Is this Samsung’s upcoming curved smartphone?

Samsung will announce a new 5.7-inch curved screen device for Korean markets later this month, we’ve learned. It may be called ‘Galaxy Round’.

The Korean giant will be the first to bring a curved glass display to retail markets, though it’s understood that this is more a trial release than a worldwide launch. The device has a model number SM-G910S, and bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy S4 in many respects, and the concave screen flexes only slightly inward. It must be stated that the device will not bend, so don’t expect to be able to minimize the real estate of the hardware further than it already is.


Curved screens have the advantage of being more natural to interact with, and allow for a wider surface area in a smaller horizontal plane.

The leak also confirms that Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy products will sport the new USB 3.0 plug, which is backwards compatible with existing microUSB cords. 

LG has also confirmed it is bringing a curved display smartphone to market in the coming months.

Update: We added a second photo, also leaked by evleaks, and it looks like the device will share the Galaxy Note 3’s fake stitched leather aesthetic, too. For better or worse, Hyperglaze is no more.

Source: evleaks (2)