Nokia to Apple: “Imitation is the best form of flattery”


  • Yulet

    LOL @Nokia. I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to write “RIP iCrap” like I wrote RIP RIM for many times haha.. but it doesn’t look like that, there are too many stupid iPoopers 🙁

    • SomeGuy

      So, you hate good phones and people that use good phones.

      Good luck with your life.

  • MXH070

    Whoa whoa….. didn’t apple invent different color devices…..HA!…. I see this obvious copy cat stunt from apple of nokia a sign that Apple has nothing left in the R&D department. Give it 3 years apple will be in the same boat as blackberry.

    • phreezerburn

      Hey now those are iColours and as such are an original palette… unless you count the paint used in the iDaycare facility which was lifted from the Baby Department of Wallyworld.

    • Guest

      Apple just filed for a patent on any colour phone.

    • Nicholas Burke

      Of course they did… LOSERS… what is this, high school? Grow up… it’s just a coloured phone. Nokia, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG have been doing it for YEARS lol. This is how Apple deals with competition haha… it’s pretty pathetic

    • Sweet

      “…. didn’t apple invent different color devices…..HA!”

      If I recall correctly, Apple released their iPods in multiple colours before Nokia did.

    • Nicholas Burke

      If I recall correctly Nokia has been offering multi-coloured phones since 1999 with the Nokia 3210, so no Apple still copied…

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      If I recall, my parents had fugly coloured home phones in the 70’s… and the 60’s… and the 50’s… wait, people have been colouring things for how long?

      ( O_O)

    • LarsFromMars

      We’re not in the kindergarten playground anymore, so please realize that “somebody did X first” does not mean “everybody afterwards copied him”.

      More than two people are allowed to have the same idea, especially trivial design decisions like “make stuff in colors”.

    • Gustavo

      Apple was the one who started kindergarten game with the “who did it first” and “you copied me” … doing lawsuit after lawsuit with Samsung and and anyone who crossed him…

    • Alpine

      Apple introduce “coloured iMacs” in 1999…just saying

    • SomeGuy

      If I recall correctly Apple has been offering the original 1998 iMac in 13 different colours.

    • Eduardo

      Google Nokia 620, go to images and look at the green one set on a table, the 5c looks almost exactly the same. If you wanna compare unrelated electronics, Sony released colored walkmans before the ipod even existed.

    • Nicholas Burke

      Like the ad says, Imitation is the best form of flattery… It works for someone else, apple has to steal the idea, begin claims they started it first and they have patents… then sue them for infringing….typical apple and their iCrap

    • Jesse

      Lol remember how smartphones were before the orginal iPhone came out then how they change shortly after? Everyone copies off anyone.

    • Gustavo

      LG Prada launched at May 2006 looks like an 2010 iPhone 4… even the original iphone whas launched in june 2006… one month after the LG Prada… who copied???

    • cappernnought

      Was not aware Nokia mad mp3 players…

    • LarsFromMars

      That’s okay. Nokia is barely aware that they still make smartphones.

    • cappernnought

      Replace Nokia with Apple in your comment and you make a valid point. Re-Releasing the same phone with just a new name shows a lack of effort on Apple’s part.

    • Stylinred

      Nokia has released colourful smartphones since the 90s

    • Canucks

      Wrong. These plastics are different! These colors are “magical”!!!!!

    • Stylinred

      this isn’t the first time that Apple has copied Nokia, you may or may not recall but Apple settled with Nokia very generously after Nokia sued them for copying a lot of their tech

    • November

      It seems there are a lot of anti apple people here. From a strategy point of view i think it’s a smart move to create a device with a lower price point to compete with the market. On top of that it gives them a nice platform to make a move for their next step. I’ve come to learn that apple is a very smart efficient machine and everything they do is for a bigger picture. Rim failed because they lack innovation.

  • Nadefrenzy

    Usually i laugh and dismiss Nokia’s bickering, but this time they have a legitimate point. The iPhone 5C’s “design” language is a carbon copy of Windows Phone 8.

    • joe

      I think the person above is right, look at the ipod, Nokia definitely copied them.

    • cappernnought

      I think the person above is right, look at the Nokia 3210 from 1999, Apple definitely copied them.

    • SomeGuy

      I think the person above is right, look at the Nintendo Game Boy Pocket from 1996, both Nokia and Apple definitely copied them.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Damn Nokia, you’re now on Apples “to sue” list. Better change those colors to black and white before they send Judge Koh after you!

    • IJustGotaTan

      Apple just filed for a patent on any colour phone. Everyone beware!

