Rogers to implement 2-year contract pricing “shortly”

News rushed through Canada yesterday from both TELUS and Bell that they’ll be imminently adopting 2-year wireless contacts. Bell will unofficially start 2-year terms on July 17th and TELUS on July 30th. Many other carriers, mainly sub-brands of the Big 3, have been offering 2-year contracts for a number of years. Rogers, which is Canada’s largest carrier with over 9 million customers, has not commented on their plans to shift towards a permanent 2-year contract structure, but an internal doc we received indicates that something will be coming “shortly.”

“The new Wireless Code impacts all carriers who have wireless contracts longer than 2 years. As such, we will be introducing new two-year contract and will share more details shortly. At Rogers, we are working hard to implement the Code and to make positive changes that will benefit our customers. Please stay tuned for more details, which will be provided shortly.”

These changes from the carriers are in direct response to the CRTC’s new Wireless Code that will go live on December 2nd.

(Thanks tipster!)