Sony announces the Sony Xperia Z


  • edrtw

    This phone is tits!!!
    Okay, its past 5pm, where updates?

    Unless you meant 5pm west coast time…


      Everyone released a 5″ and a full he phone except RIM!

    • gnote

      @Just Saying: yep, RIM hasn’t released anything, let alone a 5 incher…

      I think I get it now —> RIP RIM! LOL

    • Twosee

      RIP Android 🙂

  • COBwiggy

    That phone is beautiful..

  • Dalex

    2330 mah? Non removable… When will these oems learn? Why must Samsung be the only one that gets it… Jeezus just put in a decent battery and ill buy it outright. Ugh, next!

    • LALLA

      You like that cheap plastic crap?
      I’d rather have non-removable battery.

    • Dalex

      It’s not the cheap plastic crap that I like. It’s the comfort of not having to worry about running out of battery, because I choose to actually use my smartphone and not look at its dumb glass construction. But hey, I must be the crazy one…

    • WP74Life

      “It’s not the cheap plastic crap that I like. It’s the comfort of not having to worry about running out of battery”

      My eyes, it burns !
      Any WP in here can do a full day without charging, jealous ?

    • Dalex

      Umm, yeah… No they don’t. In spite of having a terrible proprietary closed OS with a horrible ecosystem, they still have the same crappy battery as most android phones. Funnyly enough, the only one with decent battery is the Ativ S… Surprise, surprise… Do some research troll4life and go away. No one cares about wp.


      You mean an iCrap! don’t change it otherwise Apple will sue you

  • chris

    epic fail! I’m waiting for samsung’s 20′ phone.

  • Maddy

    Finally a reason to retire the X10.

  • COBwiggy

    This model isn’t coming to Canada, the ZL is, which the main difference appears to be it is not water/dust resistant. They just posted this on their facebook page (Sony Mobile Canada)

    • gnote

      hmmm… the ZL should be snow resistant.

    • gjeff12

      It also has a thinner top and bottom bezel.

    • manchild

      The Xperia ZL is not water-proof……feels like a bad choice for a Canadian release.

  • Ali

    Sony is back!

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    It is nice that it is IP57, so you can use it in the rain without issues, but that is not extraordinary!

  • Brandon

    Is it just me or does it seem like Sony announces a new flagship every month?

  • Justin

    OS is always at least one version behind…

    • Gman

      most features in 4.2, even 4.2 are old news for Xperia phones. I updated my S3 to JB, only difference I notice is closing apps are faster, and google now (great addition). The Samsung push service is no unstoppable unlike the previous version which makes the battery life worse.

  • chris

    Canada is getting the superior ZL. Can’t believe they managed to fit a 5 inch phone on a device smaller than every flagship android phone with a smaller screen.

    Impressive. It will be mine.

  • jimmy the gee k

    No digital pen, no purchase.

  • RyanOver

    I taught the Xperia Z/ZL was cool until Qualcomm annouced the new Snapdragon 800… 75x more power than the Quad-Core S4 Pro.. WHAT THE SMURF IS THAT !!! and I taught the HTC One X+ was fast. o.O
    I can’t wait for the new HTC smartphone and if the Exynos 5 will be enough for Samsung to compete.
    cause the Tegra 4 can suck it

  • AhCup

    Release with 4.1 in March! When will they learn?
    The hardware do looks good, I hope Canadian can get the Z not just the ZL really.

  • Cole

    Yay! The ZL is the better phone. Smaller bezel, dedicated camera button, more durable back that won’t be covered in fingerprints. Plus you won’t need to fumble with waterproof covers for all the ports that will most likely break in a week. Can’t wait…any release date other than Q1?

  • jonny

    i will never buy a sony.

  • Ryne

    Looks like I’ll have to import the Z. I like the back cover of the Z, but also love the front face of the ZL (the bezel looks so great). Hard to choose.

  • Mark

    Never really cared about Sony devices because their updates are extremely slow and they seem to always ship phones with older Android versions but the design of this phone is amazing and it got me excited today when it was announced. I would maybe buy it.

  • Jay

    I just got an Ion and I’m loving what Sony has done with Android. I’d get a ZL if it came to Wind.

  • screamer

    Hm since I have a galaxy I don’t want any other phone. Works perfect with my tv and tablet. (I don’t need one but for the kids) my problem is I would like to have the experia z but only the zl comes to canada? What a joke

  • andy

    Interesting side note the ZL includes infrared capabilities for remote control of compatible Sony devices, which the Xperia Z lacks.

  • clueless

    Just compared the LCD on the Nexus 4 and it’s nothing compared to my note 2’s SAMOLED. This looks no different.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    This actually looks pretty good. Will look even better with Vanilla Android though. Hope the bootloader’s unlockable.

  • gurnblansten

    So Canada getting the lesser version? Plus exciting news “It will ship with Android 4.1, upgradeable to Android 4.2 in the future.” Sony and “future” means 4.2 will arrive when Google releases 5.0 and you’ll wait some more. Sony still a joke. They continue to drop the ball and error on conservative not progressive. Two months after this barely S3 capable device ships the S4 will arrive (4.2 or higher) with better specs as will Motorola’s first Google acquistion driven product. If carried by Rogers this will become the third Android phone from “Sony” since summer 2012. Ion (crap), Bond phone (Underwhelming) and now this in 2013… Yawn, Sony is stylish looking but not