Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear coming to Canada on October 4th


  • silver_arrow

    Well in the US the “bundle” of the Note 3 and the gear is $600, so you save a grand total of $0 bundling it. I could see our carriers doing a similar thing. Meanwhile in the UK you can get an Xperia Z1 with either their new smartwatch or the QX10 camera (that awesome mini on that attaches to the phone) for free with the phone.

    • Dimitri

      Yea i doubt those ” bundles” will come to Canada. Sadly the carriers will not have them. Even if lets say they do, they will make you pay more for them. Canadian carriers only care about the money, nothing else & we all have seen this.

  • Probably Complaining

    I am looking forward to this phone coming to Canada. I am also considering buying it completely off contract (with no carrier splash screens). Are there Canadian retailers who provide completely unlocked/unbranded phones or am I stuck importing?

    Great site btw.

    • Ken Hagen

      Canadagsm, expansys?

    • Oilersfan74

      Omegacell in Edmonton

    • Houli

      You’re importing. Just pre preordered mine yesterday from Las Vegas, unlocked and unbranded.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Who’d you buy from in las Vegas?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Buy Canadian and just flash an international ROM on it when it becomes available. I did that with my AT&T note 2. Funny enough, the Rogers ROM was also an option available to me, and I just chuckled.

    • Deli

      I usually get Tmobile version, has pentaband avail without modding. Great for travelling to the US and works in Asia/Europe, compatible with Canadian LTE.

    • Plazmic Flame

      You’ll definitely be importing if you want it unbranded without the carrier splash screen when loading. Tip: Do not import from the USA, it would have to be from overseas.

  • Igor Magun

    If I can get it outright for $700, I think I’ve found myself a (very) early Christmas present.

    • Salinger

      The Note II is still $730 outright at each of the Big 3. Will they offer the newer version for less? Doubtful, but stranger things have happened

      My guess would be for this to be priced at $799-$829 outright by the carriers with a 2 year term price of $299. That gives a ~$500 subsidy, which is about the norm for a flagship device.

    • Igor Magun

      Ah, hadn’t checked Note II pricing, makes sense. Shame that Koodo isn’t getting it, they tend to have the cheapest outright pricing. I’m really tempted by it though. I’ll weigh my options when official pricing is announced.

  • Guest

    Anyone know the price canadian outright ? look like it’s gonna be 700 $ in the US ( no confirmation yet )

  • Nyderny

    Anyone know what gonna be the canadian price outright ? Look like it’s gonna be 700 $ in the US ( no confirmation yet )

    • Apocalypso

      I’d say the price will be closely comparable among Canadian retailers. It usually is.

    • LeafsFanGirl

      Since the Note 2 sells for $730, I think the Note 3 will be around $750-800. I’m leaning more towards $800 because it’s only coming in the 32gb version. The Note 2 only had 16gb. And you know the carriers love to use that as an excuse to jack up the outright price.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      They’re going to drop note 2 price

  • Houli

    Now this is exciting news.

  • johentie

    Give me the pre order date!!

  • Plazmic Flame

    “$300 for a digital water that depreciates”

    LOL! But yeah, I get what you’re saying. This “watch” will definitely be for enthusiast because it’s Samsung’s first watch.

  • Dabora

    Seems to be expensive. Then, how much is LG G2? Same processor and big screen and huge screen and almost same features on it. If G2 is under $200 wit 2 year contract, I will grab G2.