Chrome Beta for Android gains new gestures, WebGL support and improved image search

Android users can look forward to another iteration of the popular Chrome Beta browser later today.

Google has released Chrome 30 in Beta, adding a number of improvements to the gesture system along with WebGL support and more powerful image search.

The bulk of the user-facing features revolve around gestures, though. Whereas users could previously swipe between tabs from the edge of the screen, often inadvertently doing so in the process, the gesture has moved upwards, to the text input box. Now swiping horizontally across changes tabs, while swiping vertically enters the tab change box. Swiping vertically on the menu button opens it, dropping that crucial extra tap.

Also included in the new version is support for WebGL support, a Google-created web standard that has been gaining prominence for its native GPU integration. Only newer devices like the Nexus 4 and 2013 Nexus 7 will work support WebGL, but it enables some pretty amazing things from within the browser. This, along with WebRTC, should go a long way to mitigating the loss of Flash, and bringing a semblance of parity to desktop and Android Chrome. There’s a WebGL demo to test your device, if you so choose.

The update is rolling out later today, so don’t mash your Refresh button for a couple more hours.

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