Dictionary.com for Android gains offline and translation features, seeks revenue with optional upgrade packs

A dictionary app is the least glamorous piece of software that everyone uses. On Android especially, Dictionary.com has turned itself into an essential service, since unlike iOS it does not support word translation and definitions within the framework.

The app’s recent update for Android brings an offline mode, allowing users to download the suite of over 2 million words and synonyms for use without a cell connection. Also present is a new translation feature with support of 30 languages, and the ability to trace the origin and history of nearly every word in its database.

In a move to bring in more revenue, Dictionary.com now lets users purchase a Rhyming Dictionary or a database of 850,000 Example Sentences via in-app purchase. Recently, the app also went through a design overhaul, bringing a left-side navigation bar and accompanying “hamburger” button, along with improved performance .

While Google Translate is still likely the better option for translation of longer sentences, the ability to define, translate and research almost every word in the English language within one app is pretty special.

Also, “snollygoster” is an amazing word.

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