BlackBerry 9720 “Samoa” press shot indicates the old school is still in session


BlackBerry may have moved on to bigger and better things, but the company isn’t finished with its legacy BlackBerry 7 OS just yet. As confirmed in their latest quarterly earnings call, BlackBerry will be releasing one more BB7-based device, codenamed Samoa, that will certainly feel nostalgic to anyone who uses it.

The BlackBerry 9720, as it will be called, maintains the trackpad and four hardware buttons of its 9700 peer, but is slightly more rounded at the top and bottom, giving the impression of the Bold 9900. From the render, it appears that the keyboard will also have the same fretted design of the Bold series.

No word on the rear camera resolution, but we’re hearing the 9720 will have a 480×360 pixel touchscreen and run the latest version of BlackBerry 7. Anyone excited?

Source: evleaks