Leaked photos of 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 shows its size next to an iPhone 4

The Nokia Lumia 1520 will be announced on October 22nd at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, but we’re getting a good sense of what the phone/tablet will look like a couple weeks early.

The 6-inch 1080p device dwarfs an iPhone 4, and will likely appear significantly larger than the company’s current flagship, the Lumia 1020. According to previous leaks, the Lumia 1520 will sport a new version of Windows Phone 8, dubbed GDR 3, which has been adapted to support quad-core processors and 1080p displays. At the same time, new software features, like the ability to kill open apps via the multitasking menu, will also be made available to users.

Furthermore, GDR3, combined with Nokia’s Bittersweet Shimmer update, will let users set custom notification sounds, set colours on the Glance Screen, which was recently added in the Lumia Amber, lock screen rotation, turn on a Driving Mode, and attach Office files via email.

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