PUSH Band aims to make strength training more accessible and enjoyable

Toronto-based PUSH has announced the impending availability of its strength-measuring fitness band and is looking to raise money through Indiegogo.

Aimed at pro or “elite” strength athletes, PUSH isn’t so much designed to measure distance or speed as much as strength. Combined with a comprehensive web interface and accompanying iOS and Android apps, weightlifters and Crossfit trainers merely have to wear PUSH while they work out and the data is automatically streamed via Bluetooth to a companion app.

The team is looking to raise $80,000 to bring the band to market, expected publicly in April 2014, and is already nearly halfway there after just three days.

“PUSH tracks how your body is performing at a certain weight and provides insights to help you optimize the load. Not moving the bar fast enough? Lower the weight. Not showing signs of fatigue two sets in? Change the weight. PUSH allows you to push your body to its true potential, using meaningful metrics, and get stronger over time while minimizing the chance of injury that can set you back.”

The company’s CEO, Rami Alhamad, says he injured himself trying to push his body too hard; he used the wrong weight while lifting and paid for it. PUSH promises to measure the body’s performance at specific weights and will recommend increasing or decreasing the amount based on the a number of factors. The company is working with noted kinesiologist Matt Kuzdub to ensure accuracy, and is looking to partner with other scientists to further enhance data reliability.


Aimed at both coaches and athletes, PUSH looks to be a very interesting and affordable alternative to the tedious process of entering results manually into spreadsheets.