Mobile has a great promotion going on for Mobilocity cutomers. Go check out Wind Mobile’s website for the details.

  • Anonymous501

    Those prices are still pretty insane. Your still better off making sure you buy a phone that uses a SIM card. Then you can unlock it and swap SIMs when you go to other countries.

    I’m not sure if we’ll ever get decent roaming rates. I imagine the foreign cell phone provider also charges the Canadian cell phone provider and arm and leg. Between the two of them you pay two arms and two legs.. lol.

    I have a tmobile SIM i keep handy. Cost’s me 3 bux/day.. not too shabby.

    • Tom

      lol what phones don’t use SIM cards today? Even CDMA phones in the US (which you’ll never find in Canada) are increasingly including GSM radios and SIM slots so they can be used outside verizon/sprint, albeit without LTE.

  • Ulysses

    Rogers, we’re not that stupid. If I travel to Asia, I will just get a sim card from that country and get an unlimited data/voice/text for 20 to 30 dollars Canadian.

    • Tom

      I never get why more people don’t realize this. It’s not just Canadian carriers – lots of countries’ carriers gouge their customers for international roaming. Maybe they gouge less than Robellus, but it’s still expensive to roam.

      $8 for an unlock code and $30 for a prepaid SIM versus a few hundred in roaming charges…

    • Ulysses

      @disqus_jdhPeV0cAb:disqus – Hello Tom, I totally agree with your opinion. I guess I am talking based on my experience as a Canadian mobile provider user. Not many mobile users are very savvy about this and tend to fall into these roaming charges. People need to be educated about this but of course Robellus will not be happy about it. They still need to rip us off to pay Jose Bautista’s salary. LOL

    • Stephen_81

      If Going to Asia I would carry a second phone, Bring my PHONE number on a feature flip phone with no data, and then a local sim for email and data.

      Can’t travel and lose my voice number but it is cheaper to buy a feature phone just for the trip to bring your number with you than pay Rogers pricing

  • lolz

    15 euro gave me unlimited data and SMS for 30 days in Italy. Simcard included.

  • Suckit

    See my name robbers? That’s what you can do to my schlong.

    • Me Ted

      Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Here you go. The internet’s yours.

      My sentiments exactly.

  • Brigitte Laskowski

    Why be rooming when you can have your service provider unlock your smartphone and then take it to a mobile provider in the country in which you are visiting, buy their SIM card and pay the unlimited everything per day charge instead? In the US, T-Mobile only charges $3 per day for Unlimited Everything. So much cheaper than paying Canadian mobile providers’ roaming charges!

    • Tom

      Better yet: Why have your service provider unlock your smartphone when you can purchase an unlock code at a much lower price by yourself and just enter it after inserting a non-accepted SIM?

    • Brigitte Laskowski

      Because Wind Mobile only charges $10 to unlock phones and with them doing the unlocking, I don’t loose the warranty. All other Canadian providers charge way more.

    • Tom

      Myth busted: Third party unlocks don’t void warranty provided it’s done by code – which is exactly what your carrier does anyway since they’re the ones with the codes. If the procedure involves, say, jailbreaking an iphone, then it voids the warranty.

      But yeah, $10 only to do it from Wind? I’d pay for the convenience.

  • Me Ted

    My anger swells.

  • skullan

    Aw, sweet more lubricat…. er, how nice.

  • Tom

    For the most part, roaming prices are bad from many carriers in many other countries.

    It’s not just Robellus – no matter where you’re from, it typically makes far more sense to unlock your phone and use a prepaid local SIM when traveling abroad. If it’s something like a day trip across the border, then the expense may not be worth it, but surely you can live without a phone for half a day? Data roaming’s turned off by default anyway…

    If you’re too much of a luddite to unlock your phone and buy a cheap prepaid SIM, then use Wi-Fi, which should be readily available at most shopping malls and tourist hotspots. Apps like Viber, Skype, Whatsapp, etc function perfectly well over Wi-Fi.

    I get that some people need to call home or expect calls from home when they’re abroad. But you can always give your local prepaid SIM’s number to your friends and family, or use Skype/Viber if your prepaid SIM has data. Heck, even making a call internationally from the prepaid SIM (especially in Asia) is pocket change compared to making a call to home while roaming.

  • Joe

    Rogers charges $50 to unlock a phone after you are 90 days into your term plan with them.