Google rolling out updated YouTube for Android, brings in-app multitasking and improved design

Google has begun a staged rollout of a brand new YouTube app for Android that brings a number of UI changes and in-app multitasking.

The app, which is compatible with Android 2.2 devices and higher, takes on the company’s new Cards design, which debuted earlier this year and has since been adopted in Gmail, Maps and others, and allows viewers to minimize videos and watch them while browsing the rest of the app.

To activate the multitasking, users must swipe down on the video window itself, a gesture that feels extremely natural. The animations within the app are equally smooth; it’s clear this has gone through a lot of optimizations.

Users have also gained direct access to history, favourites, playlists, uploads and Watch Later content.

The app still goes full screen when tipped on its side, but many superfluous UI elements have been removed for a cleaner experience.

There’s also a new simplified icon, though the jury is out on whether it’s an improvement over the old one.

Though the update has begun, it may take until the end of the week for all users to receive it. Android Police has some APK mirrors if you’re the impatient type.

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