Qualcomm gets into the smart watch game with the Mirasol-powered Toq


  • JB

    That screen technology is cool. That screen plus BB10 would be sick!

  • Tom Adams

    They really really need to work on getting rid of the bezel in order to put a nice sized screen on a watch

  • Rhett H

    The thing is with all these watches, the battery on my GS4 is bad enough. That last thing it needs is something leaking bluetooth from it. A smart watch is pretty useless when the phone is dead… 🙁

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      Thats’t why I’m assuming that the samsung Galaxy Gear will use Bluetooth lite to pair cause they metion and update for S4 and S3 for october.

    • Guest

      If It uses bluetooth 4.0 LE or Low Energy it works extremely efficiently. I do not believe this watch does though. The galaxy gear will but is a reason why it is limited to android 4.3. I personally am going to stay clear of these smartwatches. The only way I could see myself buying one is for sports or fitness.

  • Twonald

    i’m starting to think that e-ink is the way to go for smart watches. i don’t need to charge yet another device daily. i want a watch that will last a week on one charge. Or can be charged by solar or kinetic power or something.

    • Mr.R

      nice one…practical…meaningful..

  • Mythos88

    I think I’ll line up for one of those /s

  • Canucks

    It will be pointless if the battery dies less than 24 hours.

  • fidosucks

    This is actually not bad, if the battery is good enough

  • Henry

    This is way closer to what I’m looking for than the Gear. I think the Gear looks like a fun gadget but this is far more practical. Battery lasts longer, better balance and weight with the battery on the bottom, vivid in sunlight and due to hardware should be half the price as the Gear. We’re getting closer to something I want to buy and wear. That charging pad is perfect also.