    • Nicholas Burke

      Don’t do black and white, apple will sue for that… they started that don’t you know?….. the internet need a sarcasm font…

    • Stylinred

      i dont think apple will dare to sue nokia after the beatings nokia has given them in the past in the courtroom

  • Pisidan

    Maybe Nokia will sue crapple over it like crapple does to everyone else lol

  • SC

    Lumia 620, 1 piece plastic backing!

    • MassDeduction

      And “dual-shot” colours! The 5c doesn’t do anything as cool as “dual-shot” (check it out in person if you haven’t already).

  • Warren12

    Nokia sure likes to make fun of Apple and Google, when really the only company they have a legitimate leg up on is RIM.

    • Warren12

      If that.

    • Fawoo

      Nokia at this point is the chihuahua that thinks they can actually handle a larger dog.

      I love jabs at competing companies that are extremely subtle, Nokia’s jabs just gives me a bitter taste (anyone else think Nokia is taking notes from political parties and their attack ads…) and I don’t even have a smartphone preference, so I can only imagine how bitter actual fans of iPhones must be. That’s definitely a great way to lose ‘potential’ customers.

    • downhilldude

      I’ve seen Chihuahuas handle bigger dogs. at question is whether Nokia can handle a Chihuahua…

    • MatroXX

      Well now they’re Microsoft (phone division) so really ‘Nokia’ doesn’t have a leg in the mobile business other than their current phones out right now.

  • Jeff Slater

    I didn’t know Nokia invented red, green, yellow and blue. The more you know!

    • Mindmeld

      Yup, just as Apple invented rectangular round-cornered all touch slab phone. Thing is, Nokia probably will not sue. Don’t want to be looking like a greedy evil company.

    • Marcus Brown

      Nokia makes a pretty penny from Apple already for having a treasure trove of patents that they license so that you are even able to have a device to turn on.

    • Mindmeld

      You shouldn’t be allowed to patent things like colors or geometric shapes. I have nothing against legit patents. Apple abuses the already broken US patent system because it is greedy…and evil. Okay, it isn’t evil but it is greedy.

    • cappernnought

      Nothing gets passed you.

    • Stylinred

      you missed it then nokia invented it in the 90s

  • hunkyleepickle

    my cyan Lumia 920 had a good chuckle today, for sure.

  • PT

    Just sue them Nokia!

    • cappernnought

      Apple patented that a while ago.

    • Stylinred

      yeah Nokia should sue Apple again maybe they’ll get some more money like they did the last time (they won)

  • Amparipaa

    PROOF that Finland is a nation of trolls! Go Nokia! Go Finland! GO TROLLS!

    • Super_Deluxe

      But Apple isn’t located in Finland so that can’t be completely true.

    • Amparipaa

      oh what a shame. apple could learn a lot from Suomi

  • Thr1ve

    Typical Apple innovation, the pinnacle of Apple’s R&D department is different colored phones, just like their “new” camera tech, their “new” fingerprint scanner, their “new” look for iOS 7 and so on… Apple has no original ideas, they died along with the iPhone 2G.

    • SomeGuy

      You act like any other company has anything better to offer, which they don’t.

      Stop being such a hypocrite.

    • Thr1ve

      How am I a hypocrite? Do you even know what hypocrite means? I’m going to assume you don’t.

      Umm, plenty of companies have much better to offer, hence why Android has almost 80% of the global smartphone market while Apple can barely hold onto 17%… Many of those companies implemented all of Apple’s “new” features years ago, while Apple is just now implementing them… Funny how they shame Samsung for copying, yet here they are, doing the exact same thing. Although that’s nothing new for Apple, they’ve been copying and stealing from other companies shamelessly since their inception…

      There you go, there’s an excellent example of a hypocrite, Apple shaming and suing Samsung for copying and stealing ideas when Apple themselves have been copying and stealing ideas from others from the very beginning… What was it that Steve Jobs said? “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas” and “Good artists copy, great artists steal”… Now THAT is hypocrisy.

      If nothing else, at least you learned what hypocrite means.

    • SomeGuy

      You understand nothing of business. You act like a pleb.

      I’ve used android for years and what I learned from it is to stay away from it. It is utter pain if you care about personal experience. With android there are mountains of problems, and they are nearly never easy to fix, I speak from experience.

      Android is a recipe for hatred and failure, at least that’s what I felt with the s3, s2, one x, note 3, xperia z.

      If you deny that you are simply delusional or you don’t care about customer experience.

      It has huge market share because of how many different phones it has. It is quite literally a clusterfuck.

