Chrome beta for Android adds performance improvements, WebRTC for video conferencing and web audio support

Screenshot_2013-07-16-17-24-14 Screenshot_2013-07-16-17-23-40

Chrome beta channel for Android has been updated, alongside its desktop counterparts, with implementations of new web standards such as WebRTC and web audio that will add native-like functionality to the browser.

Along with significant performance increases that promise to decrease page loading times, Google has added WebRTC to Chrome beta for Android, enabling video conferencing from within the browser.

Users can also access a web audio demo, showing off features that will allow developers to create professional quality audio production tools in a browser. The Omnibox — that address/search hybrid bar — has also been spruced up to use your most recently-visited pages as context for suggested pages and autocompletion.

Download Chrome beta for Android.

Via: Google