Infographic: Trends in Canadian Digital Media reveal wireless is a major player

It’s always good to see Canadian stats grouped together, especially when there’s information about mobile, tablets and LTE connectivity. The Canadian Digital Media Network, which is funded by the federal government Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research program, has put together an infographic that compiled data from several sources – such as the CRTC recent Monitoring Report – and created the ‘Canadian Digital Media trends’ that are impacting Canada’s digital economy.

From a wireless perspective:
– 28 million wireless subscribers in Canada
– 99% of the Canadian population have access to a cell network
– 72% of the Canadian population have access to LTE (Long Term Evolution) network
– 108 minutes is the amount of time parents per day on the internet on their smartphone
– 78% of parents let their children play with a mobile device

In 2012 the government promised they would roll out a national digital strategy to help Canada become a major player and compete against other countries in the digital revolution – one that would boost the economy, create jobs and enhance and develop homegrown digital content – but we’re still waiting.


Source: CDMN