Reebok launches fitness community and mobile apps to encourage daily workouts

Reebok has launched two products today that aim to keep you moving, and accountable, when you’re unlikely to do it on your own.

ReebokONE is a social network for fitness professionals — “to make people fit for life” — in which experts in their fields, and those looking to make a career out of teaching others, can find inspiration and motivation from one another.

It’s an interesting twist on the Fitocracies of the world, since ONE aims at those already entrenched in the culture. Users get 25% off Reebok apparel — this is a good way to make them brand ambassadors at the same time — and earn commission on products they sell through the network.

ReebokOne also engenders its users to “learn from the best,” by watching curated content about Reebok products, including “trends, gear and advice.”

Perhaps more relevant to our readers is a new consumer-facing app for iOS and Android called, unsurpirisngly, Reebok Fitness.

It encourages users to create a personalized fitness routine based on length and activity such as running, training, yoga, walking and dance, generating a customized schedule in the process.

Like many fitness apps, Reebok Fitness gently nudges you with push notifications and rewards with achievements.

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