    • Thr1ve

      I understand more of business than you do apparently… Coming from an iSheep, worshiping every statement Steve Jobs, Jony Ive and Tim Cook makes as if it were coming from some supreme being, that isn’t saying much, I’d rather be a pleb than an iSheep like you… You can’t even think for yourself, you let Apple and the rest of the iSheep out there do it for you, repeating whatever nonsense they say as if it were fact… So what are these “mountains of problems” you speak of? You tend to repeat that, yet provide no examples or evidence to back up your claim… Android is a recipe for failure? Really? In just 2 short years, Android has managed to go from the newest and least used smartphone OS on the market, to the #1 smartphone OS in the world with 80% worldwide market share (which Apple did not achieve), and in that same time frame, they’ve done the same with the tablet market (both of which continues to grow)…

      The fact you even mentioned that Android is a recipe for hate (not sure what that has to do with anything) shows just how biased and closed minded you are, and how no matter what I (or anyone else for that matter) say, how much evidence I provide, you’ll just ignore it all… And that’s what we call being willfully ignorant, don’t worry though, you’re not alone, the vast majority of Apple sheep are also just as ignorant as you are, you need to be considering the large amount of bulls**t Apple and all of you followers spew on a daily basis…

      If Android was as terrible as you (and the rest of the iSheep out there) claim, the number of Android phones that exist on the market wouldn’t matter, no one would be buying them because they’re terrible… Unfortunately for you, this isn’t the case, Android sells well BECAUSE it’s superior to everything else out there, including iOS. But keep making excuses to justify Apple’s pathetic market share, at least you’re good at that…

      I never said Android was perfect and without issues, but iOS is no picture of perfection either, as you claim, it too has MANY issues and problems, many of them FAR worse than any issue on Android, but instead of acknowledging these issues and warning its users, Apple ignores them or denies them entirely, sweeping them under the rug and praying no one find out about them… Users have posted about these issues on Apple’s own forums, but the threads were quickly deleted in order for Apple to keep things quiet… And of course, because Apple doesn’t acknowledge them, the rest of you sheep won’t acknowledge them either, but they’re there, whether you chose to see them or not… And I also speak from experience.

      The only delusional one here is you for thinking iOS and OS X is perfect and has no issues, that Apple can do no wrong and that all of Apple’s competitors are inferior to anything Apple releases… Apple built it’s entire business off of stealing and copying other corporation’s hard work, and they’ve continued to do so up to this day… That’s why the iPhone and the iPad have been stagnate for years, why the Mac Pro is a laughable product at best, why the Macbook Pro/Air, Mac Mini and Apple TV haven’t seen any significant change in YEARS other than minor spec bumps, because simply stealing or copying isn’t enough anymore, innovation is what drives technology forward, and Apple hasn’t innovated in YEARS…

      The good thing is that you’re still learning, last time you learned what a hypocrite was, this time, I taught you what ignorance is… Go young padawan, tell all your fellow sheep what you have learned, eventually, you’ll all catch up to the rest of us…

    • SomeGuy

      Oh good lord. You can’t even understand the invalidity of your own arguments, there’s no point talking to you.

    • SomeGuy

      Hoohhhohohhhooohhohooo What a wall of text. This new Disqus design is nice.

  • downhilldude

    Now, if Apple follows Nokia into irrelevance, will that still be flattering?

  • wildspin

    It’s called the losers’ game. 🙂

    Do you still remember Microsoft’s funeral parade for Blackberry and iPhone when they launched WP7?

    • Stylinred

      and where is rim now? oh yeah in the grave
      and lumia is beating apple in several markets (due to the low and mid tier lumia devices) but maybe that will change now with the “affordable” iphone

    • Spud

      I don’t think I would consider the 5c “affordable,” really. Certainly not in comparison to the Lumia 520. The 5C is $100 *on a 2 year contract*, but $550 to get it off-contract. The 520 is $100 to buy outright, and has no contract obligations. A $450 difference is enormous

  • Me Ted

    Nicely played Nokia. I like that they’re going after the giants like this. They’ve definitely got cohones.

  • Brandon Weidema

    When the comment section is full of people arguing about who used colour on a phone first, i think its my cue to leave.

    • LarsFromMars

      Because you’re red with anger, green with envy, or yellow with nausea?

    • Emily Nelson

      you forgot, and blue in the face?!

  • LarsFromMars

    It takes balls to smack-talk a bigger opponent when you’ve got single-digit market share. Especially when it’s the opponent who was largely responsible for stealing your customers and your limelight.

  • ABCONMan

    Well, if colour’s the best thing Windows Phone has going for it, then lead with that.

  • Jay

    Nokia might be better off focusing on why no one buys their devices than what other vendors are doing. Sure, imitation may be flattering, but arrogance based on past success is dangerous. Just ask BlackBerry.