Samsung reportedly working with Google on Nexus 10 sequel to debut later this year


  • hfghgfhf

    Selling it on Google Play is nice, but it would sell better if the Nexus 10 was also available at brick and mortar stores.

    • grantdude

      Totally agreed. I just can’t bring myself to buy a tablet without seeing it in person first. You can read reviews all you want, but you still have to touch it, lift it up, look at it, etc. to make the final call.

      And Google charges you a re-stocking fee if you return it. A lot of retailers will give you a full refund if it turns out you just don’t like the product. No dealing with shipping either.

    • Frank

      True, but it would have to be heavily marketed by Google/Samsung (probably more so Google) because those stores would probably jack up the price to similar levels as rival android tablets and it wouldn’t really stand out to the average consumer.

    • Chrome262

      I think it might be part of the agreement with Samsung. Because since its actually cheaper with better specs, it would be in direct competition with the Galaxy series in these stores.

  • Collin Lewis

    they had better beef up the storage on this one, the lack of SD on nexus devices bothers me, with how big games and movies are these days 16gb doesn’t cut it and 32 doesn’t go that far either. id like to see the base start at 32 and go 64 then 128

  • ChrisPollard77

    And only a matter of MOMENTS before every ‘tech site’ on the planet releases this same bit of rumour, as if it’s actually news. OF COURSE they’re working on a new Nexus 10. Just like they’re working on a Nexus 5, the next Nexus 7, a new Chromebook, and maybe even a follow up to the Chromekey.

    THIS JUST IN! New products are being developed by manufacturers that will one day be sold! *sigh* Why can’t NEWS be actual news anymore? Why is it just a series of rumours picked up by one tech site and regurgitated ad nauseum by all others? It’s starting to make me not want to look anymore. And that’s very sad, because I love tech news. There’s just very little actual “news” in it anymore.