OneNote for iPad gains ability to create notebooks, untethers users from the PC

Users of OneNote on the iPad have gained the ability to create notebooks and edit sections within those notebooks, something that was vexingly missing until now.

Microsoft has been attempting to broaden the reach of its previously Windows-only services by releasing iOS versions of its popular apps. OneNote is a free app that, like Evernote, gives users the ability to take notes and annotate existing documents. Microsoft previously charged for the service after a certain number of notebooks, but appears to have removed that restriction.

OneNote syncs up over Microsoft’s Office 365 network, allowing users to continue editing on the tablet after creating a note on the PC, or vice versa. There is an iPhone version, too, which has a limited feature set, but should suffice for anyone already in the OneNote ecosystem.

The new version also beefs up support for Japanese typefaces.

Microsoft has also released an Android version of OneNote.

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