Sony to bring the Xperia Z Ultra to Canada in October


  • silver_arrow

    Please be Telus… Telus needs a Sony phone. Bell has the Z and Rogers the ZL lets give Telus the Z Ultra

    • Brandon Roberts

      TELUS will not get this device, I can guarantee that.

    • Christopher Côté

      Im sure too

  • Sam Wiggans

    I don’t care about the Ultra, I really want the Z1 !!

    • silver_arrow

      Well good news the international one all models support Canada LTE and have pentaband H+

    • Canucks

      Note 3 is better. Just saying.

    • bartium

      Also Note 3 design looks cheap. Just saying.

    • DL1119

      i like both the Z ultra and note 3.

  • Dabora

    Too big, pass…

  • Major_Boom

    ZR Please. Hate huge screens

  • Dalex

    I’m all for large devices, but this is just impractical. You can’t even sit down with it in your pocket.

    • Humberto Giambrone

      You shouldn’t put phones in your pocket to begin with.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Unless your 6 foot 4 which north america has allot of compared to Asia. AKA bigger pants big pockets. Lets all remember that where all different and there is no best phone. Its a personal accesory that must fit the person 🙂 After all their all powered by qualcom 800 lol. Personaly I hope for no carrier exclusity. Stupid move for an emerging big player.

    • Gilles LeBlanc

      Unless your 6 foot 4 then it fits fine.

  • Raj Singh

    That’s awesome. I want to (and will) get the unlocked, carrier unbranded version so hopefully they will have it available at Sony but usually Sony Canada sells a locked version. Not cool. Regardless, I am really looking forward to having this and I’m glad it’s coming to Canada.

    • silver_arrow

      All the unlocked ones have pentaband so you will get at least 3G everywhere (that used WCDMA) With LTE they both support Canadian LTE (2 different Z Ultra models) If you want it to be better in Europe you probably want the C6833 model

  • Probably Complaining

    It’ll be this, the Note 3, or the yet-to-be-announced HTC One Max. I had the Dell Streak (back when people laughed at me), then the original Note. I kinda feel like 6.4″ is the natural progression.

    I hope Sony sells it unlocked.

  • Bri

    This thing is way too big to be carry around.
    Same with Galaxy Mega.
    Definitely won’t fit in my pocket without looking like I have a big boner.

  • socrateos

    I envy you, Canada. It is very hard to get Sony Xperia in US. I want to replace my two gadgets (iPhone and a Tablet) with just this one.


      There’s always the Note which isn’t as large or the Mega which is very close in size. I would add the Ascend Mate but I don’t think it has LTE.


    I want this so I can swap in the sim for Wind when I want to. I just hope Fido gets it so I can finally use my dollars to get it. There’s a chance seeing they already carry that line of phone.

  • B-Mac

    bring the Z1!!! I am sitting here with my money waiting to buy it when it is released!

    • B-Mac

      the Ultra has no flash for the camera btw….wtf were they thinking??? is this the original iphone?

  • nexus

    Please be unlocked with aws bands so I can use with wind mobile….

  • Kaero

    I look forward to seeing one of these on display. I’m at a toss up between the Z1 and Z Ultra right now and while I’m leaning towards the Z1, the Ultra having a release window is looking good. It’ll all come down to how massive I feel the thing really is. I’m pretty big myself so this could be good for me anyways.

  • Mike_from_Saskatoon

    This phone looks AMAZING. I love the fact that it can double as a tablet, and I won’t have to carry around a second device.

    I’m hoping that Bell & SaskTel get it. Telus’ new subscription plans are terrible, and Rogers is fine except that they have terrible coverage in Saskatchewan, which is where I live.

  • Matt

    I hope this comes to Videotron. If it doesn’t, the simple solution is to get the Note 3, sell it and order this from Negri. 😉

  • Pankit Bhadola

    Already got it through eBay… Couldn’t wait for it to be launched in Canada, given Sony’s fluke with Xperia Z and let me tell you its worth every dime you spend !!!!!

  • John Rem L. Demanoy

    when is z1 coming to canada?. i am really looking for it desperately!

  • 01011001001

    Got mine today through expansys, working great on Rogers.

    • sai

      does C6833 work on Rogers LTE?

    • 01011001001

      Yup it does.

    • sai

      is it full LTE or just partial?

    • sai

      can you take a screenshot and send it to me , to prove that C6833 works with rogers LTE

    • sai

      do you get full Rogers LTE network on C6833 model?

      is it full LTE or just partial?

      can you take a screenshot and send it to me , to prove that C6833 works with rogers LTE?

  • pelletier

    note three is shyet! i hope everyone gets a piece of the z1! i just want to know asap about who will carry it so i can get rid of this 9900! AHHHHHHh

  • Beeker

    Well I’m 6’5″ with big mongoloid hands so I can’t wait to get this. I thought my note 2 was big but now it seems to small at times. Looking forward to picking this up. Looks much higher quality than the note series and I loved my note 2, just sayin.